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Tutti Frutti Game

Plays: 49238
Category: Other
Simple fruit catcher game
Word Maker Game

Plays: 17119
Category: Education
Connect the letters by clicking and dragging and create as many words as you can before the time runs out. Words must be between 3 and 8 letters long.
Fast Typer 2 Game

Plays: 13092
Category: Other
Improve your typing skills, type as many words as you can before the time runs out!
Arithmetic Challenge Game

Plays: 11059
Category: Education
Take an arithmetic test to improve your math and exercise your brain. How many simple math operations can you solve in one minute?
Memory Challenge Game

Plays: 9066
Category: Memory
Improve your memory and keep your brain in shape, while having fun! Memorize sequences of shapes and colors and select them in the right order.
Word Boss Game

Plays: 8552
Category: Education
Create as many words as you can in 2 minutes, using 6 random letters.
Where's Your Country? Game

Plays: 6707
Category: Education
Find all the countries on the world map! Click and drag to move arond. Use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out.
Fast Typer Game Game

Plays: 5947
Category: Puzzles
Flash typing game.
Fast Typer Italian Version Game

Plays: 3920
Category: Education
Scrivi più parole possibili prima che scada il tempo!
Typing Defense Game

Plays: 3513
Category: Education
Defend the Earth with your keyboard! Destroy the asteroids before they reach and collide with Earth.
God Save the Queen Game

Plays: 3095
Category: Adventure
Play God and Save the Queen! Her Majesty the Queen got lost in London after her Jubilee celebration and she needs your help to find her way home...
Sky Captain Game

Plays: 2720
Category: Action
A 6 level classic vertical-scrolling shooter. Battle the robot army to save mankind. You are the skycaptain and our last stand against the enemy so suit up and get your plane fired up.
Sums Monster Game

Plays: 2302
Category: Education
Improve your math! Click on the right answer and solve these basic operations!
Rapidmath Game

Plays: 1989
Category: Education
Solve as many math operations as you can before the time runs out! The countdown is only 10 seconds, but you get a small time bonus for each right answer. Solve 10 operations in a row to restart the countdown.
Fast Typer 3 Game

Plays: 1164
Category: Education
Type as many words as you can before the time runs out!

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