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Play Sketch QuestSketch Quest Game

Plays: 11815
Category: Action
Sketch Quest is an action-platformer that uses a unique drawing mechanic to have the player customize their character. You control a character in a high-school student’s notebook and earn/draw weapons and enemies as you advance through the levels. Share your feedback in the comments. Share your drawings on our Facebook!
Play The WizardThe Wizard's Notebook Game

Plays: 20243
Category: Other
A word based puzzle game which uses visual riddles. Solve the visual riddles by typing in words and watch as they transform into what the word describes. For example, the word "water" will act as if it were water. Use this technique to reach the star of each level and save the princess!
Play Haven: The HospitalHaven: The Hospital Game

Plays: 13051
Category: Adventure
Pixelatrix Games is pleased to announce the upcoming release of our best point-and-click adventure game yet: Haven. Based on psychiatric practices and the treatment of the mentally ill in the (not so distant) past, Haven is actually composed of two games: Haven - The Hospital and Haven - The Old Asylum. You wake up in a hospital room. The staff is dead, a few patients are missing, and you're not feeling so good yourself. Are you alone? Can you get out? Will you solve the mystery of Haven? In order to reach your goal you'll have to solve puzzles, confer with ghosts, unlock secrets, avenge past deeds, conquer evil, and restore faith in humanity. You have in your possession a pillowcase, a notebook, and a jack-in-the-box. Are you ready? Come to Haven. August 9th, 2009.
Play SketchSketch's World - The Neighborhood Game

Plays: 11731
Category: Adventure
Sketch lives in a wonderful world drawn on notebook paper. But, mean erasers are trying to erase his world. Help Sketch collect pencils and paints to help save his world in this fun platform game for kids.
Play Primp Carry-on ItemsPrimp Carry-on Items Game

Plays: 10185
Category: Dress-Up
Play this fun interesting decoration game for girls and primp your carry-on items in your handbag. You can choose three favorite personal items to decorate, such as cell phone, camera, notebook, purse and mirror. Save them and review your works after yu are done. Sounds interesting? Let's play this fun decoration game for girls.
Play Notebook AssaultNotebook Assault Game

Plays: 7388
Category: Action
The owner of the pencil is the one who rules in the notebook! Your world is a notebook and a tyrant stole the pencil. Fight against the tyrant's army.You will find different kinds of traps, weapons, and enemies.
Play Notebook TrialNotebook Trial Game

Plays: 6028
Category: Driving
Ride your motorcycle, ATV or bike while playing this new pencil-style trial game. Get new achievements along the 12 interesting levels and bring your vehicle to the finish line as fast as possible.
Play Geek Girl Escape 2 High School MysteryGeek Girl Escape 2 High School Mystery Game

Plays: 4044
Category: Puzzles
Help Dweeb find her backpack and notebook around the school.
Play Notebook EscapeNotebook Escape Game

Plays: 3494
Category: Adventure
You were doodling in your notebook and fell asleep. Somehow you ended up inside your notebook and need to escape. Collect items and solve puzzles to escape your notebook!
Play 4x4 Madness4x4 Madness Game

Plays: 3171
Category: Action
Drive 4x4 monster truck through the crazy levels.The game has 18 short and funny levels with increasing difficulty to keep players playing!
Play Notebook DriftNotebook Drift Game

Plays: 2401
Category: Action
Guide your car, using magnets, to the end of the level.
Play Notebook Wars 2Notebook Wars 2 Game

Plays: 2395
Category: Other
These hand-drawn airplanes should be no match for my...hand-drawn airplane. Oh snap! But dead enemies cough up gold, and gold buys better airplanes and badder guns. Lets get busy!
Play Paper AsteroidsPaper Asteroids Game

Plays: 2379
Category: Action
Play Asteroids on a sheet on notebook paper. Try to demolish all of the asteroids before they ram your ship. Brought to you by
Play Fruit DayFruit Day Game

Plays: 2375
Category: Action
Hey! Would you like some fruit?
Play FlippedTacToeFlippedTacToe Game

Plays: 2291
Category: Puzzles
New School Season... Boring! But on break time we can help you relax! Play this classic Tic Tac Toe game, either on Single or Two Player Mode! Compete against the computer or challenge your buddies and be the one that achieves the highest score! Have fun!
Play Notebook AliensNotebook Aliens Game

Plays: 2152
Category: Action
Alien Sketchs Are Invading Your Notebook! Destroy Them!
Play Save Your Notes - Paper PlaneSave Your Notes - Paper Plane Game

Plays: 2092
Category: Adventure
Fly your paper plane and use the pen taped on top of it to shoot those doodle monsters before they get to your notes. This game is under heavy development and will be updated constantly
Play Fruit Day 2Fruit Day 2 Game

Plays: 1942
Category: Action
Hey! Would you like some fruit?
Play Doodle RampsDoodle Ramps Game

Plays: 1661
Category: Action
This Is a Fun Game We Made its about douging items and discovering new abilities
Play Notebook Wars 3Notebook Wars 3 Game

Plays: 1629
Category: Action
You have to destroy all the enemies you can in this paper-shooter with 45 customizable planes, 20 different upgradable weapons, and 50 different enemies, plus 5 epic bosses! This is madnes!!

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