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Online rats Games
Play Were Wars 2 the RatsWere Wars 2 the Rats Game

Plays: 54951
Category: Strategy
After the start of the lycanthrope battle,the wererats have decided to join the fray and see what profit can be had.
Play The Chimaera StonesThe Chimaera Stones Game

Plays: 22417
Category: Adventure
You find yourself travelling through the Barony of Berg on your way to a tournament being held by the Baron himself. After a long day`s journey, you seek shelter and rest at Woodlodge, a hostelry in the middle of a forest. When you awake next day you find the whole building in a state of uproar. It seems there has been a sudden plague of enormous, aggressive rats... Arndt, the Landlord, is worried that the animals will drive away his guests and needs your help. Does the rat plague have anything to do with the ancient mound to which he sends you? *** Create a three man Group of heroes to discover the secret behind an ancient artefact, hidden since the Wars of Magic! Fight different foes: wild animals; grim faced robbers and creatures of darkness! Develop your characters: there are seven sorts of weapon; over thirty different pieces of magic and many Skills to learn. Take part in another quest in the realm of Avael!
Play Trash WarsTrash Wars Game

Plays: 14195
Category: Action
There's a city-wide garbage strike and the public has been told to dump their trash at public dump sites across the city. As the weeks passed, rats began invading the trash piles. You must protect a dump site from being overrun with rats before the infestation gets out of control!
Play Rat ExterminatorRat Exterminator Game

Plays: 9072
Category: Shooting
Shoot the nasty rats that are trying to take your cheese >:( Well actually you're a cat so you don't really care for cheese, but you don't enjoy chasing down those suckers either! Shoot 'em I say!
Play Wack a RatWack a Rat Game

Plays: 7072
Category: Action
Rats have invaded! Use your trusty mallet to crush the rodents before time runs out.

Plays: 5194
Category: Action
Kill all dangerous rats using different weapons available and then upgrade for better resaults.
Play Cheese HeistCheese Heist Game

Plays: 4366
Category: Action
Can you get the cheese without being caught? There are five simple but fun levels to test your skills.
Play Catch The Rats 2Catch The Rats 2 Game

Plays: 4116
Category: Puzzles
The rats found a new home, unfortunately it is yours. Get rid of them! 10 total!
Play Shooting Pizza MadnessShooting Pizza Madness Game

Plays: 4111
Category: Shooting
Destroy the pizza slices.
Play The Black Knight RisesThe Black Knight Rises Game

Plays: 3887
Category: Action
The princess has been kidnapped by an evil blood sucking vampire! Enter Count Mallgoth's spooky castle, hop, bounce and slice your way through 50 tough and challenging levels, complete with end of level bone crushing bosses! Scale walls and use your trusty sword to cut down giant rats and monstrous enemies protecting the sleeping Count before he feasts on your bride to be.
Play BeastHunterBeastHunter Game

Plays: 3876
Category: Shooting
You are a hired hero sent to save a village from an infestation of beasts ranging from giant rats to demons. With a bow and arrow this fast past action game lets you shoot down monsters as you travel and complete the 12 quests. You can also upgrade your hero after each quest.
Play Crazy NailsCrazy Nails Game

Plays: 3742
Category: Shooting
Ever wanted to shoot things with a nail gun? Well, here's your chance! 2 game modes - skill and arcade modes. In skill mode, your objective is to shoot the apple of the top of your neighbors head. Hopefully you don't hit him! The shooting distance increases with each successful hit. In arcade mode, you'r stuck in the cellar trying clear it of a rat infestation. Can you get all the rats before they get you. Note- the rats have mutated and have evolved genetically - be prepared to deal with some pretty freaky rats! Each levels brings a new rat-mutant.
Play Catch The RatsCatch The Rats Game

Plays: 3671
Category: Puzzles
This is a mix of point and click and room escape game. To complete the game you must get rid of 10 rats! Find them and send them away!
Play Rat RaceRat Race Game

Plays: 3624
Category: Action
Defend your town from attacking rats.
Play AnacondaAnaconda Game

Plays: 3571
Category: Puzzles
Eat food, grow and don't run into yourself.
Play Beat Rat(????)Beat Rat(????) Game

Plays: 2954
Category: Action
using your mouse to beat the mouse in hole ?????????
Play Cockroaches SmasherCockroaches Smasher Game

Plays: 2807
Category: Action
smash all the Cockroaches and don't let them go down!
Play Cat vs RatsCat vs Rats Game

Plays: 2590
Category: Action
The rats have a plan to attack the fridge. Your mission is protect it! Use guns, turrets, specials and upgrades to eliminate the rats and stop them steal your food.
Play Rescue your chickensRescue your chickens Game

Plays: 2188
Category: Action
This is an oldschool platformer game where you play the role of a cock who's hen left him alone with the chickens for 20 days. For unknown reasons, several wild beasts will begin to attack him! Play 30 levels in which you will have to fight against rats, ants, spiders, bees, etc to rescue your chickens and to solve the mystery of the animals attacks! Controls: Arrow keys : Move Up/S : Jump R Restart 0 Mute Esc Pause
Play Rush RatsRush Rats Game

Plays: 2125
Category: Other
Rush Rats is the amazing new maze game that introduces you to Reggie the Rat! Reggie is rushing through London trying to find his way around underground. Help Reggie move from one station to another as quickly as possible! You’ll have to be clever, work out your route, and move as fast as you can. Get more Rat Bucks by finishing levels quickly and collecting lost property items along the way! As well as a fantastic Maze game you are getting a fun souvenir of London! Packed with famous London icons you know and love. Spot the double decker bus and black cabs whiz past while you are above ground.

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