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Word Cube A Free Word Game
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Word Cube Free Game

Plays: 8565
Make as many words from the cube as you can!
Wacky Wordsearch A Free Word Game
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Wacky Wordsearch Free Game

Plays: 8342
Can you solve the wacky word search? Everyone has enjoyed word searches at some point in their lives, so why not bring back some nostalgia and play one again!
Match Em Up Deluxe A Free Word Game
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Match Em Up Deluxe Free Game

Plays: 8113
Deluxe version of Match Em Up includes animated levels and a more free form level system that starts off far easier than the last version. Click on a letter, and then the correct number corresponding to it's position in the alphabet.
GojiRama A Free Word Game
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GojiRama Free Game

Plays: 8075
If you ever wanted to be a giant lizard on a destructive rampage, here's your chance! When your lizard reaches a building, type the word that appears to kick, smash, or breathe fire on the it. The more buildings you pulverize, the more points you earn.
Synonymous A Free Word Game
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Synonymous Free Game

Plays: 7977
Test your knowledge of various synonyms in this word game!
Simpsons Crossword Puzzle A Free Word Game
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Simpsons Crossword Puzzle Free Game

Plays: 7784
A classic crossword puzzle which test your knowledge of the Simpsons.
COLLAPSE MEGA 800 A Free Word Game
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Plays: 7538
Collapse is the most used word for bringing walls down. Well, in this game you'll find enough ways to do just that! Play the special Collapse Mega 800 Version and get all 800 tiles out of the screen in time!
Creepy Crossword A Free Word Game
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Creepy Crossword Free Game

Plays: 7306
A Halloween themed crossword, which makes a new grid on each play!
WordClash A Free Word Game
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WordClash Free Game

Plays: 7206
This game is a mutliplayer version of WordConnect from the same author. It is a puzzle word game similar to the classic game tetris. Some have called it a hybrid between tetris and scrabble. You have to place the falling letters to form a word horizontally or vertically. Each word that you form, the letters in that word will be sent to the other player you are playing against. You win if you find all the words in the word list found in the middle of the screen, or if the other player reaches the top with stacked blocks.
Alpha Drop A Free Word Game
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Alpha Drop Free Game

Plays: 6872
A keyboard based game which you have to hit the correct key before it hits the water.
Colorz A Free Word Game
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Colorz Free Game

Plays: 6844
This is a color matching game. Players have to read a colored word and choose the correct answer. Players will be confused by the meaning of the word and its color. Therefore, players have to "think" before they choose the answer. This is a game that can somehow train the player's right brain which controls creativity and flexibility.
Parenting Word Search A Free Word Game
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Parenting Word Search Free Game

Plays: 6665
Parenting based word search game.
Letters Hunter A Free Word Game
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Letters Hunter Free Game

Plays: 6503
Type the falling letters as fast as you can!
Red Carpet Star Search A Free Word Game
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Red Carpet Star Search Free Game

Plays: 6280
Celebrity themed word search puzzle. Random placement from the word library means a new game every time.
Massacre Street A Free Word Game
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Massacre Street Free Game

Plays: 6147
A shotgun and a grenade launcher is all that you need to defend yourself! Defend your street against the invading hordes of zombies. Stand you ground and remember the key is quick typing and correct spelling.
Crossword A Free Word Game
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Crossword Free Game

Plays: 5432
Play Online Crossword
San*go A Free Word Game
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San*go Free Game

Plays: 5381
San*go, which means 3*5 in Japanese, is a puzzle game that gives you a grid of letters and asks you to create as many 3-5 letter words as possible by swapping them. But watch out! Once you've moved a letter, you only have 3 turns before it locks into place. See how your word creation skills measure up!
Alphabet Game A Free Word Game
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Alphabet Game Free Game

Plays: 5360
See how quickly you can complete the alphabet! An addictive game where you have to try and type the alphabet as quickly as possible!
Word Knack A Free Word Game
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Word Knack Free Game

Plays: 5187
Word Knack is a Tetris-like game where letter blocks are cleared by forming words.
Alpha Catcher A Free Word Game
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Alpha Catcher Free Game

Plays: 5071
The objective of this level is to click on the different ABCD... bugs in sequential, reverse, or random order. MEDIUM - The objective of this Space level is to find the correct letters of each word displayed on top. HARD - The objective of this Pond level is to find the correct letters of each sentence displayed on top.

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