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Play Magic TrickMagic Trick Game

Plays: 23286
Category: Other
The magician allows you to select a card then he reveals it.
Play Charlie Brown Xmas TreeCharlie Brown Xmas Tree Game

Plays: 20866
Category: Customize
Charlie Brown is sad because nobody likes the christmas tree he chose, Charlie needs your help, with your mouse drag and drop the ornaments onto the xmas tree
Play FroggyFroggy Game

Plays: 10108
Category: Action
Why did the frog cross the road? Prevent froggy from becoming another sad case in the world of spiralling road kill statistics. Guide him from one side of the highway to the other, then over the river. Avoid the hungry alligators, and use the turtles and logs as stepping stones! Get him and his friends all to the other side to become a frog saving hero! But more importantly to earn points!
Play The Lost ChildThe Lost Child Game

Plays: 5936
Category: Action
This sad story began when I was out on a short business trip.. My daughter was kidnapped in my own house, and the kidnapper is demanding my top secret formula, something that cannot fall in the wrong hands.. My only chance to solve this is finding the kidnapper.. myself.
Play The Sad SkullThe Sad Skull Game

Plays: 5645
Category: Adventure
A Very Fnny game for every body from all ages! me personaly lije to make games for the hole family.
Play SmileSmile Game

Plays: 5318
Category: Puzzles
Smiling faces are happy faces. Make them happy - turn sad faces into smiling faces as quick as possible :)
Play Emo AvoiderEmo Avoider Game

Plays: 4786
Category: Action
Collect sad feelings to put in your diary or in a sad poem... If you get a little bit happy you can always collect some razors to make you feel sad again...

Plays: 4653
Category: Puzzles
Help cheer up the sad blocks in this frustratingly simple puzzler.
Play I Will Die I Will Die Game

Plays: 4255
Category: Strategy
Hi, Greetings from, We are happy to send our new game called "I Will Die", and hope our game meet up with your expectation. The game is submitted without any advertisement. Game details : Game Name : I Will Die Description : I Will Die is a Strategic game with solo sad instrumental theme in the background. He don't want to live without her. So, he decided to die. Help him die to pass each level. Help : Use arrow keys. Category: strategy, physic, action Play it at : SWF at: Entire Game Pack at: (No Ads). File Size: 2.5 mb Dimension: 640 width x 480 height (resizable) Thanks for adding our new games to your site :) Best Regards, Rachel G
Play Cavy SimCavy Sim Game

Plays: 4114
Category: Strategy
Keep your guinea pig happy and not hungry in this simple flash game. The carrot is very bounce and you can take it away from your guinea pig right away to make it sad and die. This game is dedicated to Aussie the Cavy, my late guinea pig (7 years old)
Play Pocket EmoPocket Emo Game

Plays: 4092
Category: Customize
Built your own little emo kid to play with!
Play Astro Love TestAstro Love Test Game

Plays: 3935
Category: Education
This is my Astro Love Test. I hope you enjoy it! This test will tell you how well you fit to your partner. It also can tell you how the life could be like when you were together with the one you’re longing for. Maybe you also can look up for other couples. Whatever you’re looking for, please don’t take the answers too serious. If you get a “bad” combination don’t be sad because this is just a generalization. Your particular case can be the total opposite …
Play Life Ark 2Life Ark 2 Game

Plays: 3806
Category: Puzzles
There was such joy when this world was seeded and given life by the now legendary Life Ark! But as things go and time passed, the people exploited all resources, polluted the water, land and air and have finally managed to kill the living spirit of the planet. Your very sad task is to solve puzzles and figure out how to build an inter-stellar craft that will take your people to a new home. Good luck, experiment, and hopefully you will find the right sequence that will save the civilization.
Play Find the Heroes World - MadridFind the Heroes World - Madrid Game

Plays: 3747
Category: Adventure
Our hero is sad because he thinks there are no more heroes in this world. Now he travels to a new town in the south of Europe, Madrid, where he will have a tour around the whole town to find his colleagues heroes.
Play Flip Flop GameFlip Flop Game Game

Plays: 3672
Category: Education
Clicking a smiley face reverses it's emotion and also of the 4 smilies around it. Turn all the smilies happy. :-)
Play Smiley GameSmiley Game Game

Plays: 3565
Category: Shooting
Fire some love at the frownies to make them happies. A nice quickie game for times you are feeling sad or just downloading or uploading huge files from a server.
Play Sad eye FredSad eye Fred Game

Plays: 3432
Category: Action
Try to make Fred happy. Click on selected parts of his body as fast as you can.
Play Sad FishSad Fish Game

Plays: 3000
Category: Puzzles
Press on start to scramble the pieces.Click and drag pieces on the grid.If you need some help,you can reveal the picture underneath the grid.By clicking on the "Next Puzzle" button,you willl get access to another puzzle.
Play Pepe! Save HerPepe! Save Her Game

Plays: 2801
Category: Action
The love of my life got sick, it's mortal, the doctor sad that the unique cure is a green madicine plant with blue flowers and red stones that is locate on Amazone - Brasil, I need to do something, I will not ler her die, I promece protect her and I will do it, I will get find and get that, I will save her.... Alwals.
Play Find the Heroes World - AmsterdamFind the Heroes World - Amsterdam Game

Plays: 2690
Category: Adventure
Our hero is sad because he thinks there are no more heroes in this world. Now he travels to a new town, Amsterdam, where he will have a tour around the whole town to find his colleagues heroes.

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