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Marmoot A Free Puzzles Game
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Marmoot Free Game

Plays: 4955
Rat has became a germ in this world. They even bring some trouble to the guinea pig world. They intrude the guinea pig habitat to expand their territory. Marmoot, the guinea pig hero cannot stand any longer. he will expel them with all his might. Help Marmoot by throwing tomato bomb to the intruders but beware don't hurt your friends there. Featuring 50 levels with a good quality and funny art design. Mrmot will give you the challange in each level.?
Christmas Shuffle A Free Puzzles Game
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Christmas Shuffle Free Game

Plays: 4951
Christmas shuffle is a match-3 style flash game. Included are 3 game modes: Arcade, Puzzle, and Freeplay mode. There are also 70+ Achievements, and 250+ medals to collect throughout the various game modes. The game is mouse-based only and is simple to pick-up and play, but also provides difficult puzzles to solve in the latter levels of Puzzle mode.
Fifty Five - Rome A Free Puzzles Game
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Fifty Five - Rome Free Game

Plays: 4951
Fifty Five- Around the world: Rome is a "spot the difference" Game where the user has to compare images in order to find differences between them. The faster the user is, the more points he'll get. With the support of 5 jokers the user has to click his way through different pictures of the world - wide known city of Rome. The user can choose between two modes: The Puzzle Mode (with no time limit) and the Challenge Mode (normal gameplay)
Find Hidden Objects A Free Puzzles Game
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Find Hidden Objects Free Game

Plays: 4949
Try to find a number of items hidden on the police car. Skill and ability games wait for you!
The Wok A Free Puzzles Game
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The Wok Free Game

Plays: 4949
In the point and click puzzle game The WOK you are an alien soldier and it is your duty to retrieve the powerfull artifact that has fallen from the sky. Interact with the environment to accomplish your mission.
Beads Puzzle A Free Puzzles Game
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Beads Puzzle Free Game

Plays: 4948
Choose one of three skill levels and start to play. Aim with the mouse and shoot at the falling balls. Three or more balls of the same color disappear. The higher skill level you play the more points you get for each deleted match.
Valentines Matcher A Free Puzzles Game
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Valentines Matcher Free Game

Plays: 4945
A beautiful and fun match 3 game with a lovers theme. Capture the hearts to get the highest possible score for your loved one. Compete with time to gather enough hearts to progress to the next level.
Guitar Jam A Free Puzzles Game
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Guitar Jam Free Game

Plays: 4942
Addictive music skill game, all about guitarists having a jam session.
Spin The Black Circle II A Free Puzzles Game
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Spin The Black Circle II Free Game

Plays: 4942
The original Spin The Black Circle game released last year has been a huge success. This follow-up brings you 18 original and 25 new challenging levels, new graphics and music, enjoy!
Number Swap A Free Puzzles Game
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Number Swap Free Game

Plays: 4938
Number Swap tests your skill in the classic puzzle of sliding and rotating into sequence.
REAKTOR A Free Puzzles Game
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Plays: 4928
Put yourself into thrilling action-puzzle adventure! Your task is to clean broken nuclear reactors and save 15 planets from destruction. You must match coloured plutonium blocks to terminate them. If they touch the reaktor core, you’re gone!
CornPopper A Free Puzzles Game
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CornPopper Free Game

Plays: 4927
Corn popping fun! Try to feed all the Squirrels fresh popcorn popped from the Cob!
Arms Dealer 2 A Free Puzzles Game
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Arms Dealer 2 Free Game

Plays: 4926
The second installment of the Arms Dealer series is bigger and badder. You can now trade Nukes!
Quadro Pongo A Free Puzzles Game
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Quadro Pongo Free Game

Plays: 4926
It's a four directions pong with appearing obstacles.
Castle Match 2.1 A Free Puzzles Game
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Castle Match 2.1 Free Game

Plays: 4923
Match the pairs of cards as quickly as possible.
Shadow: guess who A Free Puzzles Game
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Shadow: guess who Free Game

Plays: 4919
Chilling music, more than 100 interesting siluets to guess and original award - old fashion cartoon! The faster player guesses what hides the siluet, the more scores he gets. While player gives right clues to hidden pictures he gets scores and one or more shoots from the cartoon can be opened. Anytime during the gameplay the opened part of cartoon is available in a special "movie player".
Mazed-it! A Free Puzzles Game
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Mazed-it! Free Game

Plays: 4915
Compleet all 14 mazez. Watch out for the moving objects and the red wall as they will return you to the beginning of the level
Critter Cubes A Free Puzzles Game
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Critter Cubes Free Game

Plays: 4914
A zoo in Antarctica? It was bound to fail. Help salvage this endeavor by getting as many animals as possible onto the boat back home.
Master of Security A Free Puzzles Game
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Master of Security Free Game

Plays: 4911
The goal of the game is to protect your software from harmful threats: adware, spyware, viruses, etc. To kill security invaders you must build security shields on the game desktop. All invaders, except viruses, can’t go through the shields.
Nosobow A Free Puzzles Game
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Nosobow Free Game

Plays: 4907
The pieces all look terribly similar but some appear only once. Remove these single pieces and leave all pieces that are doubled. In this relaxing game time is not an issue, only your skill to detect different patterns.

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