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Play Hoop60Hoop60 Game

Plays: 6393
Category: Sports
An arcade-style basketball game. How many points can you score in 60 seconds?
Play Candy StarsCandy Stars Game

Plays: 6194
Category: Action
Collect all the candies, avoid and destroy the brocoli and enemies. The goal is to obtain all the candies you can. When you get the star you are invincible by 4 seconds.
Play Zom-b-benZom-b-ben Game

Plays: 3959
Category: Action
Save the human from the zombies and kill them
Play Gone Fishing - 1 minute matchGone Fishing - 1 minute match Game

Plays: 3508
Category: Action
Who Said Fishing was relaxing? You have just 1 minute to bag as many of those greedy fish as possible.
Play WaterwordsWaterwords Game

Plays: 3386
Category: Education
Want to have lots of fun and improve your typing at the same time? Then this is the game for you! Type away and see how far you can go in under 60 seconds!
Play 60 seconds to the ground60 seconds to the ground Game

Plays: 3305
Category: Action
You fall from a crashing plane and have 60 seconds to recover your parachute before hitting the ground. Coincidentally, large containers have money have spilled everywhere, how much can you grab?
Play Age Of BasketballAge Of Basketball Game

Plays: 2979
Category: Shooting
Become the best stone age basketball player, you have 60 seconds to complete lots of quests.
Play 60 Seconds Invasion60 Seconds Invasion Game

Plays: 2967
Category: Shooting
Challenging space invaders with a 60 second limit.
Play 1 Minute Paragliding1 Minute Paragliding Game

Plays: 2773
Category: Action
Nino has discovered that using his favourite bed sheet he's able to paraglide and he has decided to go for a quick fly. Help him cross the land and reach the target which is a minute away and on the way collect as many coins as possible for a higher score.
Play 60s To Escape60s To Escape Game

Plays: 2738
Category: BoardGame
Avoid zombies and try to escape in 60s
Play Ocean OdysseyOcean Odyssey Game

Plays: 2737
Category: Action
Eat your way through a fierce 60 seconds of minnows, piranhas, and even sharks! Use your multiplier to earn even more score and as long as you can!
Play ConstipationConstipation Game

Plays: 2708
Category: Puzzles
You have 60 seconds to make as many matches as you can. No music, no sound effects; just you and your consti....concentration!
Play 60 seconds Burger Run60 seconds Burger Run Game

Plays: 2662
Category: Action
Your favorite burger restaurant is closing in 60 seconds, so hurry up! Get that corpulent duder through this lovely but also very challenging platform puzzler by using his weight to smash blocks.
Play 26 words vs 60 seconds26 words vs 60 seconds Game

Plays: 2649
Category: Education
Type 26 words that starts with each letter of the alphabet within 60 seconds. Get extra bonus if you finish before the time is up.
Play PlanetariumPlanetarium Game

Plays: 2512
Category: Puzzles
Approximately 4.6 billion years ago a giant molecular cloud collapsed causing the creation of our solar system. Among the astronomical objects which consist our solar system are some planets which will soon or later collide with our planet killing us all.
Play Mango ShooterMango Shooter Game

Plays: 2391
Category: Shooting
Mango Shooter is a shooting game. Shoot all the mangoes within 60 seconds and enjoy a great summer.......
Play ZniperZniper Game

Plays: 2384
Category: Action
Trapped on a rooftop. Zombies everywhere. What do you do? Well that's obvious right, call in your fellow sniper from the other building. Now you are the sniper. It is your goal to save the helpless victims from the zombies. Try to keep the zombies of the victims for 60 seconds when the rescue chopper arrives.
Play Chicken LickenChicken Licken Game

Plays: 2252
Category: Action
Chicken Licken is a fast pasted game. It's all about reaction time and fast reloading! You shoot the brown chicken by placing the cross hairs and pressing left mouse button. You have to do this fast or you will lose a life. The faster you shoot these brown chickens the more points you will score. You'll need to reload your gun by using the space-bar. Hint: keep your left hand on the space-bar and every time you shoot a few shots, press the space-bar to keep reloading or you will lose quick!! You have 60 seconds to score as many points as you can. If you shoot an "orange chicken" you lose all your lives and the game is over. If you miss a brown chicken you lose one life. You get only 3 lives. Be top score in Chicken Licken on the net. Enjoy!!
Play Jump to PassJump to Pass Game

Plays: 2203
Category: Action
Navigate the bouncing ball to pass over the road obstacles within the 60 seconds time limit. There is the no way backward. Use less time to get high scores, this game has infinite number of randomly generated levels. Tips: The camera view is "First Person", so the ball's on ground position is exactly the edge of the screen. Keep looking forward, make sure you won't fail on your next jump before pushing the ball. Use mouse control only is recommended.
Play SwiftySwifty's Ball Game Beta 60 Game

Plays: 2067
Category: Other
Super Beta version, totally buggy, of my ball game

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