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Online climber Games
Play Big Rig: Sky ClimberBig Rig: Sky Climber Game

Plays: 13208
Category: Adventure
Where this Big Rig is going, we don't need roads.
Play Captain SkyroCaptain Skyro Game

Plays: 9280
Category: Puzzles
Captain Skyro: Cloud Climber follows our daring pirate captain as he sling-shots his way up the clouds.
Play Bloody ClimberBloody Climber Game

Plays: 9134
Category: Action
Climb as high as you can. Beware of traps!
Play Ice Climber PenguinIce Climber Penguin Game

Plays: 8095
Category: Action
Get powerup, kill walruses, help the penguin climb the tower, he want to see planet pluto!
Play AcrophiliaAcrophilia Game

Plays: 6415
Category: Action
Higher! Ever higher! You must run, jump and climb sixteen titanic towers, stuffed with danger. Why? Because you are an acrophile - one who loves heights! But beware - the higher you climb, the more precarious the towers become, with blocks crumbling and collapsing beneath you with realistic physics. Even worse, floodwaters are rising behind you. And even though you're a good climber, you're a very bad swimmer...
Play Rocket Ninja CyborgRocket Ninja Cyborg Game

Plays: 5846
Category: Action
What is cooler than a Ninja Cyborg? A Ninja Cyborg with a Jetpack that is escaping the growing lava!!!
Play BurgerTime DeluxeBurgerTime Deluxe Game

Plays: 5446
Category: Adventure
Let the culinary capers commence in BurgerTime Deluxe! Help Peter Pepper as he uses his assortment of ingredients to thwart the dastardly Vinnie Vinegar. Scale the platforms and assemble the burgers piece by piece to clear the levels. Daze the baddies with pepper or earn big points by squashing them with falling ingredients!
Play Risky Rock ClimbingRisky Rock Climbing Game

Plays: 5330
Category: Customize
This rock climbing girl has the hots for one of her instructors, help her choose the perfect outfit to get the instructors attention. Mix and match all your different items until you come up with an outfit that looks perfect for a day on the rocks!
Play Neon ClimberNeon Climber Game

Plays: 5319
Category: Action
Jump up the platforms and collect as many points as possible. You can get bonus points, by collecting all points of a platform or by staying in the upper half of the screen for a while. The game ends, when you fall out of the screen.
Play Tetris ClimberTetris Climber Game

Plays: 5225
Category: Rhythm
The main aim of the game is to climb as far as you can. Extra points are earned by doing combos and also by collecting all the bonuses presented. Avoid the bricks falling since they cause you points.
Play ElevatorzElevatorz Game

Plays: 3970
Category: Action
Help Mr. Jitters to reach his office at the top of the building, before time runs out! Avoid hitting the elevators, as they will knock you out for 3 seconds.

Plays: 3428
Category: Action
The SkyClimber rides in a magic universe . Using stars to climb up to next window , opening for the prize. The adventure is full of nice elements to make you wander.
Play Elevatorz BlitzElevatorz Blitz Game

Plays: 3132
Category: Action
Mr. Jitters is back once again in the Blitz edition of Elevatorz! Join him for more elevator avoiding fun, by trying to get as far as possible before time runs out! You get bonus time for crossing a floor without getting hit, so be careful but fast!
Play Word MountainWord Mountain Game

Plays: 2826
Category: Puzzles
Journey across the land climbing the highest mountains in the world. In this universe, you climb by typing words. The faster you type, the faster you climb. Watch out for the evil computer climber, he's always trying to climb faster than you! Use power ups to help you on your journey and try not to make too many mistakes!
Play Flea climberFlea climber Game

Plays: 2780
Category: Action
Stylized experimental arcade.
Play PiClimber UpFreePiClimber UpFree Game

Plays: 2730
Category: Puzzles
This is a new and improved version of the original PiClimber. PiClimber is a tribute to Pi (also known as 3.14). The digits of Pi form the different stages of the game, and your job is to think your way through to the last digit in the best possible way. What makes this version different is that it is FREE to travel upwards.
Play Crate ClimberCrate Climber Game

Plays: 2612
Category: Action
Escape the imminent lava wall of doom by climbing to the skies using the falling crates as your stepping stones! All crates, except for health and glass crates instantly kill you if you get crushed by them. The lava starts rising after the countdown reaches zero and will hurt you every time you touch it.
Play jumperBoyjumperBoy Game

Plays: 2386
Category: Other
Help jumperBoy to climb a tower by climbing on successive steps of a staircase running inside it. The goal of the player is to reach a high number of steps (floors) and points (awarded for making visually attractive sequences of jumps). The game becomes more difficult as the character scales the tower. Try to become an "A" category player!!
Play ClimberClimber Game

Plays: 2050
Category: Action
A climbing game.
Play Snowflake JumperSnowflake Jumper Game

Plays: 1616
Category: Action
Move mouse left and right to move the snowman. Click left mouse button to jump and start the Christmas flight. During jump move mouse left and right to move the snowman and Catch as many snowflakes as you can!

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