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Play Xylophone MasterXylophone Master Game

Plays: 32533
Category: Action
A rhythm game with a xylophone!
Play .Bubbles..Bubbles. Game

Plays: 4544
Category: Word
Story: In my computers class, my teacher had students who were bad at typing play a game called bubbles, which looked like it was from the late 90's. He would hold competitions, and the winner would have to take a screen shot of his score, and then submit it to win prizes. One day he was holding one of these competitions, when he found the game no longer to be on the internet, this is where I come in. I decided it would be a fun learning experience to test my flash skills and recreate the game, with my own twist, and some other valuable resources. On my site I released an early beta, some of you might have played, and somehow people at my school found it. The next few days I had people coming up to me saying they played my game and how fun it was, as well as the teachers praises to the game. You can imagine the grade I have in that class :)
Play Word Reaper ConceptWord Reaper Concept Game

Plays: 10990
Category: Action
Use your keyboard skills to type the words above the enemy heads. Can you type fast enough to hold out long enough?
Play Keyboard DefenderKeyboard Defender Game

Plays: 7388
Category: Action
Defend yourself with your superior computer coordination!
Play GyroshiGyroshi Game

Plays: 6771
Category: Other
Gyroshi is more of a musical experience than a game. Hit the right letters when they get in the circles. The game will look bland at first but it gets very intense when you're doing good. See how long you can last in this colorful rhythm game.
Play Word FrenzyWord Frenzy Game

Plays: 71195
Category: Word
Play a monster ofr a rabbit and trype as fast as possible.
Play Keyboard Warrior, Christmas Puzzle EditionKeyboard Warrior, Christmas Puzzle Edition Game

Plays: 43219
Category: Puzzles
A typing puzzle game, themed up just for Christmas.
Play Magic SpellsMagic Spells Game

Plays: 28412
Category: Action
Type magic words to outsmart the evil witch. Fun way to improve your typing speed and accuracy. Amazing graphics and great sounds will keep you hooked until the end.
Play AI Series 01: TomoAI Series 01: Tomo Game

Plays: 27366
Category: Puzzles
Artificial intelligence has been born! Meet Tomo, a neat robot who loves to chat with people online. The more you talk to Tomo, the smarter he will be become! Make sure to tell him your name and little about yourself so that he can get to know you better.
Play The WizardThe Wizard's Notebook Game

Plays: 21331
Category: Other
A word based puzzle game which uses visual riddles. Solve the visual riddles by typing in words and watch as they transform into what the word describes. For example, the word "water" will act as if it were water. Use this technique to reach the star of each level and save the princess!
Play Type Command RobotType Command Robot Game

Plays: 19367
Category: Action
After a rise in monster, mythological creature, and ancient god attacks, the Army built a series of giant robots to fight. However, the giant robot on duty when a minotaur attacks a power plant has a memory fault. Someone needs to continually refresh the memory by supplying a constant stream of data. In this instance, the data is words typed by the operator. Type the words that float by correctly to get the robot to move, crush houses, and fight the monster. Keep the Words Per Minute (WPM) average high.
Play Typing Speed TestTyping Speed Test Game

Plays: 18896
Category: Education
Have you always wanted to test how fast and accuratly you type is so Typing Speed Test is the game for you! YOu will be given a passage for you to type. It is your mission to type it as fast and as accurately as possible. The faster and more accurate you type, the higher your score will be!
Play Typo|Typo| Game

Plays: 18769
Category: Other
The fast paced typing test to test your fast paced typing.
Play Arrow DanceArrow Dance Game

Plays: 16498
Category: Rhythm
Press key arrow on your keyboard appropriate with key on screen
Play B-Word ChallengeB-Word Challenge Game

Plays: 15730
Category: Education
Type the words that appear on screen as fast as you can to score points.
Play Fast Typer 2Fast Typer 2 Game

Plays: 14132
Category: Other
Improve your typing skills, type as many words as you can before the time runs out!
Play Assault TypingAssault Typing Game

Plays: 14009
Category: Action
Typing game with a mix of side-shooter genre.
Play Monster InvasionMonster Invasion Game

Plays: 13486
Category: Action
As a soldier your only task is to survive as long as possible by killing all the monsters. As the game progress, you will gain new levels, learn new abilities and collect new weapons. Game contains: 3 different environments and 4 unique monsters 4 different weapons 12 abilities with various effects Monster Invasion is a fun typing shooter, where player has to type fast and think clear. Few seconds of low concentration will get you killed. Game features nice graphics, and has full sound and music.
Play Key Master 3Key Master 3 Game

Plays: 13102
Category: Action
Defend against hordes of monsters, collect keys and blow up stuff all through the power of the keyboard. With more levels, power-ups, bad guys and bosses. Prepare for the ultimate typing challenge.
Play Flashing FingersFlashing Fingers Game

Plays: 12895
Category: Other
Flashing Fingers is a skill based game where the player's typing skills will be tested to his/her limits.

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