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Mahjong Tower Game

Plays: 19480
Category: Puzzles
Mahjong Tower is a puzzle game based on a classic Chinese game. The objective is to remove all the tiles from the board.
Dou Dizhu Game

Plays: 12123
Category: Casino
Dou Di Zhu has become more wide spread and is now a national game in China.
Towers of Legend Game

Plays: 10434
Category: BoardGame
Mahjong Ready Game

Plays: 8524
Category: Puzzles
Mahjong Ready is a puzzle game based on a classic Chinese game.
Pac Auway Game

Plays: 6790
Category: Adventure
There are twenty fun levels in this game,Use the arrow keys to move PacMan through the maze.
Tractor Game

Plays: 5913
Category: Casino
This game is known in Chinese as Tuo La Ji(meaning ‘Tractor’) In this game there are four players in two fixed partnerships, partners sitting opposite of each other. A deck of standard cards is used and with four jokers (two red and two black). Th object of this game is to win tricks containing kings,tens and fives. Kings and tens are worth ten points each and fives are worth five points each.
Girls Poker Game

Plays: 4523
Category: Casino
The Chinese poker games is now popular all over China.
Girls DouDiZhu Game

Plays: 4430
Category: BoardGame
The Chinese poker games is now popular all over China.
????? Game

Plays: 3532
Category: Adventure
?????(Auway PacMan)???????????????????,???20??????6???????,??????,?????????,???????????????????
Auway Sudoku Game

Plays: 2740
Category: BoardGame
Fill in the puzzle so that every row, column and 3×3 box contains the numbers from 1 to 9.
Auway Gobang Game

Plays: 2593
Category: BoardGame
As a traditional board game played with go pieces (black and white stones) originated in China. The black one should go first. Every chessman must put at the cross. The man who first makes 5 chessman in a row win the game.

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