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Hard Choices by Tina Connolly Game

Plays: 11730
Category: Other
There are struggles inherent in the coming together of two sentient species. Why do we always seem to flub the hard choices? Choose your adventure through Tina Connolly's "Hard Choices".
Dodge Cupid Game

Plays: 8063
Category: Action
Cupid's tired of his usual Valentine's Day fare. Too easy, he says, for fools to fall in love! He's stuck you in a maze for his own sadistic sport. If you can make it through his series of gauntlets, he'll let you have your love.
Coprolalia Game

Plays: 6165
Category: Other
A standard "simon" game with a few levels of difficulty and a potty mouth that's sure to get you cursing.
Saber Duel Game

Plays: 5932
Category: Action
Saber Duel is a blindfighting game. There are no fancy graphics, no sprites flying around the screen. When you don the training helmet, you will be blind except for the HUD showing hits, misses, and your best streak. This game requires sound, because that is how you will determine where your enemies lie. by Mr. Shen + Kaolin Fire
Ice-9 Game

Plays: 5211
Category: Puzzles
A simple puzzle game going on the usual formula of connecting same-color dots. Great music, fun, quick play.
Memory Shell Game Game

Plays: 5015
Category: BoardGame
The old game of "memory" with a twist. Can you keep track of swaps?
Too Cool For School CLI Game

Plays: 3966
Category: Puzzles
A short (very short) CLI-adventure.
Hate! Hate! Hate! Game

Plays: 3398
Category: Action
A pretty particle avoider (and anti-avoider). :)
Surreality Game

Plays: 2974
Category: Adventure
You have entered a world of dreams and art. While the options at any stage are limited, the paths are infinite. The solution is part of the puzzle; as with many things, it is not only the destination that matters. There are many clues and no wrong answers, only different paths. Discover your answers.
TumbleDots Game

Plays: 2881
Category: Action
TumbleDots is a fast-paced match-3 game with a unique control spin. Try it free as a flash game—and then try it free on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch! "This is probably the first game I have played where I have actually laughed out loud while playing."—What's That App? "simple yet addicting game"—AppsOnTapp
Heaven Game

Plays: 2741
Category: Puzzles
Heaven ("inspired" by
Hell Game

Plays: 2544
Category: Puzzles
Inspired by the genius of (blatantly ripped off) XKCD. What is hell for a gamer? Give it a go.
Coprolalia Jr. Edition Game

Plays: 2282
Category: Education
A silly Simon Says-style game with a few twists, and a child-appropriate potty-mouth. Several levels of difficulty, including "Poop!".
Cupid's Revenge Game

Plays: 1775
Category: Action
Cupid returns from dishing out love to find his world's been corrupted!

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