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All Fupa Teams!
1st PlaceTeam Robin Hood FupaTeam Robin Hood Fupa258229 players575362 pts.
2nd PlaceTeam She Devil FupaTeam She Devil Fupa86779 players443135 pts.
3rd PlaceTeam Queen FupaTeam Queen Fupa39090 players203657 pts.
Team Hippy FupaTeam Hippy Fupa31870 players154199 pts.
Team Nurse FupaTeam Nurse Fupa31664 players130512 pts.
Team Ninja FupaTeam Ninja Fupa43820 players122170 pts.
Team Librarian FupaTeam Librarian Fupa15953 players96206 pts.
Team Maid FupaTeam Maid Fupa25870 players90777 pts.
Team Anne Bonny FupaTeam Anne Bonny Fupa18644 players89229 pts.
Team Dragon FupaTeam Dragon Fupa17233 players83320 pts.
Team Indian Brave FupaTeam Indian Brave Fupa13065 players64776 pts.
Team Baker FupaTeam Baker Fupa10597 players54104 pts.
Team Jester FupaTeam Jester Fupa6747 players48598 pts.
Team Devil FupaTeam Devil Fupa9753 players44976 pts.
Team Wizard FupaTeam Wizard Fupa8030 players44565 pts.
Team FBI Agent FupaTeam FBI Agent Fupa16759 players41841 pts.
Team Raver FupaTeam Raver Fupa9343 players38975 pts.
Team Thug FupaTeam Thug Fupa8598 players28737 pts.
Team Jock FupaTeam Jock Fupa10549 players28666 pts.
Team Athlete FupaTeam Athlete Fupa9772 players27400 pts.
Team King FupaTeam King Fupa7621 players23238 pts.
Team Artist FupaTeam Artist Fupa5972 players21124 pts.
Team Diver FupaTeam Diver Fupa5121 players20887 pts.
Team Pirate Captain FupaTeam Pirate Captain Fupa5535 players20600 pts.
Team Accountant FupaTeam Accountant Fupa4521 players20522 pts.
Team Judge FupaTeam Judge Fupa3212 players20322 pts.
Team Nerd FupaTeam Nerd Fupa4573 players19384 pts.
Team Tourist FupaTeam Tourist Fupa5029 players19127 pts.
Team Doctor FupaTeam Doctor Fupa5501 players17575 pts.
Team Police Officer FupaTeam Police Officer Fupa5716 players16773 pts.
Team Indian Chief FupaTeam Indian Chief Fupa3555 players16285 pts.
Team Knight FupaTeam Knight Fupa4463 players16027 pts.
Team Gardener FupaTeam Gardener Fupa2784 players15412 pts.
Team Musician FupaTeam Musician Fupa3641 players15141 pts.
Team Samurai FupaTeam Samurai Fupa4600 players15094 pts.
Team Astronaut FupaTeam Astronaut Fupa3574 players14792 pts.
Team Fisherman FupaTeam Fisherman Fupa2904 players13274 pts.
Team Zoo Keeper FupaTeam Zoo Keeper Fupa3036 players13002 pts.
Team Banker FupaTeam Banker Fupa4459 players12156 pts.
Team Genie FupaTeam Genie Fupa2804 players12135 pts.
Team Painter FupaTeam Painter Fupa3287 players11739 pts.
Team Maharaja FupaTeam Maharaja Fupa3648 players11603 pts.
Team Witch FupaTeam Witch Fupa2221 players11534 pts.
Team Sargent FupaTeam Sargent Fupa4541 players11186 pts.
Team General FupaTeam General Fupa10371 players10875 pts.
Team Surgeon FupaTeam Surgeon Fupa3074 players10408 pts.
Team Lawyer FupaTeam Lawyer Fupa2536 players9940 pts.
Team Director FupaTeam Director Fupa3243 players9883 pts.
Team Aviator FupaTeam Aviator Fupa2958 players9841 pts.
Team Thief FupaTeam Thief Fupa3462 players9093 pts.
Team Builder FupaTeam Builder Fupa2476 players8434 pts.
Team Beekeeper FupaTeam Beekeeper Fupa1792 players8029 pts.
Team Bodybuilder FupaTeam Bodybuilder Fupa3802 players7945 pts.
Team Guru FupaTeam Guru Fupa1812 players6632 pts.
Team Pirate FupaTeam Pirate Fupa1489 players6404 pts.
Team Musketeer FupaTeam Musketeer Fupa1939 players6371 pts.
Team Sailor FupaTeam Sailor Fupa1513 players6251 pts.
Team Fencer FupaTeam Fencer Fupa1626 players5782 pts.
Team Archbishop FupaTeam Archbishop Fupa1268 players5448 pts.
Team Inventor FupaTeam Inventor Fupa1364 players5090 pts.
Team Miner FupaTeam Miner Fupa918 players3305 pts.
Team Taxi Driver FupaTeam Taxi Driver Fupa1270 players2564 pts.
Team Waiter FupaTeam Waiter Fupa819 players2111 pts.
Team Butler FupaTeam Butler Fupa698 players1969 pts.
Team Matador FupaTeam Matador Fupa503 players1609 pts.
Team Priest FupaTeam Priest Fupa610 players1261 pts.


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