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Play marshmallow picnicmarshmallow picnic Game

Plays: 9131
Category: Adventure
Two marshmallow friends with different abilities are going into journey through the forest. Help them pass all levels, there are many dangerous traps, mind breaking puzzles and lot of joy
Play Haunted Crypt Escape 4Haunted Crypt Escape 4 Game

Plays: 4026
Category: Adventure
You sence your goal very near, but you get stuck in another weird room, full of Dark tunnels. Get out of there, the air doesn´t smell that good.
Play Escape FateEscape Fate Game

Plays: 3561
Category: Adventure
You were along for the ride when things got out of hand. You end up running for miles and end up at this dark old house. You walk inside. It doesn't take long for you to realize that you shouldn't have chosen this place to take refuge. Do you have what it takes to escape fate?
Play Ather AsylumAther Asylum Game

Plays: 2446
Category: Adventure
Ather Asylum is a new point and click adventure created by You went to sleep feeling a bit odd. When you woke up you found yourself in a strange place. Are you still dreaming? Is this place real? Good luck and have fun!
Play Countryside EscapeCountryside Escape Game

Plays: 2305
Category: Adventure
You were visiting the beautiful countryside enjoying yourself when you fell asleep next to the pool. You woke up feeling strange and found a note next to your drink, it said that your drink had been poisoned, the antidote is hidden somewhere nearby. Now you must figure out where it is so you nothing bad happens!
Play Haunted Crypt Escape 3Haunted Crypt Escape 3 Game

Plays: 2125
Category: Adventure
After passing the walls, you find yourself in a spooky place, and an image of a red skull is disturbing your mine. Find your way out of there...
Play Daddy! Solve it for me!Daddy! Solve it for me! Game

Plays: 2054
Category: Puzzles
Gomsee's cute daughter is asking her daddy to solve the puzzle for her. I cannot lose my face as a dad! I will surely solve it for my lovely daughter!
Play Escape the LobbyEscape the Lobby Game

Plays: 2041
Category: Puzzles
You just escaped the bathroom, and now you find yourself in the middle of a lobby... Once again, collect your wits, check your phone, and escape the lobby! (Also turn up your volume for audible hints)
Play FeliciaFelicia's Maze Game

Plays: 2000
Category: Puzzles
You’re given a maze and your task is to find the path from the red tile to the green one. If you find the path you will be rewarded with a picture of an attractive demon girl.
Play Haunted Crypt Escape 5Haunted Crypt Escape 5 Game

Plays: 1912
Category: Adventure
Each time seems closer to your goal, you find yourself in a new room, where rocks seems to have life.
Play Haunted Crypt Escape 2Haunted Crypt Escape 2 Game

Plays: 1872
Category: Adventure
After you escaped the first room and thourht you have found the exit, you found yourself in even more trouble than before. This room seems to be different from many others...The walls arent really walls.
Play Aqua Jelly PuzzleAqua Jelly Puzzle Game

Plays: 947
Category: Adventure
The Aqua jelly must touch this ground in order to completed the level.
Play Crazy AsylumCrazy Asylum Game

Plays: 836
Category: Adventure
You finally decide to face your fears and battle your way through the asylum.
Play In The MoonlightIn The Moonlight Game

Plays: 601
Category: Puzzles
Help the boy to reveal the secret. Solve puzzles and dicover new locations. Moonlight mystery is waiting for you.
Play Nature JigsawNature Jigsaw Game

Plays: 536
Category: Puzzles
Complete the jigsaw picture.
Play Little Bathroom EscapeLittle Bathroom Escape Game

Plays: 400
Category: Puzzles
Little Bathroom Escape is a new escape game from You are locked in the bathroom. Find objects around the room to help you solve the puzzles and escape. Have fun!


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