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Online Maze Games
Play PanicPanic Game

Plays: 1380
Category: Puzzles
Panic - cute maze fun
Play The Maze GameThe Maze Game Game

Plays: 1378
Category: BoardGame
this is a fun maze game. I have made it as an experiment as I am new to flash. It is also very hard.Enjoy!
Play Escape The MazeEscape The Maze Game

Plays: 1377
Category: Action
Try and find the treasure hidden in these mazes. Good luck! Play more fun games at
Play Virtual Large Maze - Set 1013Virtual Large Maze - Set 1013 Game

Plays: 1364
Category: Adventure
Try to beat this new 3D maze that offer many possible solutions to the exit.
Play mesmemarble 2mesmemarble 2 Game

Plays: 1363
Category: Puzzles
The objective of the game is to simply find the exit. Try to pick up all the stars as you go for more points. Check out the powerups and avoid the bad ones. Survey the maze first. Move around the red marbles or lose life! Good Luck!
Play Virtual Large Maze - Set 1005Virtual Large Maze - Set 1005 Game

Plays: 1361
Category: Adventure
Try to beat this new 3d maze that contain many possible solutions to the exit.
Play Collecting fuel."Part 4. Learn table divisionCollecting fuel."Part 4. Learn table division Game

Plays: 1343
Category: Adventure
Educational game "Collecting fuel." Part 4. Learn table division. The machine goes through the maze and collect gas cans. Solve the example in the division to collect fuel. The game is played with the keyboard. Arrow key control machine, the numbers and the button Enter - to give the correct answers to the job.
Play Scary Maze Game 3Scary Maze Game 3 Game

Plays: 1339
Category: Puzzles
You are tasked with guiding the little mouse through the scary maze to reach the cheese at the end. Be careful, though!
Play MazeMaze Game

Plays: 1338
Category: Puzzles
This Game isa fast and easy to play classic Maze game that is fun for all ages. All
Play The_BallThe_Ball Game

Plays: 1336
Category: Strategy
Remember that game where you had to guide the little steel ball through the wooden maze while avoiding the trap holes? Well, imagine you could have that much fun right on your desktop...cause now you can! Guide the ball to the end of each level while taking care to avoid falling off the edges.
Play Stop a bulletStop a bullet Game

Plays: 1321
Category: Action
Perfectly simple gameplay! Control the Bullet trough levels.Prepare your concentrations and fast fingers.
Play Notebook DefenseNotebook Defense Game

Plays: 1307
Category: Action
Tired of classic td games? In this game, the enemies will try to reach their goal through your maze of towers! You will need a lot of strategyto make the hardest path with the best and strongest towers!
Play Maze 4Maze 4 Game

Plays: 1287
Category: Action
28 Levels of awesomely addictive fun as you battle to the top of the leaderboards by navigating the pinball to the finish whilst avoiding gun-turrets, spinning blades, moving platforms and much, much more..
Play MazeMaze Game

Plays: 1286
Category: Puzzles
puzzle game :)
Play The SurvivorsThe Survivors Game

Plays: 1268
Category: Action
The year is 2087 and civilization has been destroyed. The remaining human survivors have taken refuge in an underground hibernation dome, but further disasters have caused the dome to collapse, filling the tunnels with boulders and mud. You must guide three specialised droids to rescue the Survivors!
Play Gather the flowers. Part 3Gather the flowers. Part 3 Game

Plays: 1242
Category: Adventure
Educational game "Gather the flowers." Part 3. Learn multiplication tables. Bee flies through a maze and look for flowers to collect nectar. Decide example multiplication and help bee collect more nectar. The game is played with the keyboard. Arrow key to help a bee flying, numbers and button Enter - to give the correct answers to the job.
Play Mouse Maze: Speed RunMouse Maze: Speed Run Game

Plays: 1235
Category: Action
Mouse Maze is a test of skill to see if you can help the mouse to collect the cheese bits while avoiding the obstacles. The levels have a wide variety of themes.
Play KolorzKolorz Game

Plays: 1215
Category: Puzzles
Switch color and use your brain to find your way through 20 colorful mazes. Collect as many stars as possible to increase your score and unlock new achievements.
Play The MazeThe Maze Game

Plays: 1213
Category: Puzzles
Control your block to reach the finish
Play Collect the strawberries. Part 1.Collect the strawberries. Part 1. Game

Plays: 1197
Category: Adventure
Educational game "Collect the strawberries." Part 1. Learn the addition of 1 to 9. Masha walking through a maze and look for strawberries. To gather berries to decide on sample addition. The game is played with the keyboard. Arrow key to help Masha walks, numbers and button Enter - to give the correct answers to the job. ??????????? ???? «?????? ????????». ????? 1. ???? ???????? ?? 1 ?? 9. ??????? ???? ????? ?? ????????? ? ???? ????????. ????? ??????? ????? ????? ?????? ?????? ?? ????????. ???? ??????? ? ??????? ??????????. ??????? ?????????? ???????? ???? ?????, ????? ? ?????? Enter – ?????? ?????????? ?????? ?? ???????.

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