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Play Viral VendettaViral Vendetta Game

Plays: 5335
Category: Other
This is it. You have finally infected the host organism. Collect RNA (that's ribonucleic acid, the little brother of DNA) molecules in order to produce more microbes. But watch out - the organism won't give up easy. Destroy the immune system, consisting of phagocytes, or else your microbes will be destroyed.
Play Crop Circles 2Crop Circles 2 Game

Plays: 13003
Category: Strategy
The aliens are back to snack on farmer brains. This time they are filled with ACID BLOOD! Look out, the acid will harm your defenses. Strategically place the crop circles to make the maze. Then set up your defenses, and blast the aliens back to outer space!
Play Protein Synthesis Race!Protein Synthesis Race! Game

Plays: 12676
Category: Action
Race to build a protein in this fun game about protein synthesis. Learn about transcription and translation as you build a protein the same way that a real cell does!
Play Death LabDeath Lab Game

Plays: 11216
Category: Puzzles
Take out the guards one by one and find a way to escape the lab.
Play Bug SquadBug Squad Game

Plays: 6943
Category: Shooting
A dumb but fun shooter. Think missile defence on acid as you battle to save your town from plague carrying pigs, birds and monsters.
Play Seltzer GullSeltzer Gull Game

Plays: 5505
Category: Shooting
A space invaders type game, only its seagulls instead of aliens, poop instead of falling bombs, and seltzer pills to make the seagulls blow up! Have fun with acid-base chemistry!
Play Green alien invasionGreen alien invasion Game

Plays: 5419
Category: Adventure
save green alien.
Play Acid FactoryAcid Factory Game

Plays: 4714
Category: Action
Help Harry escape the horrors of his acid-flooded factory.
Play Platforms of PainPlatforms of Pain Game

Plays: 4651
Category: Adventure
Platforms of Pain is a nice arcade game where the player must do all they they can to stay on the platforms for as long as possible! dodge arrows, avoid the flying spikes! watch out for ghost platforms.. and you better run when the acid starts to rise ;)
Play Acid FlyAcid Fly Game

Plays: 4052
Category: Action
Use acid fly to catch cannon balls. DON'T let the cannon balls hit the ground and keep that fly away from your mushes.
Play Global Environmental IssuesGlobal Environmental Issues Game

Plays: 4015
Category: Education
Learn about the environment with our animated, interactive, learning program. Topics covered are the ozone layer, the greenhouse effect, global warming and acid rain. After each interactive presentation there is a 10 question multiple choice quiz with results awarded in the form of a certificate.
Play ArcanoverArcanover Game

Plays: 3759
Category: Shooting
PROTECT your mushes! Save as much as you can! Don't let the acid ball hit the ground and catch your bombs. The Union is counting on YOU!
Play Building Blaster 2Building Blaster 2 Game

Plays: 3614
Category: Puzzles
The building blaster is back in another physics-based blast fest! This time around life isn't so easy for our volatile friend as the buildings he has to take down are made up of different materials AND he needs to avoid taking out civilians. (Evil competitors on the other hand are fair game!) Also, he's got a few new tricks up his sleeve: C4, wrecking balls, acid balloons and air strikes just to name a few! Boom boom pow ... lets blast away!
Play PenguinPenguin Game

Plays: 2956
Category: Action
Save the ice! Help the penguin to catch the acid drop and save the ice!!
Play Acid WellAcid Well Game

Plays: 2597
Category: Action
Try to survive in a well full of acid (physical-based jumping game).
Play Space DisposalSpace Disposal Game

Plays: 2538
Category: Action
Space Disposal is a great neo-retro arcade game coming in a fancy retro look with cool graphics effects! Your task is to move your disposal missile through dangerous levels, collect all the nuclear waste and bring it safely to the detonation chamber. Use arrows, WASD or mouse to navigate the ship and take care of lasers, security drones, acid drops and other hazardous obstacles!
Play The Legacy of GuyThe Legacy of Guy Game

Plays: 2522
Category: Action
This is Guy. His blood is acid. Luckily, he has a lot of it!
Play Pet BasketballPet Basketball Game

Plays: 2415
Category: Action
Have you ever dreamed of playing space basketball? Evade comets and check your accuracy!
Play Martian DressupMartian Dressup Game

Plays: 2331
Category: Customize
The thick Martian atmosphere does not stop this particular alien from looking fashionable. He must look gorgeous through any weather, be it acid rains, heavy heatwaves or powerful winds and right now, he is heading for a huge intergalactic battle but he cannot decide what to take. Would his sailor outfit be ok perhaps? Or would the burglar costume be more suitable for the occasion. Or, why not, you can make him try out his bunny outfit, maybe it will give his alien colleagues a morale boost during the battle.
Play Against The BokariAgainst The Bokari Game

Plays: 2221
Category: Action
The objective of this game is to recover some food stolen by a group of mutants known as Bokari who have naturally thick hides and tend to use clubs and throw stones. Bokari are also rumored to share their lairs with another mutant called a Belch Rat which sprays acid. You can use a club, gun, grenades and fire bombs to recover the stolen food. But use your gun, grenades and fire bombs wisely. While more of them can be obtained in the game there are only a maximum number of each available. In the game you can also obtain and use armor to protect yourself from attacks.

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