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Play Mel Gibson - Malibu MayhemMel Gibson - Malibu Mayhem Game

Plays: 2146
Category: Action
Mel is at it again, he just can't keep his car on the road. Get behind the wheel and cause as much carnage as you can by running over pedestrians and avoiding potholes.
Play halloween_ride_phhalloween_ride_ph Game

Plays: 2145
Category: Adventure
online flash game, collect all the potion on your way to increase your points, beware to the hungry monsters and bloods on the road, halloween game, best game for everyone!
Play Chinese ZodiacChinese Zodiac Game

Plays: 2139
Category: Action
The year of the rabbit arrived, the small tiger has worked hard for a year, look, the distant from the high place with little tiger to shift. However, the road is not smooth, you have to rush in the rabbit year before the start of the little tiger can succeed.
Play Cute friends: Kitty and monkeyCute friends: Kitty and monkey Game

Plays: 2124
Category: Customize
Place pieces on grid properly
Play Row Puzzle - RoadRow Puzzle - Road Game

Plays: 2122
Category: Puzzles
Row Puzzle is a new game by Flash Games. Use your mouse to drag the columns or rows of tiles to get back the original picture.
Play Ronny Hits The RoadRonny Hits The Road Game

Plays: 2119
Category: Action
Ronny is going nuts on a highway. Help him out and survive as long as you can!
Play Avoid the CarsAvoid the Cars Game

Plays: 2108
Category: Strategy
This game is about avoiding the cars to get to the end of the road... Enjoy!
Play School road adventuresSchool road adventures Game

Plays: 2095
Category: Education
Good students always want to go to school without delay. However, it is sometimes block the way to school. These students are smart. Easily overcome the obstacles. You can do it. You must be at school on time, do not forget, time is ticking.
Play Fearless PedestriansFearless Pedestrians Game

Plays: 2082
Category: Action
Help the pedestrians cross the road. Avoid the crazy drivers.
Play iRemainediRemained Game

Plays: 2063
Category: Shooting
Post-apocalyptic shooter with many weapons and upgrades. The virus spread faster than ILOVEYOU, only 1% escaped infection. For the past two weeks I have seen no sign of other survivors. Nowhere is safe. When I spotted an old stagecoach at the side of the road I had to take my chances. Fortunately it still works and I can use it as a mobile research lab...
Play Quick Race 3Quick Race 3 Game

Plays: 2052
Category: Action
Racing you can choose one of 8u machines and 3 types of roads. Maneuvering on the road cross all obstacles.
Play Cop Hidden NumbersCop Hidden Numbers Game

Plays: 2049
Category: Puzzles
You have to find 25 numbers hidden on the picture of the police catching the criminal on road in 120 seconds.
Play Hunting on the roadHunting on the road Game

Plays: 2031
Category: Driving
You are an animal hunter.You have four weapons.You can use only 1 type of weapon at a time. To get the other three types of weapons, collect the coins. To catch the animals move at a speed of at least 150km/h.When You are moving closer to the animal, use weapon. You can also use the weapons against other cars,but it will cost points. Be careful on the road you will watch over various obstacles.
Play Jungle RaceJungle Race Game

Plays: 2029
Category: Action
The jungle is impossible to cross unless you fix all the holes in the road. But do it fast cause you race against time.
Play Reincarnation: The Backfire Of HellReincarnation: The Backfire Of Hell Game

Plays: 2026
Category: Action
Take a road trip with our demon friend and find if the Reincarny is back to his evil ways. Thanks for all the support so far!
Play Road of the Dead 2Road of the Dead 2 Game

Plays: 2016
Category: Action
The long awaited sequel to Road of the Dead is here and it's HUGE (yep sorry for the file size)! Survive the massive outbreak in Evans City as two soldiers trying to escape the city against all odds. One soldier drives while the other shoot guns. With a complete story mode, lots of extra challenge modes and a full fledged user campaign editor to create your own story campaigns and challenge campaigns, we think you'll have some fun :D Enjoy this game, we put A LOT of effort into it. SAVING BUG: Set unlimited save data, to do so, right click the game screen, click on settings, and click on the middle icon. From there, drag the arrow to the furthest notch on the right, so it says unlimited. CONTROL FREEZE BUG: To help with this bug, Go into your Control Panel, open up the Keyboard settings set Repeat Delay to long and the Repeat Rate to slow. Just don't forget to set them back to normal when you want to type something like "meeeeeeeeeh" :)
Play Christmas with SantaChristmas with Santa Game

Plays: 2000
Category: Customize
Help this Santa Claus to find his gifts that was hidden by the Satan in this snowy road, he is worried that the kids will be waiting for the gifts and he is getting late. He should be happy if you can take out his worries and make this Christmas a memorable one.
Play Stealth ProwlerStealth Prowler Game

Plays: 1997
Category: Adventure
American scientists have developed a stealth capability for their standard military off-road vehicles. Your mission, test the stealth system, and if successful, undertake a series of missions deep into enemy territory. Warning: The stealth effect fails in daylight, so all missions must be carried out at night.
Play Simon In WonderlandSimon In Wonderland Game

Plays: 1996
Category: Adventure
Look! The cutest and sweetest little horse Simon is in Wonderland. He must reach his beloved and bring her four shoes, so they can run through Wonderland. Unfortunately, that’s not easy at all. The road isn’t covered with roses, but there are many obstacles, which if Simon doesn’t jump over, they will take a piece of his energy that he needs to overcome the challenges and move forward. But, that’s not all. On the way to his beloved, there is one prickly hedgehog running behind and one wasp flying around, both of them trying to hurt Simon. If they do, a big piece of energy will be also lost, but jump and eat a piece of cake to refill a little of the energy bar. Move your mouse to the right / left to accelerate / slow down and press left mouse button to jump over an obstacle. Interestingly to know is that the more speed Simon has, the higher and longer he can jump. The little clock on the top of your screen shows how long it will take till Simon reaches his beloved. This is the most challenging and exciting horse game. You gonna love it!

Plays: 1996
Category: Sports
The man skating on road and escape from road blocks and holes, score will be increases how long player skating on the road. If player touches above mentioned any one of obstacles, game will be over. To control the skater person use arrow keys. Use space bar for jump from obstacles

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