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Play Layer Maze 5Layer Maze 5 Game

Plays: 829
Category: Puzzles
The fifth part of brain breaking 3D puzzle! Make your way through the maze to the exit of the level. Switches and sliders feature is added to this version. New 10 puzzling levels!
Play Dark MazeDark Maze Game

Plays: 825
Category: Adventure
Dark Maze is a huge mouse maze in which you take control of a ball of light in its quest to light up a castle whose greatest light source recently extinguished. As your goal is to light the castle, the entire maze is set in the dark. You must use your powers of light-bringing to see your way around and ultimately reach the 100th room. You have a maximum of 10 pulses as indicated by the rays around yourself, these are replenished at checkpoints (+1 pulse), bright flames (+all pulses) and green flames (purchase pulses). At the end of each level you gain points, with bonuses for A) not dying, B) beating the level quickly, and C) playing on higher difficulties. These points can be spent at green flames to acquire powerups, shortcuts, pulses and waypoints. The powerups available are: red flame (long lasting pulse), blue flame (ever lasting pulse), white flame (very bright player + when used lights a specific area), and cyan flame (waterproof player) Purchasing shortcuts will grant you an easy way of getting to the exit in a particular level, however this item is very expensive. Waypoints allow you to teleport to between levels, this is useful as the maze takes on a non-linear progression with plenty of alternate paths and you may find yourself wanting to revisit an area for crystals.
Play PuzzleMazePuzzleMaze Game

Plays: 818
Category: Puzzles
Arrange the photo's according to sequence
Play Welcome Test Subject #3217Welcome Test Subject #3217 Game

Plays: 811
Category: Puzzles
Make sure volume is on. And speakers are in the correction position (i.e left is in left pos). No graphics. Just sounds. Its a sound based tile puzzle. Navigate across a maze full of little traps and other fun mechanism. The screen is all black normally.
Play Star Sue FoodcourtStar Sue Foodcourt Game

Plays: 810
Category: Adventure
There are a lot of delicious foods in maze, can you help star Sue eat all of them?
Play mobius infinitymobius infinity Game

Plays: 807
Category: Puzzles
This is a very challenging puzzle avoider game. You play as a blue square, you have to collect all the coins and avoid the red circles to compete the level. Are you up for the challenge?
Play ultimazeultimaze Game

Plays: 804
Category: Action
Cool and challenging game from This is a short maze game. Good luck and have fun!
Play In Space mazeIn Space maze Game

Plays: 803
Category: Adventure
Astronaut on the planet X enters the maze. The main character will have to find a way out of each level. The game will meet aliens and traps.
Play Snail in the maze 2Snail in the maze 2 Game

Plays: 802
Category: Puzzles
In the maze located apples. Snail moves apples in the right places. Sometimes it is hard to do. Free space is limited and have to think logical, that would pass the level.
Play Zombie ZeroZombie Zero Game

Plays: 800
Category: Action
Defend yourself against endless hordes of undead as you travel deep into the mysterious complex they originate from! Do you have what it takes to stop the menace and fight your way to the site of zombie zero?
Play new year mazenew year maze Game

Plays: 794
Category: Action
Help the penguin escape the maze.
Play Race MazeRace Maze Game

Plays: 776
Category: Puzzles
This is a simple maze game where you should be more faster and careful from obstacles
Play Snail in the mazeSnail in the maze Game

Plays: 769
Category: Adventure
Logic game. Using the arrow keys to move through the labyrinth of the cochlea. Move the fruit to the desired location. Discover new levels.
Play Sliding MazeSliding Maze Game

Plays: 765
Category: Action
Control the walls of the maze and run red ball for the next 10 black balls in the fewest number of collisions of the red balls with the other walls.
Play RobogoRobogo Game

Plays: 762
Category: Action
Unknown virus has spread in the systems, destroy infected bots. Several security drones are still operation.Use rockets, mines, megabombs and laser to clean all 40 levels.
Play Zombie ProwlZombie Prowl Game

Plays: 754
Category: Action
Drive your G-Cart to shoot all the 15 zombies .
Play Straight to the exit 3Straight to the exit 3 Game

Plays: 749
Category: Action
You are controlling the little one-eyed green monster which finds himself trapped in the same spooky castle along with new foes, new traps, and new secrets awaiting to be found. Control the little one-eyed green monster with ARROW KEYS. Each bomb has it's own color which destroys the specific door/root. Drop the bomb by pressing the SPACEBAR near the door/root and run before the explosion kills you. Open the chest by pressing the SPACEBAR and find out if it's your lucky day.
Play Monster MazeMonster Maze Game

Plays: 744
Category: Puzzles
Monster Maze game is a free flash game developed by A maze is a tour puzzle in the form of a complex branching passage through which the solver must find a route. The pathways and walls in a maze are fixed. Quick player action is required to navigate the monster and escape him, within time limit. Good luck. Have a fun!
Play Halloween MazeHalloween Maze Game

Plays: 736
Category: Action
use arrow keys to move Bat
Play Flower EscapeFlower Escape Game

Plays: 724
Category: Puzzles
A little pink flower is stuck in a big maze. Help it to get out of the maze along 10 levels by using your mouse. Note that the levels will be harder and include new obstacles.

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