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Play Happy Little FishHappy Little Fish Game

Plays: 8679
Category: Action
Flap your way to success under the water! Just hit your left mouse button to swim with the little fish. Skilled enough? Watch out for the dangerous crabs!
Play perfect matchperfect match Game

Plays: 8251
Category: Fighting
Use mouse to make Crabs toward each other and finish level. the number of crabs will increase as you pass a level, crabs will also decrease if you fail a level!
Play Photosynthesis Respiration Game!Photosynthesis Respiration Game! Game

Plays: 8150
Category: Action
Jump to collect oxygen and glucose to keep the man alive through respiration! Then collect carbon dioxide and water to help the tree do photosynthesis! Don’t fall off the screen and watch out for enemy hermit crabs and jumping fish! By the time your done, you’ll be an expert on the basics of photosynthesis and respiration!
Play NautiluxNautilux Game

Plays: 5484
Category: Puzzles
Match your squids, shells, clown-fishes and crabs. Breathtaking underwater puzzle action.
Play Youda Survivor HDYouda Survivor HD Game

Plays: 4763
Category: Adventure
It started out like any other sailing trip. The next thing you knew, you were stranded on an uncharted island and trying to help the natives restore life to their weather-beaten home. To prove your worth and avoid a fate worse than no Internet, you will have to care for a variety of animals and convert the goods they produce into an assortment of products. You'll also have to fend off pirates with your trusty sword and capture crabs with a click of your mouse! Between levels, you'll be able to recruit help and purchase the upgrades you need to get the job done. Featuring 80 levels of exciting point-and-click action, Youda Survivor will make you feel like a modern day Robinson Crusoe! Full version features 80 levels Interactive tutorial Dozens of achievements Tons of trophies to collect Weather and time of day effects
Play Crab AttackCrab Attack Game

Plays: 4593
Category: Action
Crabs are attacking your castle! Stop them before they'll destroy it and survive for seven minutes!
Play Mer-Love, Beneath the SeaMer-Love, Beneath the Sea Game

Plays: 4067
Category: Adventure
Mermaids need love, too. But when the mermaid of his dreams happens to be the King of the Seas's daughter, they need to find secluded areas where they can be free of prying eyes. Avoid the deep sea human divers, the spying sharks, and the crying crabs that will tell on this handsome mermaid in a split second!
Play BioQuiz ArthropodaBioQuiz Arthropoda Game

Plays: 4051
Category: BoardGame
Check out our knowledge about arthropods. Take a bioquiz about insects, spiders, lobsters, crabs, shrimp, barnacles, centipedes and other arthropods.
Play Puff BallPuff Ball Game

Plays: 3727
Category: Action
Under the sea the crabs make use of puffer fish to play their games. Hit the puff ball past your opponent to win while scoring big hitting other fish for bonus points!
Play Tiny Evolution AdventureTiny Evolution Adventure Game

Plays: 3660
Category: Action
Set on a evolutionary adventure where you must devour the weak and survive against the strong so you may evolve and reach the top of the food chain! Use arrow keys to move, jump and swim Use spacebar to bite. 0 to mute/unmute and - and + to adjust volume You must devour set number of creatures to unlock the level exit, where you evolve and enter a new level. Avoid huge creatures like red eels and giant spiders. Eat tiny creatures like fish, crabs and jellyfishes.
Play Crab Attack 3Crab Attack 3 Game

Plays: 3529
Category: Action
Run, jump, and avoid all the killer crabs!
Play Snakes and LadderzSnakes and Ladderz Game

Plays: 3482
Category: Sports
An all time classic game in a nice, relaxed environment. A sunny beach, good music and the company of some obeying crabs. What more can one ask for.
Play Crab ColoringCrab Coloring Game

Plays: 3343
Category: Customize
Crab Coloring.Paint the crabs with beautiful colors
Play Crab ArenaCrab Arena Game

Plays: 3166
Category: Action
Jump n' stomp! Crush as many crabs as you can.
Play CrabsCrabs Game

Plays: 3067
Category: Puzzles
Move all Crabs to the specified place
Play GowlingGowling Game

Plays: 3060
Category: Sports
Gowling is a new sport that includes golfing, bowling and ... crabs.. Help this bored island cannibal play his favorit game 'crab golf' and hit as many crabs as you can.. Look carefully at the wind directions to decide the power/angle of your shots.
Play Crab-BallCrab-Ball Game

Plays: 3039
Category: Action
Two crab on the beach compete on the ability to play volleyball. But the crabs are limited in movement. Nevertheless, rules are very strict, ten goals conceded and you lose.
Play Impulse 4Impulse 4 Game

Plays: 2264
Category: Adventure
Sea, beach, crab, and a lot of balls that want to destroy it! Help him escape!
Play cupid_catchingfish_dkcupid_catchingfish_dk Game

Plays: 2255
Category: Other
flash game online, catch all the fish hearts and crab hearts, don't place your cupid in front of the dark clouds because there is lighting inside of it., Cool graphics!
Play Crab DecorationCrab Decoration Game

Plays: 2141
Category: Other
What better food you can enjoy eating on the beach than a delicious Crab? Cooking Crabs is not a easy job, as many people can't handle this step, and that's way we had brought to you a Crab cooking game, for you to see and try out, how to prepare a delicious summer recipe. Be creative, combine the ingredients like vegetables, exotic fruits, sauces and other ornaments you can find in the panels in the game, and give your crab the fineness appearance it can have, impress your friends by showing them what a good chef you are.

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