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Play Ice AgeIce Age Game

Plays: 46985
Category: Adventure
You are Scrat. Find as many fruits, as possible, and kill your enemies.
Play Crazy TrackerCrazy Tracker Game

Plays: 11451
Category: Driving
Your objective is to travel through the 'Machine' and avoid hitting machinery parts during your crazy journey. Things starts off nice and slow, but quickly accelerate to insane speeds. Look out for power-ups, they will help you survive a little bit longer. How far can you get before you become a permanent fixture in the 'Machine'?
Play Squirrel AvoiderSquirrel Avoider Game

Plays: 8575
Category: Action
Very simple game, try and keep your nut out of the hands of the evil grey squirrels for as long as you can.
Play Crowded HouseCrowded House Game

Plays: 7975
Category: Puzzles
collect as many nuts as you can, but these are tough times, as the room gets more crowded with every single nut collected. Use star power up to make some room.
Play Nutty TrampolineNutty Trampoline Game

Plays: 6393
Category: Action
Nutty still has to collect his nuts before the winter starts. Can you help him?
Play Coconutz on the BeachCoconutz on the Beach Game

Plays: 5149
Category: Action
Great nuts of fire! This tropical sling-shot game rewards good aim and feeling for distance. Grab the nut, pull back and release. Can you hit the bulls-eye?
Play Screw the NutScrew the Nut Game

Plays: 3516
Category: Puzzles
Is it difficult to screw the nut…? Try to roll it to the bolt and you’ll find out!
Play PeanutPeanut Game

Plays: 2879
Category: Other
You play the part of a bored guy waiting in a bar for your mates. Just as you were getting really bored three of the nut brothers, Goolie, Scratch and Sniff challenge you to a game of table nutball (a traditional squirrel game originating in the squirrel capital, Nutzville). The rules are simple, flick as many nuts in the goal as possible. Extra points are gained for hitting the defenders and even more for a combo hit (aim for the nads).
Play the curious antthe curious ant Game

Plays: 2776
Category: Puzzles
guide the little curious ant to capture the nut safely and quickly.
Play Squirrel QuestSquirrel Quest Game

Plays: 2677
Category: Action
Help squirrel in his quest. Run as long as you can. Collect as much nut as you can.
Play SquirrelySquirrely's Nut War Game

Plays: 2646
Category: Action
The Beavers are on the march! Use your arsenal of nuts to defend your most priced possesion and blast the beavers away!
Play Crazy BattleCrazy Battle Game

Plays: 2630
Category: Strategy
Defend your base at all costs General! At your disposal are many types of weapons, machine guns, cannons, howitzers, mortars, aircraft and much more! The enemy is strong, but you're still one tough nut,! Show all enemies what you can do! Let's start a fight!
Play Ping PongPing Pong Game

Plays: 2106
Category: Sports
Warning: The Koffii Ping Pong ball is a hard nut to crack..with a super high bounce rate. This ball will give you a tough time at balancing. Toss at your own risk.
Play detmash 1.0detmash 1.0 Game

Plays: 2050
Category: Other
Use a nut to eleminate all the shafts and beat the game/
Play Golden FeverGolden Fever Game

Plays: 1980
Category: Puzzles
The Chipmunk Stingy wants to become the richest animal in the forest, but it’s not easy to be the first among the gold diggers.
Play Dessert FirstDessert First Game

Plays: 1728
Category: Dress-Up
Why wait? Meat, potatoes, pasta, even pizza. They all just get in the way and take up time that would be better spent decorating and devouring a colorful and cute sugar frosting covered cake! You want moist and delicious? Chocolate and vanilla combos? Raspberry everything? It's right here, right now.
Play Cheerful saucersCheerful saucers Game

Plays: 1464
Category: Strategy
In the game you have to guess at what lies saucer nut. Saucer and quickly moved to keep a watchful eye over the movement.
Play i-Ti-T Game

Plays: 1293
Category: Puzzles
Hey, you IT Crowd guys, here's a hard nut for you to crack! In this challenging pipe puzzle game you've to connect all computers but also all the connectors!
Play Chicken Went Nuts!Chicken Went Nuts! Game

Plays: 1248
Category: Action
Your pal Chicken went nuts from crazy mushroom gas! Help it by destroying the mushroom filled boxes! This funny and unusual physics puzzle game brings a new dimension in block removal genre, fun for all ages!
Play Screwy AdventuresScrewy Adventures Game

Plays: 836
Category: Adventure
Screwy Adventures tells the story of screw-bolt who falls in love with the screw-nut. He has to move through all the platform levels to find her back. The goal of this game is to complete all the levels, which are getting more difficult each time. You can jump, crawl, hang on the ceiling and even fly. This fun game will give you hours of pleasure. Have fun.

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