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Slippery Side Swipe A Free BoardGame Game
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Slippery Side Swipe Free Game

Plays: 19038
Slippery Side Swipe is a Pong game where you control four different paddles. The playing field is slippery making the paddles more difficult to control.
Blockz! A Free BoardGame Game
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Blockz! Free Game

Plays: 18816
In this online tetris game you may choose either Classic or Extension mode, and the shapes of the figures you want to play. Rotating and moving figures place them into a line that has no empty spaces. It will make this line disappear. You have to break certain amount of lines to pass the level. Play tetris online and enjoy this classic game in brand-new style!
Cute Lili Score  Dress Up A Free BoardGame Game
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Cute Lili Score Dress Up Free Game

Plays: 18715
Cute Lili Dress Up , Dress Lili up, and make high score!!! Don't forget to submit your score!!
Daruma Coloring A Free BoardGame Game
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Daruma Coloring Free Game

Plays: 18695
You’ve got a wish? There is a Japanese solution! Set up a goal and give an eye to Daruma doll. Every time you’ll look at the one-eyed Daruma you remind yourself about the goal you have! Don’t forget to thank Daruma and give him the second eye! Color Daruma anyhow you'd like then save your picture and send it with your Encouragement greetings to your friends! Or print the picture and color it anyhow you desire!
Slippery Words A Free BoardGame Game
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Slippery Words Free Game

Plays: 18535
Jam the letters into place and form words with the orientation specified on the right panel.
2D Platform Game Maker A Free BoardGame Game
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2D Platform Game Maker Free Game

Plays: 18460
The players can create 2D physics platform games with 2D Platform Game Maker without any capabilities for using scripts, software & etc.
Angkor Quest A Free BoardGame Game
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Angkor Quest Free Game

Plays: 18458
Free greatly addictive arcade game with excellent graphics by Take a fascinating quest on the ruins of the ancient temples of Angkor. Solve the puzzles to win in this exciting online match 3 game.
Undersea Matching A Free BoardGame Game
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Undersea Matching Free Game

Plays: 18434
Click on two undersea creatures. If the two are the same and can be linked by segments with no more than two turning point and without any other creature blocking, then the two creature will be removed. You will pass the level when you remove all creatures in a level.
Tic Tac Toe A Free BoardGame Game
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Tic Tac Toe Free Game

Plays: 18397
X's and O's.
Kilso A Free BoardGame Game
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Kilso Free Game

Plays: 18268
Get the yellow square out through the bottom edge. Be fast, the clock knows no mercy!
Balls3 A Free BoardGame Game
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Balls3 Free Game

Plays: 18258
Lets see who can Make a high Score
Grand Master Chess A Free BoardGame Game
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Grand Master Chess Free Game

Plays: 18178
Grand Master Chess
Snakes & Ladders A Free BoardGame Game
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Snakes & Ladders Free Game

Plays: 18059
We bring you the most popular game of all times on Koffii. Enjoy the game of dice in a new digital avatar!
Solitaire - Deck Of Cods A Free BoardGame Game
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Solitaire - Deck Of Cods Free Game

Plays: 18018
Solitaire: Deck of Cods Stop floundering around and prove you're the Ace of Baits in Solitaire: Deck of Cods. In this fishy new twist to Solitaire, clear your cards to reel in the fish! The more cards you move in succession the larger the fish you catch! Catch a wide variety to fill up your trophy case! You'll fall for this one hook, line, and sinker!
Video Pocker A Free BoardGame Game
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Video Pocker Free Game

Plays: 17969
Video Poker is a card game played on slot machines all over the world. The objective is to assemble the best five-card poker hand from the cards that are dealt. Five cards are dealt initially, and you have the option to hold from 1 to 5 of these cards and discard the rest. The discarded cards are replaced by new cards from the deck. Depending on the resulting five-card combination, you are awarded with amount of virtual money according to the table. If there is no combination, you lose your bet.
Naruto Shippuden Memory Game A Free BoardGame Game
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Naruto Shippuden Memory Game Free Game

Plays: 17640
Find matching pair of cards by clicking on them. The cards have the principal characters of Naruto Shippuden anime: Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura haruno, Kakashi Hatake, Hinata, Deidara, Temari, Tenten, Kankuro, Asuma Sarutobi, Akamaru, Iruka Umino, Itachi, Kiba, Kisame, Kurenai, Orochimaru, Tayuya and Tsuande.
Sexxes A Free BoardGame Game
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Sexxes Free Game

Plays: 17597
Sexxes - beat your opponent by shooting his checkers out of the board... 3 levels included
Melody Mahjong A Free BoardGame Game
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Melody Mahjong Free Game

Plays: 17596
Slide 2 of the same Mahjong tiles next to each other to remove them from the game.
Squanda A Free BoardGame Game
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Squanda Free Game

Plays: 17556
A fun and challenging spacial puzzle game with 48 Levels and a Level Editor!
Puzazzle A Free BoardGame Game
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Puzazzle Free Game

Plays: 17411
An awesome puzzle game with slick graphics, that's partially inspired by scrabble, and jig-saw puzzles.

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