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Online Maze Games
Play VortexVortex Game

Plays: 22864
Category: Puzzles
Vortex is a unique mouse avoider game featuring 'intelligent' enemies and obstacles, as well as a cheat menu. Vortex is harder and more addicting than your average mouse avoider game and I hope you enjoy playing it. I made a basic version of this game some time ago, but have updated the graphics and added some new features. Have fun!
Play Follow MEFollow ME Game

Plays: 14645
Category: Other
An awesome maze game!
Play Corn in the poop gameCorn in the poop game Game

Plays: 27224
Category: Puzzles
I'm sure you have seen some corn in your stool, now its time to play a game as the piece of corn. make your way through the intestins until you see light!
Play aMazeaMaze Game

Plays: 13167
Category: Puzzles
Every second counts... a multi level maze game. Draw a line as fast as you can, taking the shortest route. The shorter the line, and the faster you are, the higher you'll get up the score board!
Play Mirrored Maze 2Mirrored Maze 2 Game

Plays: 9292
Category: Action
The mouse avoider with a twist! Now with a level editor!
Play Flash Free Fall ForeverFlash Free Fall Forever Game

Plays: 7863
Category: Puzzles
Action Arcade Game with customizable game modes!
Play Bacteria Tower Defense v.081pBacteria Tower Defense v.081p Game

Plays: 7741
Category: Strategy
An innovative maze-building Tower Defense game which is based on real bacteria, real antibiotics, real infections, and real interactions. Choose your antibiotics wisely to fight off the infections and save your patient. A fun way to relax and without you knowing it, you'll maybe even learn something useful!
Play SonarSonar Game

Plays: 7477
Category: Shooting
Maze / Memory game find trophies explore defeat the dragon
Play Electric BarElectric Bar Game

Plays: 7288
Category: Action
Guide the bar through the Black & White Wire Maze without touching anything!
Play DropletDroplet Game

Plays: 6497
Category: Puzzles
Control the Droplet through the maze of obstructions and enemies.
Play Ring Avoider 2Ring Avoider 2 Game

Plays: 6220
Category: Puzzles
Avoider game where a ring follows the mouse and you need to collect and avoid other rings.
Play The Nasty OnesThe Nasty Ones Game

Plays: 5899
Category: Puzzles
Run for your life from the Nasty Ones in this maze solving game.
Play UltiMazeUltiMaze Game

Plays: 5342
Category: Puzzles
It's a maze game with five levels, music, menu, ...
Play Exomaze 2Exomaze 2 Game

Plays: 4679
Category: Puzzles
A mouse avoider / maze game with a storyline!
Play YboxYbox Game

Plays: 4119
Category: Other
Make your way through the marine training facility. On the way you will come across monsters, obstacles, bosses and many more.
Play Path DemoPath Demo Game

Plays: 3794
Category: Puzzles
Move from level to level in the first two zones of a huge mouse maze.
Play Shape SwitcherShape Switcher Game

Plays: 1532823
Category: Adventure
Go on the journey with our shape shifting friend as he discovers his hidden powers of color and shape changing! Thanks to his newly discovered powers he is able to unlock doors and escape the 13 super fun mazes with your help. Stay concentrated though, because the mazes increase in difficulty the further you get in the game.
Play Scary Maze 3Scary Maze 3 Game

Plays: 48578
Category: Action
Get sticky Chicky through this fun maze. Don't let the little chicky touch the walls or he will stick!
Play TitanicTitanic Game

Plays: 36802
Category: Adventure
Escape from the sinking Titanic. Collect enough money to bribe the crew and get to the upper deck.
Play BouncyBouncy Game

Plays: 36134
Category: Puzzles
Bouncy is a physics based puzzle game in which you have to navigate a bouncy ball through a maze by lauching it using your mouse.

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