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Play Canyon RydersCanyon Ryders Game

Plays: 39788
Category: Driving
A dirt bike racing game set in the remote desert canyons. Traverse rock inclines and cross the treacherous rope bridges spanning across the rocky clefts. Challenge your friends via email to go one-on-one against your best recorded session, all in real-time! Race online against other live players in an exclusive version on! Pop a wheelie and kick it into high gear, it's time to motor!
Play Hashi ex MachinaHashi ex Machina Game

Plays: 36240
Category: Puzzles
Hashi is a classic Japanese puzzle game. Each game of Hashi presents a map of circles containing numbers, called "islands". The number within each island determines how many lines, called "bridges", must be connected to the island. To win, all of the islands must be interconnected with the correct number of bridges in one continuous chain The bridges may not be diagonal or cross other bridges.
Play Dynamite BlastDynamite Blast Game

Plays: 28252
Category: Driving
Blast bridges, towers and vehicles with dynamite.You need to place the dynamite in the right places to complete mission. Try to complete all 30 levels.
Play Dynamite Blast 2Dynamite Blast 2 Game

Plays: 11895
Category: Puzzles
The sequel of the popular game Dynamite Blast. New weapon, new levels, more fun. Blast barges, towers and vehicles with dynamite. Load your TNT on the beams of buildings or bridges and try to take them out so the rubble falls below the yellow line.
Play isoball 2isoball 2 Game

Plays: 11346
Category: Puzzles
Sequel to the highly popular puzzle game, Isoball 2 brings in 50 brand new levels of puzzling fun! All you have to do is use conveyors to make the ball go up into really high places. you have to remember though that timing is everything when you are working with the elusive phase bridges! Use your imagination and think outside the box and utilize portals to teleport the ball to distant locations.
Play BridgeCraftBridgeCraft Game

Plays: 9034
Category: Puzzles
Patience is key as you build bridges to save your little friends.
Play City Siege 3: Jungle SiegeCity Siege 3: Jungle Siege Game

Plays: 6206
Category: Action
This time they are trying to take over the Jungle, build your army and put a stop to their antics! New features include: - More varied terrain - Water, Lava, Swamps and Bridges - Volcanic levels - New Baddies, including Tesla Coils, Jeeps - New Units, including Molotov Guy (burn stuff down), Bomber, Jeep and Tesla Tank - Improved strategy and unit balancing - 30 all-new levels
Play Artillery RushArtillery Rush Game

Plays: 5769
Category: Puzzles
Discover the World War 2. Destroy as many enemy soldiers as you can. Blow up bridges, buldings, towers to complete each level. Try to earn as many stars as possible.
Play 4x4 Monster4x4 Monster Game

Plays: 5061
Category: Driving
Drive your 4x4 monster truck and try to complete each level in the shortest time. Race over mountains, cars, bridges and other obstacles while keeping your truck balanced.
Play River RaidRiver Raid Game

Plays: 4959
Category: Action
Be prepared to challenging and dangerous River Raid. Welcome on board! Destroy all the bridges on your way.
Play Friends ConnexionFriends Connexion Game

Plays: 4933
Category: Puzzles
Connect all the friends with the applicable bridges as quickly as possible!
Play Rail way bridgeRail way bridge Game

Plays: 2822
Category: Puzzles
Game type of bridge construction. Build railway bridges, opens new trains.
Play ET Energy StationET Energy Station Game

Plays: 2742
Category: Puzzles
Connect all Energy stations with the correct number of bridges.
Play MultiBallMultiBall Game

Plays: 2608
Category: Puzzles
Do you have both shooting and mind skills? Then use all 3 materials, wood, paper and stone to solve different puzzles. Every material uniquely interacts with other things in the game like ventilators and bridges. Good luck and have fun!!
Play World of ConfusionWorld of Confusion Game

Plays: 2591
Category: Action
Take control of your pencil and draw bridges, ramps and barriers to successfully navigate your characters and reach the end of level goal.
Play Tweeterwall Race V2Tweeterwall Race V2 Game

Plays: 2589
Category: Action
Tweeterwall Races just had a makeover with added bridges and a more challenging curcuit.
Play Speed ChallengersSpeed Challengers Game

Plays: 2360
Category: Driving
Drive your car on the bridges. Jump from one bridge to another and avoid falling down or toppling over. Buy items, unlock achievements and a lot more!! Play to find out :)
Play Railway bridge 2Railway bridge 2 Game

Plays: 2328
Category: Puzzles
Cool game type of bridge construction. Build railway bridges, open new levels and trains (4 different trains).
Play Snow Truck 2Snow Truck 2 Game

Plays: 2199
Category: Driving
Snow Truck is back with Snow Truck 2, this time bringing you exciting level's, with breakable bridges, icicles, giant ice cubes, avalanches and much more exciting stuff. Be very careful when crossing the frosted ice bridges, if you drive fast over them they could break. Good luck.
Play SpreadPathSpreadPath Game

Plays: 2109
Category: Puzzles
It is a game about strange colored creatures. There is only one thing they can do - Spread. Cause of the unity of their kind creatures Spread alltogether. On player's command they produce children to the four adjancent cells and become outwardly passive. Your task is to help creatures occupy cells destined them by color. To achieve this goal you have some active objects placed on a map. You can use them to control the Spreadpaths. Buttons can close or open a way by switching their states. Stones can be moved through the map to enclose the path in a certain place. By moving bridges you can help creatures to Spread over water. Also you have bombs, which can be e?ploded to clear neighboring cells from creatures. By completing levels you gain access to creatures' thoughts, which might give you a new understanding of what is really going on in this strange game.

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