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Thank you for visiting Fupa Games and welcome to one of the largesr sources of free online games including puzzle games, dressup games, action games, adventure games, flash games and many more. We add plenty of new games to our site every day and we send out our best games of the week in a newsletter on Friday. Click one of the categories below and you will be well on your way to playing some fun games. You're read to get your game on and play games right? If you don't see any games that jump out at your right off the bat you can dig deeper into the top lists to find the best games of the week, month, and of all time. Go ahead, pick one to play games:

You can do other things on Fupa Games besides just play games. We offer a whole host of features where you can aggregate, distribute, and embed our games on your blog, website, Facebook, Myspace, and pretty much anywhere else you can think of. You can even submit games to use and receive tons of game plays on our site!

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There is code on each game page of our site where you can embed individual games from or you can add our games directly all at once. There is also a REST API and a Fupa Games arcade which is an IFRAME where you can play games. No work is required on your part as the API and IFRAME update automatically. New embeddable games come out all the time so you check back frequently. Add our games right now for awesome!

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Fupa Games, Inc. distributes and aggregates some of the best flash games on the web. We work with developers to find, publish, and distribute

The Fupa Games website ( is one of the largest sources of awesome free online games on the Web and serves millions of people every month. We work with developers to provide some of the best casual gaming on the web to our demographic which is mainly women from 13 to 35. We also provide a fun line of Fupa character games including a casual MMORPG for users to play with.
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