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Online Pacman Games
Play PacmedaPacmeda Game

Plays: 5062
Category: Puzzles
Pacmeda is a tile based game where the player shoots at the enemy. Although this style of game is not new, this game will prove to be as addictive as pacman or snake.
Play Classic PacmanClassic Pacman Game

Plays: 60771
Category: Adventure
Pacman classic game

Plays: 47138
Category: Puzzles
Pacman, de klassieker die nog steeds miljoenen gamers boeit werd bedacht door Namco rond 1980. Het idee is simpel: Eet alle witte pillen en baan je een weg door het doolhof. Ontwijk de gemene Ghots.
Play PacmanPacman Game

Plays: 12312
Category: Puzzles
Just your regular old Pacman.
Play Pac Man AdvancedPac Man Advanced Game

Plays: 12299
Category: Adventure
Use the arrow keys to control pac man to eat all the food in the maze. When you have eaten the red food, you can eat the ghosts as well. But before that, you have to escape from the them otherwise they will eat you!
Play Pac RunPac Run Game

Plays: 11845
Category: Action
Run, Mr. Pac, Run!
Play Bejeweld 2Bejeweld 2 Game

Plays: 11582
Category: BoardGame
Play this new bejeweld game, it will be updated every month so you get new sensation and game options!!!
Play Kill the Pacman 2Kill the Pacman 2 Game

Plays: 10852
Category: Action
It's time to kill those pacmen and save the beach ball race. Fast paced action with lots of achievements to unlock and a really fun boss battle.
Play PacmanPacman Game

Plays: 9069
Category: Action
Do not let the monsters eat you.
Play NibbletNibblet Game

Plays: 8863
Category: Puzzles
A crossover between Snake and Pacman. Eat all the dots of a level without biting in your tail. You can also make your own levels and share them with your friends.
Play Grave E TeaGrave E Tea Game

Plays: 8795
Category: Puzzles
In Grave E Tea, you play a tiney purple man named Bobert. Bobert loves to drink tea and eat crumpets, but strange things happen when Bobert drinks tea. Eat all the crumpets to go on to the next level, but avoid Jelly Ghosts. Eating expired Jelly can give you food poisoning and lead to a much shorter life, or even a game over!
Play Pac ParkPac Park Game

Plays: 8552
Category: Action
Use the arrow keys to move Pac, east all the yellow dots, eat the coloured dots for bonus points, and avoid the enemies!
Play Pacman ReturnsPacman Returns Game

Plays: 8248
Category: Puzzles
A pacman theme puzzle game. User has to solve the puzzle for each level before times up. Using 6 different color bricks, user has to fill up the puzzle board. There is a total of 40 levels. Password will be given at an interval of 5 levels.
Play CapmanCapman Game

Plays: 7692
Category: Action
Capman is a fun little game inspired by Pac-Man with larger levels and smart enemies.
Play Maze Man 2Maze Man 2 Game

Plays: 7350
Category: Puzzles
Maze Man is back! This time featuring clones, lava, collapsing floors and a greater emphasis on puzzle-solving. Merge with your clones, collect all the coins and avoid the bad guys!
Play Pac AuwayPac Auway Game

Plays: 6993
Category: Adventure
There are twenty fun levels in this game,Use the arrow keys to move PacMan through the maze.
Play PaccolandPaccoland Game

Plays: 6825
Category: Action
Get Pacco through loads of challenging mazes in the arcade skill game Paccoland! Avoid or eat the monsters, grab all coins and reach the exits!
Play Ghost Man Advanced beGhost Man Advanced be Game

Plays: 6433
Category: Action
In this game you should move Ghost Man to eat all the foods in the maze, there will be a ghost chasing you and you should get away from them. There are also special power foods scattered throughout the maze and after you've eaten such foods, you will become invincible for a while and be able to eat the ghosts as well. The number of ghosts chasing you will increase as the game progresses.
Play Obama PacmanObama Pacman Game

Plays: 6153
Category: BoardGame
Save Opacman from the various ghosts and kick them all
Play The Amazing Card KeeperThe Amazing Card Keeper Game

Plays: 5461
Category: Adventure
Collect all credit cards and ATMs

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