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Plays: 5959
Category: Puzzles
OTTF (One Two Three Four) - a logic game where it is necessary to place the chips, as shown in the game template. The game has two game modes: the play for time and a free regime. In a game more than 70 levels. Pleasant music.
Play PicmaPicma Game

Plays: 39238
Category: Puzzles
Picture logic game, featuring 60 unique puzzles ranging from 5x5 to 50x50 cells. Notes: The game defaults to “Supervised mode”, you may change this in the Options screen. Supervised: Players are notified whenever they make a mistake, incurring in a time penalty each time they fill a cell that should be empty. Free: No information is given to the player regarding his moves. Features a “What if?” mode allowing them to try out a partial solution to the puzzle.
Play Block SwapBlock Swap Game

Plays: 12818
Category: Puzzles
Dans de jeu de logique et de rapidité, vous avez 2 minutes pour détruire un maximum de pièces en créant des alignements d'au moins 3 symboles identiques. In this logic and speed game, you have 2 minutes to destroy a maximum of pieces by creating alignments of at least 3 identical symbols.
Play NinjaNinja Game

Plays: 9409
Category: Puzzles
Help young Ninja to find a way out of a temple. Logic game consist of 13 levels. The Kinovy clan had fled their temple after it was overrun by the Samurai back from the land of the dead. However in the flight for their lives, they left behind small young ninja lost in the large Kinovy temple. Young Ninja, son of the Sansei should find a way out of a temple to catch up with the clan. Ninja has to navigate his way through the rooms of the temple. But our hero has two advantages over the Samurai. First of all, they aren't as smart as he is and secondly he knows the various secret traps built into the temple.
Play ZarkonZarkon Game

Plays: 8964
Category: Memory
How good is your memory? Test it with Zarkon!
Play Kaleidoscope Series 1Kaleidoscope Series 1 Game

Plays: 8794
Category: Puzzles
Electrifying logic game where you match adjoining sides of colorful shapes in a variety of formations.
Play The New SwitcherooThe New Switcheroo Game

Plays: 8120
Category: Puzzles
You are presented with a board containing two colors. The goal is to turn all colors the same color. Each symbol depicts which buttons will change. Pressing a button enacts the change. The change can be to color, position or symbol.
Play Wired ManiacWired Maniac Game

Plays: 7811
Category: Puzzles
This is real time logic game. Interesting hybrid of Bejeweled and line connector games. 10 levels.
Play Wind PowerWind Power Game

Plays: 7570
Category: Puzzles
Wind Power is a logic game with realistic physics. You must touch every color block with a ball of the same color, but a ball may be moved only with fans blowing on it.The task is to put fans properly and do it as fast as possible. The game contains 15 levels with different difficulty.
Play Funny ball adventuresFunny ball adventures Game

Plays: 7490
Category: Adventure
Funny ball adventure. Logic game
Play Undead LinesUndead Lines Game

Plays: 6349
Category: Puzzles
Fun and simple logic game which can be a big challange. How long can you make it before you can't move anymore?
Play The Mysterious fiveThe Mysterious five Game

Plays: 5392
Category: Other
Are you good in logic games? Try this one! Guess the exact sequence of live colors in 10 turns or less.
Play 24Stones24Stones Game

Plays: 5182
Category: Puzzles
A mix of logic game and puzzle.
Play Picma SquaredPicma Squared Game

Plays: 4988
Category: Puzzles
Picma Squared is a picture logic game. Your goal is to discover the image hidden within each puzzle using nothing but your logic. There are two major rules that you must follow: 1. Each clue indicates how many of the nine surrounding cells, including itself must be filled with the current color. 2. A cell that contains a clue that is either empty or filled with the same color Picma features twenty-eight unique and fun puzzles that are easy to use. Be sure to look at the tips in the tutorial for these can help you immensely in your game play. Have fun!
Play Bubble breakerBubble breaker Game

Plays: 4616
Category: Puzzles
It is interesting logic game, where you must get some score to level up. There are 15 levels. Try to pass them all. It is not an easy task.
Play breachbreach Game

Plays: 4096
Category: BoardGame
Digital version of an ancient logic game. Game scope is to bring dragon piece to arrival position.
Play Legor 3Legor 3 Game

Plays: 4056
Category: Puzzles
Legor is back! A third part of popular puzzle logic game! Harder than ever!
Play DemologicDemologic Game

Plays: 4020
Category: Action
Damn it! The evil stattuete is back in town! Can you save the town? - Get the stattuete on marked block. Fun action/logic game using physics engine Box2D
Play Diamonds Diamonds mobileDiamonds Diamonds mobile Game

Plays: 3819
Category: BoardGame
Diamonds Diamonds is a logic game with goal to find all color diamonds in each level. You must be careful to click on black diamond, otherwise you loose one life.
Play Failed Memory Escape 3Failed Memory Escape 3 Game

Plays: 3590
Category: Adventure
Find 3 microschemes in order to get outside the house, search for car keys to start engine and escape. Good Luck!

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