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Chinese Chess Game

Plays: 59534
Category: BoardGame
Chinese version.
Xiangqi II Game

Plays: 15708
Category: BoardGame
Xiangqi(Chinese chess) is the most popular board game in China. Now the best Flash Xiangqi game ever is coming. you can play with the strong AI, improve your skill by practicing the end-games. Or play with your friend. Totally free
chinese chess in English Game

Plays: 15504
Category: BoardGame
In this fun game of Chinese Checkers the red side will start. Each player in turn moves one piece from the point it occupies to another point. Pieces are not permitted to move through a point occupied by another piece. A piece can be moved onto a point occupied by an enemy piece, in which case the enemy piece is "captured" and removed from the board. A player cannot capture one of his own pieces. The game ends when one player captures the other's general.
chinese chess Game

Plays: 6071
Category: BoardGame
a flash chinese chess game with good AI. this is an trial version with some of the features disabled. for full version please contact me ??flash???????,??????????????,?????????????????
Memory Instruments Game

Plays: 3627
Category: BoardGame
Click cards to turn it over, find the two same cards the cards will show once at the beginning of a stage, try to memory them!
Starwars matching Game

Plays: 3512
Category: Puzzles
This a matching game setting starwars as background with beautiful icons and stars background. Easy and interesting. You can even find little secret in the game. have fun.
Gun Vice Game

Plays: 3165
Category: Action
Star Colony Game

Plays: 2978
Category: Strategy
???????????,????????????????????,???????????????,?????????? ???????????????????,??100??,???????????????????,?????????,????????????????
Starcolony Game

Plays: 2454
Category: Strategy
occupy stars, get the resource, destroy you enemy to win the colonizing match! at the start, you have 100 ship, you can ship out half of the ships each time, if your cluster was bigger than the target star, you get the control of that star, occupied star will supply you 1 ship after a while, get all your enemy's star win the game
Fiano Game

Plays: 2274
Category: Rhythm
Cross Solar Game

Plays: 2242
Category: Driving
Drive a shuttle to cross the solar, avoid gravity of planet to archive the goal
End Games Game

Plays: 2173
Category: BoardGame
?????2??? Game

Plays: 1641
Category: Action
FlareStriker Game

Plays: 599
Category: Action
Enemies cave in and surrender, but one group of army struggles, the rumor... their bet is a sceret weapon under developing. Prevent criminal plan and save the peace

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