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Play Rick Astley Webcam AdventureRick Astley Webcam Adventure Game

Plays: 22052
Category: Other
YOU NEED A WEBCAM FOR THIS. Be a part of your own Rick Astley video XDDD The game links to your webcam, and you can then don your Rick Astley mask,wig,microphone,sunglasses and even THE BARTENDER!!!!!!!!!!!, and then DANCE/SING!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111111 yay!!!!!!!!!11111111111oneone!!!11111111 CREDITS: Coding: moomoomoomoo Microphone drawing: TheWhiteAngel Everything else drawing: SpearDudezor Song: Rick Astley-Never Gunna Give You Up! (i did not write this song, this song is the property of mr Astley blah blah blah ;P)
Play Ultimate Unscramble #1: HTML Color Code WordsUltimate Unscramble #1: HTML Color Code Words Game

Plays: 5845
Category: Puzzles
Learn arcane HTML coding as you play a mediocre word game! Swap letters to unscramble the words. Pay attention to the color and hex code hints.
Play GrabbleGrabble Game

Plays: 3676
Category: Multiplayer
Compete with your friends on who has the largest vocabulary. Credits go out to: - Lone for game Graphics, ideas for the concept and generally being awesome. - Oliver for coding the backend, including the amazing dictionary lookup API, respect!
Play Aliens Must Die : The Jupiter WarsAliens Must Die : The Jupiter Wars Game

Plays: 2980
Category: Shooting
Coding by Longanimals, Artwork by robotJAM Take control of the last starship and defeat endless rounds of alien bad guys, helped out by your co pilot annie.
Play TheProjectTheProject Game

Plays: 2469
Category: Other
A game about making games. Its fairly self explanitory.
Play H1N1H1N1 Game

Plays: 2389
Category: Action
About the Game: Your goal is to separate the healthy cells (the blue) infected with the H1N1 influenza virus (the red), only directing the mouse input to the cells remain in their respective sides (left blue, and red in right). Design: A 2D game, super fun, produced in Flash CS5 with coding in As2. Created by Xpectre Games
Play Path to PresentsPath to Presents Game

Plays: 2178
Category: Adventure
A challenging puzzle platform game! Help Santa collect his presents for good children! How quickly can you get through all 20 levels? Use your arrow keys to move, click and drag to draw anywhere. Have fun! -KyleDaFox - Coding, Game Art
Play AlexeyAlexey's Nightmare Game

Plays: 2113
Category: Adventure
After spending the whole weekend coding what would become the most popular game on Earth, and drinking ridiculous amounts of coffee and vodka to keep goind, Alexey Pazhitnov finally decided to go sleep. However, since he was so tired, he had a strange nightmare... He was trapped in his own game! Now he has to escape the falling pieces in order to stay alive!
Play The Thought TreasuryThe Thought Treasury Game

Plays: 2023
Category: Puzzles
Escape your prison in this simple escape game based of the thought treasury itself, my personal site! This game was one of the first I created. It was made using the limited programming I knew back in the day. Quite simple programming, just a bunch of redundant coding which I could avoid now. If you like it I can make a better one if you PM me.
Play Action Script 3.0 TypingAction Script 3.0 Typing Game

Plays: 1894
Category: Education
1.Improve Typing Speed you learn Flash/ActionScript
Play Cydonia ValleyCydonia Valley Game

Plays: 1832
Category: Action
About the Game: A game of spaceships, where you have a mission to explore Cydonia, Mars lost the valley. Design: A 2D game, produced in Flash CS5 with coding in AS2. Created by Xpectre Games
Play Anunnaki ReturnsAnunnaki Returns Game

Plays: 1786
Category: Action
About the Game: In this fun game of spaceships you have to destroy the enemy alien race, the Anunnaki, many dangers await you in this great game! Design: A 2D game ships, super fun, produced in Flash CS5 with coding in As2. Created by Xpectre Games
Play Boxe BrasilBoxe Brasil Game

Plays: 1525
Category: Action
About the Game: A game of boxing in first person. Design: A 3D game, produced in Flash CS5 with coding in As2. Created by Xpectre Games
Play Stickman Learn To CodeStickman Learn To Code Game

Plays: 1385
Category: Education
Stickman Learn To Code,this is a tutorial game of coding. if you pass the level,you can see and copy the open source code. and you can use the code in your games.
Play PondusPondus Game

Plays: 1187
Category: Action
About the Game: You can learn and play with gravity in this crazy intergalactic game. Pondus is a Latin term used to describe weight, gravity. For this game plays a lot with gravity. Design: A 2D game, produced in Flash CS5 with coding in AS2. Created by: Xpectre Games
Play Extreme Snake++Extreme Snake++ Game

Plays: 963
Category: Action
A unique and robust twist on the classical snake gaming experience. Hunt or be hunted!!
Play Catch the applesCatch the apples Game

Plays: 4813
Category: Sports
Tired of shooting zombies or playing the same classics over and over? Well now you can collect apples that fall from trees! Credits to squidgie for helping me with coding
Play adventures of a lineadventures of a line Game

Plays: 3856
Category: Adventure
this is a platform game about a line. it has no color because this is a simple game (with a lot of coding)


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