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Animal Shelter Escape Game

Plays: 5165
Category: Adventure
You were picked up by the Dog Catcher and brought to the shelter. You miss your family and must ESCAPE to get back home.
Macro Virus: Isolation Game

Plays: 3412
Category: Adventure
You are a scientist in a secret research laboratory specializing in volatile chemicals. You were not supposed to come in today but another scientist did not show up for work… Since you’re there you decide to do an unscheduled test in the Isolation Vault deep underground… There has been some kind of accident and the lab is locked down. You must find out what’s going on and ESCAPE if you can!
Animal Shelter Escape 2: Oddball's A Fair Game

Plays: 2950
Category: Puzzles
After escaping the animal shelter you try to take a short cut home through the Fair Grounds. Unfortunately you are caught by an animal trainer that wants to put you in a dog show. Escape from the Fair to continue your journey home.
Oddball's Escape 3: Dream House Game

Plays: 2187
Category: Adventure
You escaped the Fair Grounds but unfortunately fell asleep in the truck you left in. Waking up you find yourself in yet another unfamiliar place. Try to escape. Home may be closer than you think.
Desert Bighorn Sheep Lamb Adventure Game

Plays: 2114
Category: Adventure
A Desert bighorn sheep lamb got lost from its herd. You must help her find the way back to them but there may be dangers to avoid and obstacles to get around.
Oddball's Escape 4 - The Junk.E Game

Plays: 1590
Category: Adventure
Oddball thought he made it home but it was just wishful thinking. Now he's locked in a salvage yard. There must be something useful around here to help him make another Escape!
Escape the Engineer's Maze Game

Plays: 1395
Category: Adventure
A point and click Escape Adventure game where an insane engineer has locked you inside a maze of rooms. Solve his riddles and collect items to make your escape.
Oddball's Escape 5: Back to the Shelter Game

Plays: 1037
Category: Adventure
"First I had to escape the Animal Shelter. Then I was put into a dog show at the Fair. I was stuck in a dream about getting home and almost escaped a salvage yard. Now I'm trapped on a UFO and thanks to me the Earth is in danger!" How do I escape THIS?
E.T. Escapes The Solar System Game

Plays: 889
Category: Adventure
The sun of the Mutari star system is about to implode but the evacuation gate is not working. You must find the items needed to repair the gate or the planet’s inhabitants are doomed.
Escape The Abandoned City Game

Plays: 796
Category: Adventure
A mysterious plague has ravaged the city. On your way to escape with others you heard there are survivors held up at the Tower. You decide to seek out items to help rescue the survivors. Your shooting skills and careful decisions may be what saves them.
E. T. Escapes...The Robot Reformatory Game

Plays: 708
Category: Adventure
A point and click game from While cruising, a Robothian patrol intercepts you. Accused of possessing a tractor beam from a missing scout ship you are taken to a detention outpost. An unpleasant memory probe awaits you unless you can ESCAPE!
E.T. Escapes... The Comet Collision Game

Plays: 638
Category: Adventure
You are aboard the Omicron 3 Space Capsule when the engines stall. Suddenly, sensors detect a comet on a collision course. Restore power to the engines to move safely out of the way. A point and click space adventure.
The Cemetery in the Woods Game

Plays: 620
Category: Adventure
It started to rain as you were hiking in the deserted woods. You heard something rushing up behind you!... then... The next thing you remember is waking up inside an old locked cemetery. This place seems possessed. You need to find the key to the gate and leave as fast as you can. A haunting point and click adventure game.
Pollinator Puzzle Game

Plays: 431
Category: Education
A cross word puzzle featuring words familiar with pollination.

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