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Play Elven MistsElven Mists Game

Plays: 18280
Category: Puzzles
Thick magical fog has its grip on the Elvenland. The amicable inhabitants lie in deep slumber, entrapped by enchanted flower buds. It is your task to lift the fog and wake the elves. To achieve that, you have to connect floral nodes by laying pieces of various colors to one another. Four bonuses will help you solve level by level until the entire realm is freed from the mist.
Play Blockz!Blockz! Game

Plays: 17987
Category: BoardGame
In this online tetris game you may choose either Classic or Extension mode, and the shapes of the figures you want to play. Rotating and moving figures place them into a line that has no empty spaces. It will make this line disappear. You have to break certain amount of lines to pass the level. Play tetris online and enjoy this classic game in brand-new style!
Play Tetra Block FactoryTetra Block Factory Game

Plays: 12366
Category: Puzzles
You are Sergey and you are hardly working for an extremely low eCPM in the Tetra Block Factory, Production Department, 3rd night shift. Your job is to continuously detect and fix defective tetra-blocks which will be delivered to the Tetris game. How much blocks can you fix before you make a mistake? Remember, the blocks are getting more and more defective and you only have the one chance !
Play PaintrisPaintris Game

Plays: 11789
Category: BoardGame
Classic tetris game with some new futures. Two game modes avaible. 1. Classic tetris. Use arrow keys to control figures. 2. Use your mouse to drawing figures. UPDATES: new: - in game texts - keyboard shortcuts (P - pause, M - mute sound) - little bug fix - video instructions in start screen. - add command buttons (pause, mute, to main menu) - fix fast drawing bug; - add classic tetris game mode; - score system;
Play Tetris ProfessionalTetris Professional Game

Plays: 9585
Category: Puzzles
Classical Tetris Game
Play T360T360 Game

Plays: 8402
Category: BoardGame
This is a Tetris game where game stage rotates. Each level, speed of a block fall & rotation increases.
Play Tetris Cuboid 3DTetris Cuboid 3D Game

Plays: 7670
Category: Puzzles
Tetris in 3 dimensions. Play the game on the 4 sides of a cuboid.
Play Classic TetrisClassic Tetris Game

Plays: 7512
Category: Puzzles
Classic Tetris Game
Play LaubtrisLaubtris Game

Plays: 6791
Category: Puzzles
Laubtris is a flash tetris game which features different random generated background graphics and brick-colors for each level, two game mods "normal" and "arcade brick shift", so that you can adjust your own preferences for tetris gaming. And last but not least there are two different background songs in 8 bit style
Play BlockpolisBlockpolis Game

Plays: 6456
Category: Puzzles
Try to place & destroy the blocks as long as possible in this twisted Tetris game!
Play Color Tetris GameColor Tetris Game Game

Plays: 6212
Category: Adventure
Color Tetris Game, Tetris Games, New Tetris Game, Color Tetris Games
Play Craze TetrisCraze Tetris Game

Plays: 5444
Category: Puzzles
a tetris game is different with classic tetris.contorl your role exploit chunks to evade flooding. total 36 levels,every level have different chunk types,flood raise speed,chunk container height or chunk fall down speed. each pass a level get score = surplus times + 300
Play Christmas Tetris GameChristmas Tetris Game Game

Plays: 4810
Category: Puzzles
This is a Christmas Theme Tetris Game for you who loved playing tetris. Enjoy Playing And Merry Christmas ^_^
Play Montris Playtime beMontris Playtime be Game

Plays: 4694
Category: Adventure
In this game you will play the classic Tetris game with different levels. A group of 4 blocks will drop from the top of the screen, you can move the blocks and rotate them until they drop to the bottom of the screen and then the next group of 4 blocks apepars. You should arrange the blocks so that the blocks fill up a complete row, and then the row of blocks will be destroyed. After destroying a certain number of rows, you can advance to the next level. If the pile of blocks reach the top of the screen, then you lose. As the game progresses, the speed of the dropping blocks will increase, making the game more and more difficult. Use the left and right arrow keys to move the group of dropping blocks, use the up arrow key, x button and z button to rotate the blocks, use the down arrow key to move the blocks down.
Play Biffs Box Panic!Biffs Box Panic! Game

Plays: 3973
Category: Action
Pick up the boxes and pile at least 3 of one colour up to remove them. Kind of tetris game with different controls.
Play Tetris GameTetris Game Game

Plays: 3955
Category: BoardGame
Fun And Entertaining Game
Play tetristetris Game

Plays: 3884
Category: Puzzles
classic tetris game. use arrow key to move and rotate. easy and fun. enjoy it:)
Play OperationTOperationT Game

Plays: 3778
Category: Puzzles
It's a tetris game with smooth control.
Play Falling ShapesFalling Shapes Game

Plays: 3539
Category: Puzzles
Falling Shapes is a traditional Tetris game where the objective is to get the highest score by repeatedly collapsing the 6 colored elements from the shapes. The user must arrange the shapes to completely fill a row for it to collapse. The player can choose 10 times to slow down the falling shapes, so the strategy is to budget the slowdowns to use when needed most. The Bonus Bar on the upper left show how many more times the user can request a slowdown of the shapes. The Bonus Bar can be replenished by having 3 successive chained collapses.
Play T-EXT-EX Game

Plays: 3328
Category: Action
Insanely fast tetris game, how long can you survive? ???????,??????

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