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Play Make a SuperheroMake a Superhero Game

Plays: 18015
Category: Dress-Up
Doubting how to make a hero? Doubt no more, because this new “Make a Superhero” app is a FREE GAME with which you can create a superhero the way you like him to be! This can be kids’ app, but also an app that teenagers and adults will love too. There are a lot of different superheroes games in the world, but this one is unique. Here and now, everybody can design a superhero with big muscles, enormous strength, nice clothes and many other things. Another reason why this app is so great is that it can help you to find out how to be a superhero both in physical and mental way. You will get one excellent crime fighter. What this app offers you is to create a character that will fit your needs and wishes. We all got a little bored with the famous heroes, and we need some refreshment. And what is a better way for that, than to make your own superhero? With this cool superhero game, you can change your hero costume, cape, masks and many other things. You will have loads of fun with coming up with the name for a superhero as well. We all know that good vs. evil battle will last forever, so hurry up and build a hero that will be the strongest, the smartest, and simply the best! Creating a superhero is really fun! Once you try it, you want be able to stop, and luckily you won’t have, because “Make a Superhero” app gives you thousands of different possible combinations!
Play World Cup Soccer 2010: TrainingWorld Cup Soccer 2010: Training Game

Plays: 9156
Category: Sports
Think you were good enough to compete in the 2010 world cup? Use your high score to show players you were the most worthy to play this year!!
Play 50 red50 red Game

Plays: 5433
Category: Other
Interactive Artwork meets frantic clicking game in the all new sensory overload game by me - 50 Red! Click 50 red balls whilst avoiding the blue balls for a place in high scores paradise. WARNING - FLASHING IMAGES!

Plays: 5183
Category: Puzzles
Help cheer up the sad blocks in this frustratingly simple puzzler.
Play AvoidTBallsAvoidTBalls Game

Plays: 4111
Category: Action
You are a poor InkSpot on a desk top. Avoid the EVIL INK BLOBS for as long as possible.
Play UnicorridaUnicorrida Game

Plays: 3963
Category: Fighting
Unicorrida is a 2D arcade game where you are the "Matador" which has to strike down 6 different type of unicorns! Each unicorn has an unique behaviour which makes the player adapt to its combat style every time! Fight unicorns with Cape and Banderillas and collect Rainbows they drop to unlock and improve the "Matador" abilities (Speed, Life, Attack).
Play AscendancyAscendancy Game

Plays: 3893
Category: Action
Guide the ball to the flag using the different function blocks. Can you do it under budget? Create and share your own levels!
Play D.S.CapeD.S.Cape Game

Plays: 3550
Category: Action
In this luxurious New York Hotel, help the maid to escape this excited french business man. Use te elevator, it makes it easier
Play Painting Artist PrincessPainting Artist Princess Game

Plays: 3444
Category: Customize
Painting Artist Princess Dress Up by ! More fashion princess dress up games and celeb games at
Play D.S.Cape IID.S.Cape II Game

Plays: 3324
Category: Action
After the success of D.S.Cape Catch her if you Kahn, discover this second opus after the judgement on the 6th June. Get all the keys to be safe in your room
Play Friends In Cape TownFriends In Cape Town Game

Plays: 3128
Category: Customize
These two girls got together for a holiday in Cape Town, Australia. Since its a once in a lifetime trip for them, they took lots of different fashion items! Help these two pretty girls choose the right outfit for the occasion. Try lots of different options until you find the right combination of clothing that makes them look great!
Play Mamumber in the Crazy MountainsMamumber in the Crazy Mountains Game

Plays: 2766
Category: Action
Avoid the rocks by running left and right. Duck under your cape for cover but beware of the dragon's rocks!
Play Mr Mysterious & Bad BunnzMr Mysterious & Bad Bunnz Game

Plays: 2535
Category: Customize
Don't young women know better than to go out at night in a gothic village by themselves? Don't they know better than to trust a guy in a cape who isn't Batman? Well, weird things happen on Halloween.
Play ManalaManala Game

Plays: 2516
Category: Action
Manala (finnish for "underworld") is a game about defense, timing and reflexes. You play as a ninja who gains various abilities during the game, ranging from fireballs to healing abilities. During the game you will face various waves of monsters that you must defeat, while you'll also get to fight off the big and bad Bosses. Will you defeat them all, or will you die trying?
Play PuzzboxPuzzbox Game

Plays: 2141
Category: Puzzles
I am PuzzBox. Copy my numbers. Can you copy all of them? Use your number keys.
Play World Flag Memory-3World Flag Memory-3 Game

Plays: 2027
Category: Action
Play six awesome levels of world flag memory game. Find perfect match for each flag.
Play TriCityTriCity Game

Plays: 856
Category: Action
In Tricity, you are a super hero who protects the streets from an evil uncivic dude who spends his days throwing garbage from a window. Armed with a magic bouncing bag, you must lead empty bottles to the recycle bin, where they belong. Control one of two characters from left to right with the arrow keys, while your heroic companion (a big weird worm with a cape) tells you facts about recycling and stuff.
Play How Not to Be A SuperheroHow Not to Be A Superhero Game

Plays: 648
Category: Action
How not to be a superhero. Try and dodge the objects to earn points.
Play Super Letter GameSuper Letter Game Game

Plays: 4546
Category: Action
Super Letter Game is a game of frustrating simplicity. Control the multitude of flying letters, in the maddening challenge of collecting all the alphabet. The fastest finder wins!


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