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Play The Spyware SonicxThe Spyware Sonicx Game

Plays: 7346
Category: Other
You are a spyware, hack computers and complete the missions
Play Spyware SonicxSpyware Sonicx Game

Plays: 6662
Category: Other
Gameplay: You are a spyware, and you can hack computers, open people's secret files, surf on the internet... and you must avoid the antivirus! Plot: Humans created the most intelligent (who can even talk) and powerfull spyware ever done (it's like a super intelligent computer virus)! They called im sonicx, because he can quickly and smartly travel on many computers, hack them, control them! Then, the creators saw how dangerous this spyware with self-intelligence could be! And they tryed to delete him, but the spyware escaped! Now, this little spyware want's a revenge! He want to control the army's base computers and launch míssiles using them to create a war between humans! Will such a thing happen? or something stronger than a revenge will make this spyware change is mind? It's on your hands, you are the spyware sonicx! by: Filipe Misael Esteves Lopes, Dj Sonicx Productions
Play HaxorzHaxorz Game

Plays: 4086
Category: Other
Hack into computers systems and capture the secret files, aviod detection by the anti-virus patrols.
Play Brawler WhirledBrawler Whirled Game

Plays: 28647
Category: Action
A side scrolling crawl-n-brawl fighting adventure of might and mayhem! Collect coins, health, and weapon power ups as you hack and slash your way to victory. Play both single and multiplayer modes to collect all 21 trophies!
Play Hack VisualHack Visual Game

Plays: 23258
Category: Action
Your dream of hacking Google will finally come true! Well, in a fun way of course. Play your role as a hacker and dodge those security pings while hacking several hubs!
Play HACK #HACK # Game

Plays: 15288
Category: Puzzles
Hack # is recruiting some elite members of the game community who wants something more than just casual gaming. We give you a virtual unix based simulator to help you understand and perform tasks a hacker would usually need to do. It should not too complicated for a non geek player but again, I have to state clearly that this is not just a normal game but a serious competition between 'hackers' who wants to be on the elite ranking. 10 levels available. The first training course is bruteforce crack. Brought to you by, and
Play Rogan the swordmasterRogan the swordmaster Game

Plays: 10501
Category: Action
A mighty and dark sorcerer used the Ancient Jewel to open the forgotten Gates of Despair.Then he split the Jewel into four separate pieces and gave these pieces to four mystical creatures so noone will ever can use the Jewel to close the Gates. You have to destroy those creatures and collect all of the pieces to close the Gate of Despire forever!
Play System HackerSystem Hacker Game

Plays: 9745
Category: BoardGame
become a hacker. using shell console to break security, and hack the system.
Play Mantodea Ex MachinaMantodea Ex Machina Game

Plays: 6815
Category: Fighting
A fast-paced 2D hack-and-slash platformer action/adventure game

Plays: 6637
Category: Adventure
A chance connection with the server system of a secret bunker based community... ... perhaps these things happen for a reason.
Play Striker Run!Striker Run! Game

Plays: 6377
Category: Sports
Dodge the dirty defenders as they try to hack you down and score the match-winning goal in style in this exciting football game where you play for your favourite Premier League team
Play MathomicsMathomics Game

Plays: 5976
Category: Education
Simple mathematical game. Shoot the nukes, hack the codes, save the city. Improve your math skills with Mathomics.
Play Osama SniperrOsama Sniperr Game

Plays: 5972
Category: Shooting
Shoot Osama!
Play HacktronHacktron Game

Plays: 5575
Category: Puzzles
Based on the physical card game "52 Card Adventure - Hacktron", Shen Games brings you the digital version to enjoy. The government is hiding top secret files and it's up to you to employ your programs to hack into their servers. How many file can you steal before you have to jack out? The focuses a lot on math and being able to create totals with values that seem like they wouldn't fit.
Play Kings IslandKings Island Game

Plays: 4961
Category: Adventure
An awesome RPG! Hack, slash, and explore your way through King's Island.
Play Sandy Bridge DRM AttackSandy Bridge DRM Attack Game

Plays: 4545
Category: Action
Crack open Sandy Bridge DRM with powerful jets of plasma in this parody game!

Plays: 4475
Category: BoardGame
Help gangsters to hack unique safe Open a same pictures for the less time. Each right pair = + 40 points Each wrong pair = - 3 points
Play Deadly Venom 2 - OriginsDeadly Venom 2 - Origins Game

Plays: 4383
Category: Action
Action prequel to the original stealth assassin game. Eliminate enemies with close combats, knife throws and strategic weapons. Hack the mainframe of this evil empire and take down their security system!
Play Replaying :The Game:Replaying :The Game: Game

Plays: 4265
Category: Action
Don't worry, you didn't miss a THING this decade. REPLAYING :the game: has 150 hopping faceless characters, 30 irrelevant levels, 6 original-ish tracks, 5 minutes of wtf cutscenes, a level editor to hack together and spam others with your very own levels, pretentious highscores, pretentious unlockables, and the innovative, what-is-this-i-don't-even Level Playlist feature. And with all this, we will help you relive those moments. Whether you want to or not. Replay :the game:.
Play Node HackerNode Hacker Game

Plays: 3904
Category: BoardGame
Hack all panels to get the highest score among hackers!

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