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Signed Up:
12/1/2008 5:30:00 AM

Last On:
1/19/2012 9:13:00 PM


EXP: 721

My Achievements
Fupa Game Player
Play 25 games.
Super Fupa Game Player
Play 100 games.
Uber Fupa Game Player
Play 300 games.
Locked Fupa Mover & Shaker
Rate 25 games.
Locked Super Fupa Mover & Shaker
Rate 100 games.
Locked Uber Fupa Mover & Shaker
Rate 300 games.
Winner Fupa
Score a High Score at Fupa Games 15 times.
Super Winner Fupa
Score a High Score at Fupa Games 50 times.
Uber Elite Winner Fupa
Score a High Score at Fupa Games 100 times.
Unmatched Supreme Winner Fupa
Score a High Score at Fupa Games 500 times.

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Lunar Conquer
Lunar Conquer

Rate Lunar Conquer Star 1Rate Lunar Conquer Star 2Rate Lunar Conquer Star 3Rate Lunar Conquer Star 4Rate Lunar Conquer Star 5
Mech Ops
Mech Ops

Rate Mech Ops Star 1Rate Mech Ops Star 2Rate Mech Ops Star 3Rate Mech Ops Star 4Rate Mech Ops Star 5
Gauntlet Of Daronia
Gauntlet Of Daronia

Rate Gauntlet Of Daronia Star 1Rate Gauntlet Of Daronia Star 2Rate Gauntlet Of Daronia Star 3Rate Gauntlet Of Daronia Star 4Rate Gauntlet Of Daronia Star 5
AstroFire: Reincarnation
AstroFire: Reincarnation

Rate AstroFire: Reincarnation Star 1Rate AstroFire: Reincarnation Star 2Rate AstroFire: Reincarnation Star 3Rate AstroFire: Reincarnation Star 4Rate AstroFire: Reincarnation Star 5
The Mystic Way
The Mystic Way

Rate The Mystic Way Star 1Rate The Mystic Way Star 2Rate The Mystic Way Star 3Rate The Mystic Way Star 4Rate The Mystic Way Star 5
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Switchback Solitaire
Switchback Solitaire

9400 pts.
Rate Switchback Solitaire Star 1Rate Switchback Solitaire Star 2Rate Switchback Solitaire Star 3Rate Switchback Solitaire Star 4Rate Switchback Solitaire Star 5

10650 pts.
Rate Spaceship Star 1Rate Spaceship Star 2Rate Spaceship Star 3Rate Spaceship Star 4Rate Spaceship Star 5
Apache Ambush
Apache Ambush

440 pts.
Rate Apache Ambush Star 1Rate Apache Ambush Star 2Rate Apache Ambush Star 3Rate Apache Ambush Star 4Rate Apache Ambush Star 5
Bloody Sunset
Bloody Sunset

5575 pts.
Rate Bloody Sunset Star 1Rate Bloody Sunset Star 2Rate Bloody Sunset Star 3Rate Bloody Sunset Star 4Rate Bloody Sunset Star 5

510 pts.
Rate Heli Star 1Rate Heli Star 2Rate Heli Star 3Rate Heli Star 4Rate Heli Star 5
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