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Play Video HangmanVideo Hangman Game

Plays: 17295
Category: Puzzles
Video Hangman based on the classic word guessing game Hangman. It features full motion video and high score leaderboards.
Play Voice of nature (640x480)Voice of nature (640x480) Game

Plays: 3871
Category: Other
Online Divination. Voice of Nature. Fortunetelling and guessing in floristic style.
Play CubeoCubeo Game

Plays: 42398
Category: Puzzles
Cube'o' is a puzzle game based on the Rubik's cube.......but with a twist!! Your job is to arrange the pieces to their original state via sliding individual blocks around the cube using the empty space provided. Guaranteed to keep you guessing!!
Play Guess WhoGuess Who's That Anime Game

Plays: 22161
Category: Puzzles
Hello, this is my first game in flash. I’m all new to flash and so this game is just a simple input-output game. I know, it’s plain and simple, but please take time to play ^^ . And, help me to improve?
Play Maxed Out Mind TripMaxed Out Mind Trip Game

Plays: 17623
Category: Other
Maya-jid mind reading...Let him into you'll be amazed.
Play Bumper StumpersBumper Stumpers Game

Plays: 8968
Category: Education
A car game we've all played. Your driving down the road and someone has a custom plate, what does it stand for? Start guessing now!
Play Lali DamaLali Dama Game

Plays: 8856
Category: Adventure
Are you the next Lali Dama? Can you find the items he owned in a past life from those scattered before you? Discover for yourself.

Plays: 5450
Category: Other
Type the 5 digit number in text box by guessing the correct numbers. There are 3 color variations Red – wrong, Blue – Nearby, Green – Correct. So using the green color number arrange all the numbers. You have only 5 chances. Game end when time up or number is guessed in correct.
Play Funky SolutionsFunky Solutions Game

Plays: 4534
Category: Memory
This is a game with a funky new twist to Sudoku. More guessing is needed than intelligent formulas. So if you want to play something that doesn't demand too much brainpower, this is the game for you! Unwind with Funky Solutions…
Play GaiaGuessWhoGaiaGuessWho Game

Plays: 4533
Category: Puzzles
Guess which GAIA character has been selected by the computer by choosing attributes from the drop down list and selecting the character's name that matches the guessed attributes.
Play ElectroElectro Game

Plays: 4503
Category: Puzzles
An updated version of the classic "Hangman" game. Guess the word or phrase to survive.
Play Estimate ItEstimate It Game

Plays: 4447
Category: Puzzles
Guess the correct number of items on the screen in less than ten seconds.
Play Where Will It Land?Where Will It Land? Game

Plays: 4398
Category: Puzzles
Try to guess where the atom will reach the end strip. Guess it correctly and you win points!
Play The Graveyard ShuffleThe Graveyard Shuffle Game

Plays: 4368
Category: Puzzles
It can be quite boring in the graveyard at night, so what do the dead do while waiting for eternity? They do the Graveyard Shuffle of course. The Graveyard Shuffle brings a twist to the age-old Shell Game. With two different game modes, this game hopes to bring something new to this classic eye-coordination game. ** Shuffle duration and speed increase with each level
Play Dictator Guessing GameDictator Guessing Game Game

Plays: 4305
Category: Puzzles
Guess the name of the dictator in this short game!
Play Word War IWord War I Game

Plays: 4211
Category: Action
Words are attacking your base! Shoot down the paratroopers by spelling the word that they form. Detonate the bomb by correctly guessing the password before it hits your base. Survive all five levels!
Play Grand CentralGrand Central Game

Plays: 4075
Category: Casino
This is a game of guessing the next cards value. Is it higher or lower than the current card?
Play Hang The AlienHang The Alien Game

Plays: 3761
Category: Word
Do your best to spare the alien's life by guessing the hidden words. Press New Game to start and use your keyboard to play.
Play High n LowHigh n Low Game

Plays: 3644
Category: Casino
Play high and low, try to guess the next card to be higher or lower in this fun small card game.

Plays: 3624
Category: Other
The Octopus Paul is the Oracle of thw World Cup of South Africa guessing all the results !! Now you can ask him all your questions ! He's ready to tell you the true! Write your questions to him!

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