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Play Oh MazeOh Maze Game

Plays: 719
Category: Puzzles
Collect hearts, push and break blocks Hearts give you 5 energy Breaking a block loses 3 energy
Play Math LinesMath Lines Game

Plays: 708
Category: Action
Add up to 10 then destroy the balls, and the golden trophy shall be yours! In the game of Math Lines, your target is to remove the marbles by forming pairs that sum up to 10 so as to clear the line. When the game starts, a line of marbles marked with numbers 1 to 9 will be rolling on the path of a maze and moving towards the hole at the end of the path. Between the lines of the maze you will be given a launcher, in which a marble will be placed inside and ready to be shot, while the next piece will also be displayed. You may move your mouse to change the shooting direction of the launcher, or press Spacebar on your keyboard to switch the pieces, then click to release the marble. When the released ball forms a sum of 10 with an adjacent ball, those balls will be destroyed. Note that you can remove all adjacent balls of the same number with one shot, for example, when you shoot a ball of 7 and it forms a pair with a ball of 3, all of the adjacent pieces marked with 3 will also be removed. Continue the process until the whole line of balls are cleared, then you can proceed to the next level. Occasionally a coin will appear at the corner of the screen, and you may shoot the coin so that the balls can be sorted according to their colors for a while. If the balls reach the hole at the end of the path, you lose the game. Ease into the arithmetic mazes and experience the excitement of non-stop calculations and actions!
Play Red Riding Hood AdventuresRed Riding Hood Adventures Game

Plays: 708
Category: Dress-Up
We are so excited to present to you a great new Enjoydressup game which is called Red Riding Hood Adventures! Red Riding Hood is one of my favorite characters because she is brave and beautiful and she loves new challenges. Red Riding Hood is ready for a new wonderful journey which will take her to her grandma’s house and she will need to perform different tasks in order arrive at the destination. Have fun playing Red Riding Hood Adventures!
Play Bit PusherBit Pusher Game

Plays: 706
Category: Action
Help Chip remove the corrupt bits, by unlocking his cell and avoiding viruses. Once unlocked, Chip can push bits to destroy viruses. Viruses will chase you if they see you but, if you are quick you can lose them in the maze.
Play Jump JumpJump Jump Game

Plays: 700
Category: Puzzles
Jump your way to the flag through tons of puzzles.
Play Hard_pointHard_point Game

Plays: 688
Category: Action
This game is brick-avoider game with puzzle-elements. Contains 28 levels, about 20 kinds of traps,enemies and interactive items.

Plays: 644
Category: Puzzles
THE MAZE GAME is a simple puzzle game where you guide your cursor through the various mazes using your mouse or touch pad without hitting any walls!
Play 3Legs Octopus3Legs Octopus Game

Plays: 640
Category: Action
3Legs Octopus is a space rover landing and smart gravity maze game . Not only do you have to use real science to help steer a space Octopus around treacherous mountains and into deep chasms.Use arrow keys to guide that Octopus thing through labyrinths.
Play Through The BarricadesThrough The Barricades Game

Plays: 638
Category: Puzzles
Control Red Ball to reach the Green Ball there, you must go through the maze, and is your hand agile enough, come to challenge it!
Play Angry BeeAngry Bee Game

Plays: 625
Category: Adventure
A cute game in which you try to click the flower while avoiding the bee from stinging you!
Play Bubble ElephantBubble Elephant Game

Plays: 613
Category: Puzzles
Grosbraril the underwater elephant has lost his girlfriend Girlyfant! The evil Doramushka has kidnapped her and taken her to a place far under the surface. Help Grosbraril to find his way through the underwater mazes to find her back! Move through the maze, but try not to touch too many bubbles. The fact is that Grosbraril drinks them, and if he swallows to many of them, he will explode! In the mazes you will find several power-ups that help you to accomplish your mission. Some power-ups reduce your size if you drink too much water, others scare your enemies, others make you
Play Plunder SquadPlunder Squad Game

Plays: 585
Category: Action
Plunder Squad is a top down shooting game. The game has 5 floors, with each floor having many battle rooms. Lead your Plunder Squad into the temple, pillaging whatever precious items you can while taking on the temple's defences! Watch out though, the temple is quite the tricky maze, with foes of all kinds filling its many treasure-filled dungeons. If you keep your weapons upgraded, and make good use of the checkpoints however, you might just get by - but it won't be easy!
Play EscapeEscape Game

Plays: 556
Category: Puzzles
In this Strategy Game help Michael escape from prison and reach the roof top where a helicopter is waiting for him. Plan carefully his escape, you only have 3 chances before it's game over. The idea is to lead the guard into a dead end so Michael can reach the exit. For every 1 move Michael makes, the guard makes 2. Use the UNDO button when needed.
Play Little MazesLittle Mazes Game

Plays: 504
Category: Education
Reach the maze exit!
Play MushbitsMushbits Game

Plays: 483
Category: Puzzles
Unite bunnies and mushrooms in this bouncy puzzle game. Take full advantage of the isometric view and guide these colorful little bunnies to jump on bouncy tiles until they claim the same colored mushrooms. Just remember that these cute bunnies can move on tiles of the same color. Good luck solving all 30 bouncy stages!
Play Dungeon AsssianDungeon Asssian Game

Plays: 339
Category: Shooting
Another Wolfenstein3D like FPS game. Find the keys to open the doors. Kill the Red Boss to go to next level.
Play LabyrInk 2LabyrInk 2 Game

Plays: 336
Category: Puzzles
Move the ball through the labyrinth and try to find all 3 parts of the key! Once you've collected these parts you can advance to the next maze. How long will it take you to finish each level?
Play Seven MazesSeven Mazes Game

Plays: 333
Category: Action
Seven mazes, seven floors, the sum is the key. This is a funny and challenging game that will test the quickness of your brains. You must get out of the maze in time, the sum of the numbers you select must equal the key to reveal the exit.
Play Snake mazeSnake maze Game

Plays: 28967
Category: Puzzles
Puzzle game with simple graphics and increasingly tough mazes. 8 episodes, and 40 levels. beat them all, or make your own with the level editor.
Play The Hunt for Lost TreasureThe Hunt for Lost Treasure Game

Plays: 16939
Category: Adventure
You have recently heard that there is a lost treasure deep in the bottom of the coal mine! Everyone in the town is way to scared to go and look for it, but you are brave and decide to conquer your fears and looks for the gold! It is dark so you must carefully get through the coal mine and find the treasure!

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