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Play Somewhere in spaceSomewhere in space Game

Plays: 105230
Category: Action
A space shooter game, defeat all enemies and complete all 10 levels. Buy upgrades at the end of each level. A cool space shooter with a lot of action. Defeat them all!
Play Space RaceSpace Race Game

Plays: 16684
Category: Driving
Race In The Space........
Play Planet JourneyPlanet Journey Game

Plays: 8867
Category: Adventure
Your space ship has entered alien space. All the aliens out there are eager to catch you if you alter from your path. They are also releasing projectile stones to hit you. Avoid hitting the aliens or their projectiles and last as long as you can.
Play Circles Circling CircleCircles Circling Circle Game

Plays: 7969
Category: Shooting
Space game where your objective is to get the highest score possible by a combination of reflexes and patience. And insanely big combos.
Play The Space GameThe Space Game Game

Plays: 7414
Category: Action
Defend your space mining outpost from attack by pirates! Use tactical lasers and missile structures to defend your operation and repair drones to keep you in the fight for longer but without a well designed energy network your base could fall to one of the 6 enemy fleets: fighters, missile corvettes, swarmers, o-rings, mothership carriers and kamikaze. Built in tutorials and an atmospheric sound-track bring this game to life for seasoned RTS players as well as those new to the genre.
Play METEORES 2010METEORES 2010 Game

Plays: 7097
Category: Fighting
Meteores 2010 and other classic revisted!!,for those who's love retro gamming the old fashion way,i think you will enjoy this one with music and true asteriods movement. the objective is simple survive as long as you can and get the highest score you can.Movement use arrow keys and fire with sapcebar.extra spaceship every 5000 pts.
Play Spy TruckSpy Truck Game

Plays: 6306
Category: Action
Your planet has been attacked by aliens and its time for you to show some action and get back your planet.. Destroy all the aliens, Get weapon upgrades and take back what is yours.
Play SpaceshadowsSpaceshadows Game

Plays: 5783
Category: Adventure
SpaceShadows is a online multiplayer space game. At first, the player chooses one of three leagues ; Liberty league, Business Enterprise or Rising empire. The main objective is to destroy ennemy ships, but the player can also harvest, buy and sell resources, board passengers, become part of a clan...
Play Space ExplorerSpace Explorer Game

Plays: 5754
Category: Action
For the first time, a 3D FPS space game where you have to battle aliens, trade with planets, upgrade your ship, battle bosses to get through 5 solar systems each with 8 planets.
Play Aether: Episode 1 (Missangular)Aether: Episode 1 (Missangular) Game

Plays: 4015
Category: Action
The first episode of the epic space game Aether. You take on the role of a pilot whose ship has fallen under distress and must fight off wave after waver of missiles while you try to gather the required resources to repair you ship. This game is difficult, and will take practice if you hope to ever beat it or its following episodes.
Play Shoot The Bats - ChineseShoot The Bats - Chinese Game

Plays: 3917
Category: Adventure
Have fun shooting some evil bats. All you need to do is to shoot as many bats as possible. But, do not waste too many bullets as they are limited. Make sure that you reload the bullets when a round of firing is over. You have 3 Medical Kits to heal your wounds caused by Bat Attach!!! So get ready to bust some Bats now!
Play Space JumperSpace Jumper Game

Plays: 3586
Category: Action
The aim is to whack the Astronaut from space gun as far as you can.
Play Astronaut in space coloringAstronaut in space coloring Game

Plays: 3439
Category: Customize
Astronaut in space coloring Game.
Play Animals in space coloringAnimals in space coloring Game

Plays: 3424
Category: Customize
Animals in space coloring Game.
Play Base space coloringBase space coloring Game

Plays: 3394
Category: Customize
Base space coloring Game.
Play Space GameSpace Game Game

Plays: 3042
Category: Action
The astronaut is trying to beat all of the aliens. Can you help him? Be careful not to run out of air!
Play The Incredible Space Game: Episode XXVIThe Incredible Space Game: Episode XXVI Game

Plays: 3021
Category: Action
Outstanding minimalistic game with only one action button.
Play Galactic MinerGalactic Miner Game

Plays: 2958
Category: Action
A cool space game, collect all the mineral and upgrade your ship. fullfill your dream to get a huge spaceship
Play Space Trophy: SurvivalSpace Trophy: Survival Game

Plays: 2883
Category: Action
Dynamic space game (helicopter-like) where you can control your spaceship only with left mouse button.
Play They Came From Space GameThey Came From Space Game Game

Plays: 2859
Category: Shooting
They came from space ... when no one was looking. No one that is except for you. While all of the Earth's military were wiped out in a sneak attack you managed to scramble into the last tank and got ready to deal the alien scum some payback. It's time to kick those interstellar punks all the way back to Uranus and beyond, in this addictive arcade-styled blaster. But don't go all trigger happy on us: you need to make your shots count and use your power ups to maximum effect. TIP: try and bag more than one of these critters at a time to get multi-kills and more points! Good luck. We're counting on you!

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