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Online hen Games
Play Easter Egg tycoonEaster Egg tycoon Game

Plays: 12466
Category: Other
In this simulation game you need to produce Easter eggs and sell them to Easter bunnies. You need to make sure your hen have food, so they'll be able to lay eggs. Then you need to boil the eggs and paint them the required color.
Play Farm MatchFarm Match Game

Plays: 6329
Category: Education
Farm Match is matching game with an interesting twist. Rather than having to match up equals you now get to match up the characters and items that belong to one another. A cow with a cheese is a good example of an excellent match. Memory games is good for the brain and this way you'll learn about farm life at the same time matching your pairs.
Play Doodle EggsDoodle Eggs Game

Plays: 5326
Category: Customize
Match 3 or more eggs of the same color in horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines to make them disappear.
Play Adventure of a wolf in a hen houseAdventure of a wolf in a hen house Game

Plays: 4813
Category: Adventure
In game "Adventure of a wolf in a hen house" action happens in a hen house. The wolf catches falling eggs. If the wolf passes three eggs that game will end. In game of 10 levels. In each subsequent round speed of falling of egg increases.
Play Farm ColoringFarm Coloring Game

Plays: 4753
Category: Customize
Pick colors from the palate and color the farm and farm animals..
Play The EggThe Egg Game

Plays: 4021
Category: Action
Very nice and funny graphics. You play as a hen. You have to hatch the eggs in the farm before time runs out. There is also foxes who always trying to steal it from you.
Play Flying HenFlying Hen Game

Plays: 3527
Category: Action
A hen trying to fly with the help of pigs, bulls, horses, cows and more. Pick wheat and use it to upgrade your companions and try to reach 3 kilometers.
Play Chickens Incoming!Chickens Incoming! Game

Plays: 3437
Category: Action
Chickens Incoming! An instant-action-game for everyone. The game goal is easy: Bring the eggs over the fence. Reaching it has got it's challenges. The crazy fox wants to blow up the hen house by throwing eggs, some wrapped in dynamite. Try to catch the eggs and crack the highscore. May your rooster-senses lead you to glory! (introduction included)
Play Save the Golden EggsSave the Golden Eggs Game

Plays: 3417
Category: Shooting
Save the golden eggs from the eagles by shooting down the eagles with your gun. Drag and click the mouse to drag your gun and fire bullets. If you can save all the eggs laid by the hen you go to next level. There are as many levels as you can play.
Play Happy Hen HouseHappy Hen House Game

Plays: 3094
Category: Action
Happy Hen House is an arcade game where you have to help Ahmed gather all the eggs to their baskets. Doing so is by pushing all the eggs to their baskets or kicking them. The chickens at the yard will disturb you by chasing you and you must avoid them or kick the eggs on them to make them stop their pesky chase against Ahmed. The goal of each level is set when Ahmed fill all the baskets on screen. The game is dedicated to my friend and ally for trouble Ahmed!
Play Kung Fu henKung Fu hen Game

Plays: 2802
Category: Fighting
In order to save his children, kung fu hen brave battle with the monster.You can also help it
Play Perky KittyPerky Kitty Game

Plays: 2758
Category: Shooting
Test your nerves ... shoot the Hen (prey) for the Kitty and increase your score feeling elated......
Play Catch Em If You CanCatch Em If You Can Game

Plays: 2387
Category: Action
Catch ‘em if you can is a light-hearted time-management game set on a farm. Spend a day at Farmer Henry’s hen house as he teaches you how to make a fortune managing hens and their eggs! But be careful…the hens are looking at every opportunity to escape! Lose too many hens and you earn Farmer Henry’s wrath!
Play Running HenRunning Hen Game

Plays: 1916
Category: Adventure
The Hen took the children to go to the beach for some fresh air, but the way to go is not easy! The way not only across a variety of obstacles, but also to avoid the attack of the dog, eagle and carpenterworm. Despite the difficulties, but they did not give up! Brave chicken led by his mother, they are united as one, toward the end of the victory!
Play Christmas CapsChristmas Caps Game

Plays: 1910
Category: Action
Christmas Caps is skill and memory game. Just click only on Santa caps. Use your sharp skill and keen eyes to collect all caps in a fixed time.Take a challenge and enjoy your Christmas.
Play Rescue your chickensRescue your chickens Game

Plays: 1880
Category: Action
This is an oldschool platformer game where you play the role of a cock who's hen left him alone with the chickens for 20 days. For unknown reasons, several wild beasts will begin to attack him! Play 30 levels in which you will have to fight against rats, ants, spiders, bees, etc to rescue your chickens and to solve the mystery of the animals attacks! Controls: Arrow keys : Move Up/S : Jump R Restart 0 Mute Esc Pause
Play The Hen And The Easter EggsThe Hen And The Easter Eggs Game

Plays: 1853
Category: Puzzles
You control the basket to getting the eggs the chickens are laying. One egg you have caught brings you 200 or 250 points. Every level the eggs fall faster. Score as much as you can.
Play Find My ChicksFind My Chicks Game

Plays: 1721
Category: Puzzles
Find My Chicks is another point and click hidden objects game from gamesperk. In this game you need to find all the chicks hidden somewhere inside this garden and send it to the hen. Good luck and Have fun!
Play Pump On HenPump On Hen Game

Plays: 1595
Category: Action
Hen has a lot of trouble with mice. The mice come and eat hen's food and destroy hen's eggs. But Pumpkin is there to help the hen.
Play The Eggs MysteryThe Eggs Mystery Game

Plays: 1479
Category: Strategy
The Fox have been playing around mixing the eggs from the different hen houses of the region, We need your help to find those eggs in their correct order to bring calm to our beloved hens.

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