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Music Memory A Free Rhythm Game
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Music Memory Free Game

Plays: 3281
Can you distinguish each and every music note you hear? In this game, your task is to listen to the notes played by the computer, then replay them in the same sequence. You will be given 7 color buttons, namely do, re, mi, fa, so, la and ti from left to right. Before the game starts, you may press the buttons to familiarize yourself with their pitches. Press the Start button under the buttons when you are ready, and the computer will start to play some notes. Listen carefully as you will be asked to click the correct buttons after the computer has finished playing. You will start the game with 5 lives, as indicated at the top left corner. One life will be deducted if you click a wrong button, and if all lives are lost, the game ends. Take the test now and see if you possess the ability of absolute pitch!
Piano A Free Rhythm Game
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Piano Free Game

Plays: 3236
Can you keep up with the music?
Air War A Free Rhythm Game
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Air War Free Game

Plays: 3207
This game is for commemorate to Pacific Air War's grate triumph! Destory all the invasion's plane!
Heart Stopper A Free Rhythm Game
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Heart Stopper Free Game

Plays: 3177
This is the first ever game from Jay Stansfield ( and Tom Cross. Music by Jay Stansfield. 'I See A Rainbow (8-Bit Mix)' interpreted from the original song 'I See A Rainbow' from the album LOVISM. (C) & (P) White Label Music Ltd. 2012. Artwork by Tom Cross and Jay Stansfield. Programming by Jay Stansfield.
Reaching the kiss A Free Rhythm Game
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Reaching the kiss Free Game

Plays: 3134
Today you complete two years of dating. Your boyfriend will take you to the most chic restaurant in the city. But you are late as always. You don't have time to make up. You are planning to make up on the bike, but you should be carefully. There are police cars. Good luck.
Poke A Pig (TM) A Free Rhythm Game
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Poke A Pig (TM) Free Game

Plays: 3131
The pudgy pigs are your musical instrument! Learn to play songs, mimic the pigs or record your own songs to share with friends!
Easter Catch
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Easter Catch 'Em Free Game

Plays: 3116
Help Bunny Catching Easter Items!
World Cup Keep Up A Free Rhythm Game
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World Cup Keep Up Free Game

Plays: 3115
Score points by bouncing the ball with your foot. If the ball touches the ground your score goes to 0 and you start over.
DJ Fest Vol. 1.0 A Free Rhythm Game
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DJ Fest Vol. 1.0 Free Game

Plays: 3098
Dj Fest is a Dj style game where you have tracks to scratch. The better you are will affect people listening to you and of course the track itself. In this game you are able to compare high scores too. Have fun making some music for your audience and fans !
Ultimate Rock Skipper 3 A Free Rhythm Game
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Ultimate Rock Skipper 3 Free Game

Plays: 3095
A rock skipping game which is trending world wide. Use your space bar to give power and direction to the rock and win the game!
Boom Noodle A Free Rhythm Game
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Boom Noodle Free Game

Plays: 3094
An interactive genetic music vizualizer. evolve colorful patterns to complement the music.
Hungry Brothers A Free Rhythm Game
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Hungry Brothers Free Game

Plays: 3083
Hungry Brothers are hungry like an all time. Help them to eat more food. Try to get all the 18 achievements and the 'secret button'. Enjoy your meal!
RoboHip-Hop A Free Rhythm Game
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RoboHip-Hop Free Game

Plays: 3070
If we press perfect arrow by observing dancing lights up to the target level , it moves the next level.
Bowling Kissing A Free Rhythm Game
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Bowling Kissing Free Game

Plays: 3068
While bowling, not easy to put a kiss to her. There are around people who play bowling, very close friends of the couple. I need to get caught. Help them.
Five Birds A Free Rhythm Game
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Five Birds Free Game

Plays: 3035
"Five Birds" is a Memory game . Just listen and watch how the birds sings and then try to repeat the same sequence by clicking on the birds
Night Street Kisses A Free Rhythm Game
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Night Street Kisses Free Game

Plays: 3034
5 Level Game. Have you thought about kissing at night? This is your task today. Kissed in the street without getting caught, escape of the obstacles as: the street lights, curious dogs and neighbors angry.
Awesome Party A Free Rhythm Game
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Awesome Party Free Game

Plays: 3009
Party like a rockstar.
Find Christmas Gifts A Free Rhythm Game
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Find Christmas Gifts Free Game

Plays: 2997
Santa needs to find gifts. However, it is not that easy to find. Need help. The old woman dropped her ring. The little girl 's balloons, attached to the pine tree. Christmas tree lights are corrupted. Santa, by finding a way to collect the lost gifts. Good luck.
Piano Rush ~Orient and Occident First Impression~ A Free Rhythm Game
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Piano Rush ~Orient and Occident First Impression~ Free Game

Plays: 2968
" Piano Rush " is a music game, while the music is playing , the balls rushes, so you have to use your mouse to collect the music balls, however , the balls rush with the music rhythms, so if you are not fast the you will be lost into the rush balls. Orient & Occident ~ Impression Impact ~is the theme music, is composed with the classical orientinstruments such as Gu Zheng, Pi Pa, Erhu and Chinese Percussion and as the title indicated , there is also the impact with Occident classic instrument - Piano and Grand Piano, enjoy it while playing !!
baby elephant hunt A Free Rhythm Game
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baby elephant hunt Free Game

Plays: 2954
hi baddy , just feed the elephant with the proper key

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