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Play The Tale of Tall TowersThe Tale of Tall Towers Game

Plays: 4725
Category: Action
trying at the trial of the tall terrifying towers takes talent, touch the turquoise target and take triumph!
Play Red RemoverRed Remover Game

Plays: 16063
Category: Puzzles
Remove the red shapes without the green ones falling off the screen. This starts out easy but after level 10 you can forget what you know about gravity...
Play Ice Cream StackerIce Cream Stacker Game

Plays: 11601
Category: Action
Collect the falling icecream scoops to make the perfect ice cream by combining three of the same flavour!
Play Army StackerArmy Stacker Game

Plays: 9548
Category: Puzzles
Help the army's engineering team to build a tower up to the goal! Use various elements to reach the needed height, go for the most stars!
Play Brick YardBrick Yard Game

Plays: 8949
Category: Puzzles
Five brick stacking modes! Take it easy, race against the clock, or stack even in bad weather! How high can you reach!? Watch out for the divine punishment!
Play Stack AttackStack Attack Game

Plays: 8652
Category: Puzzles
Stack the blocks as high as you can before time runs out! Align them under the cherry to get extra points. The speed of the blocks will get faster as you progress through the game.
Play Block StackerBlock Stacker Game

Plays: 6399
Category: Puzzles
Drop blocks in place to build a stack as high as you can. You only get 3 misses before it's game over. Try to get the high score!
Play Building StackerBuilding Stacker Game

Plays: 4761
Category: Puzzles
Stack floors as high as you can to build the tallest tower!
Play Brick StackerBrick Stacker Game

Plays: 4746
Category: Puzzles
Build yet another tower from just 60 bricks. Mixes two games that you can guess from the name. ;)
Play Imperfect BalanceImperfect Balance Game

Plays: 4601
Category: Puzzles
Unbalance your way to victory and riches! Make towers fall, constructions collapse and shapes explode in this spinoff of Perfect Balance.
Play Cargo StackerCargo Stacker Game

Plays: 4444
Category: Action
Click to release blocks and construct a tower that is as tall as possible. You lose when 3 or more blocks are missed.
Play The ArcadeThe Arcade Game

Plays: 4324
Category: Action
This game is a collection of mini games which you might find in an arcade, all free! Includes: "Stop at 1000" machine Grabber machine Tower stacker machine Coin drop game Helicopter game Pong Racing game Shooting game Whack-A-Mole You start off with just the top three games, then unlock the rest as you progress. After playing all of the games, you unlock a "special mystery prize"
Play StackmeStackme Game

Plays: 4160
Category: BoardGame
This game is very simple to use and understand, basically it is necessary to stack the maximum number of cubes possible to get points and move to new levels. The cubes are moving side by side and you need stop them using the "Stop" button or pressing the spacebar on your keyboard.
Play Christmas StackerChristmas Stacker Game

Plays: 3816
Category: Puzzles
Santa's shop is a mess and its only days until Christmas, help Santa get organized in this addicting physics stacking game.
Play Multi StackMulti Stack Game

Plays: 3713
Category: Action
Stack all the way to the top in this slick addictive skill game. There are 5 columns flashing back-and-forth, use spacebar to stop and align each row on top of each other. Challenge people from all over the world in multiplayer mode!
Play drop blocksdrop blocks Game

Plays: 3360
Category: Puzzles
Stack the blocks! How high can you try?
Play Gifts stackerGifts stacker Game

Plays: 3138
Category: Puzzles
Click to release a present. Get a bonus for stacking the presents perfectly on top of each other. Stack as many presents as you can! Have fun
Play Baby StackerBaby Stacker Game

Plays: 2922
Category: Action
Help Henry - the stork to "save" baby-souls. It's a great fun for all ages. Beware: Besides being ultra, mega, highly addictive it contains some black humour. You have been warned.
Play Present StackerPresent Stacker Game

Plays: 2831
Category: Adventure
Click to release a present. Get a bonus for stacking the presents perfectly on top of each other. Stack as many presents as you can.
Play Doodle StackerDoodle Stacker Game

Plays: 2747
Category: Puzzles
Don't let the Doodles fall of the page in this fun, scribble based physics game!

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