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Replica A Free Puzzles Game
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Replica Game

Plays: 20019
Replicate and transform the given pattern as fast as you can! Contains 6 levels.
Estimate It A Free Puzzles Game
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Estimate It Game

Plays: 17962
You have 10 seconds to estimate the number of items you see on the screen and guess it, you must guess more than 75% correct to finish a level. You get extra score if you guessed above 90%
Lupezz A Free Puzzles Game
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Lupezz Game

Plays: 13937
Puzzle game with a twist (and a flip). Swap, mirror, flip and rotate the pieces to solve the puzzle.
Laser Knoten A Free Puzzles Game
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Laser Knoten Game

Plays: 11034
In this game you have to move the red laser nodes by Drag & Drop. Through every yellow node have to go a red laser beam. The yellow nodes turn red if they are activated.
The Milk Quest A Free Puzzles Game
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The Milk Quest Game

Plays: 15823
Help the little cat to find the milk treasure. Use your mouse to point and click causing a chain of actions and reactions.
Warbears A Free Puzzles Game
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Warbears Game

Plays: 10870
Use the skills of the four special agents (kla, lucas, ryoh and steve) to complete the mission and save the day! Lots of animations and special bonuses that can be unlocked with high scores!
Chasm HD A Free Puzzles Game
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Chasm HD Game

Plays: 9632
Guide Joe around the Chasm and work out how to give the town water.
Laser Cannon A Free Puzzles Game
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Laser Cannon Game

Plays: 14738
Shoot, squash, blow up and destroy all the monsters in each level by using your laser cannon.
The Magician A Free Puzzles Game
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The Magician Game

Plays: 17178
Learn how to make some tricks in this unique game! Use your mouse to point and click causing a chain of actions and reactions that will unlock another trick.
Tasty Planet Dinotime A Free Puzzles Game
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Tasty Planet Dinotime Game

Plays: 23858
In the growing game Tasty Planet Dino Time your goal is to control the Goo ball and feed it until it is the largest specie in the world. Try to beat all the levels and eat the dinosaur.
Invention Suspension A Free Puzzles Game
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Invention Suspension Game

Plays: 14144
Pilot a helicopter through physics-based levels to collect parts. Use your handy magnet to lift objects and complete tasks.
Teelombies Infection A Free Puzzles Game
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Teelombies Infection Game

Plays: 11317
Teelombies Infection is a hybrid of two popular Flash games: Crush the Castle and Infectonator. The game has you launching zombies into densely populated buildings to infect humans. In each level, you must infect and kill a target number of humans in order to unlock the next stage. Collect coins from your victims before they disappear and spend them on upgrades that will make it easier for you to spread the infection.
Mini Train A Free Puzzles Game
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Mini Train Game

Plays: 22063
Your goal is to get the train into the tunnel in this fun physics-based puzzler.
Chromatronix A Free Puzzles Game
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Chromatronix Game

Plays: 11572
Click and drag to slide the Chromas into position – try to line all of them up with the Power Cells to complete the circuit and the level!
Izzi A Free Puzzles Game
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Izzi Game

Plays: 8288
Fire the iZZi at the corresponding coloured block to munch them up. Hit the wrong colour and your iZZi will pop! Advance through the levels by collecting bronze, silver and gold trophies. Create and share levels with the level editor and if you get stuck check the walkthrough in the right click menu.
Mushroomer A Free Puzzles Game
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Mushroomer Game

Plays: 8708
Mushroomer is a crazy platformer with cute graphics and mind-boggling puzzles. Help the Cave Man find all the mushrooms in a given level to proceed to the next one! 30 levels in total.
Tower Blaster A Free Puzzles Game
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Tower Blaster Game

Plays: 15051
Build a tower by placing blocks numerical progression from low at the top to high at the bottom of the tower. Finish your tower before the Vikings finish their tower. Replace the blocks of your tower so that they are in order. If you do not want to use the open block, try the mystery block. You will receive bonus points if you place blocks in the exact order. For example: Placing 10 above 11. At the end of the level you will receive bonus points for finishing the level and bonus points based on how high the number is at the top of your tower.
Pigstacks A Free Puzzles Game
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Pigstacks Game

Plays: 17021
Remove bales of hay in the correct order so that the pigs land on the ground in each level. There are 20 levels in total.
The Wok A Free Puzzles Game
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The Wok Game

Plays: 7968
In the point and click puzzle game The WOK you are an alien soldier and it is your duty to retrieve the powerfull artifact that has fallen from the sky. Interact with the environment to accomplish your mission.
Rabbit Rustler A Free Puzzles Game
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Rabbit Rustler Game

Plays: 15617
The mean farmer is breeding cute rabbits to bake into his pies. Steal them away to a safer place!

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