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Play DJManiaxDJManiax Game

Plays: 17679
Category: Rhythm
An original and fun rhythm game for people who love rhythm games. Full Description: DJManiax is totally unique to the flash platform. It is a rhythm game in which you must click on notes (or hit the correct keyboard keys) when the timeline is aligned with their centre. -Pass songs to unlock more songs, and ultimately beat the 3 boss stages! -Instructions are in the game. -All songs and images featured with in the game are used with permission. -WorldWide HighScore tables are live. -20 songs with 3 difficulties each! Something for players of all skill levels. -Wide variety of music, all genres covered! -2 ways to play! Keyboard style or Mouse/Tablet style. This game is fun with a wacom tablet! -Awesome voice acting! -Well thought out and well put together note charts match the songs perfectly! The gameplay style is based on the Korean arcade game DJ Max Technika.
Play Pizza Slot MachinePizza Slot Machine Game

Plays: 7872
Category: Action
Get Ready for Ultra Greasy Pizza Jammed into a slot machine! Play this funny slot machine to win gobs of virtual pizza..up to 300 slices! Win with doubles or triple combinations or the "Wheel of Pizza" and credits you win the game stores for playing with later..have fun! get this game as an app for your tablet or phone! search for Pizza Slot Machine in your Favorite app store!
Play How to Draw a RoseHow to Draw a Rose Game

Plays: 6636
Category: Education
Drawing game to learn and practice how to draw a rose, step by step.
Play How to Draw a DragonHow to Draw a Dragon Game

Plays: 4642
Category: Education
Drawing game where you learn to draw a dragon, step by step.
Play Retro Cartoon 3Retro Cartoon 3 Game

Plays: 3666
Category: Education
Drawing game to learn and practice how to draw an adult face with retro style cartoon.
Play Tablet PC room DecorationTablet PC room Decoration Game

Plays: 3230
Category: Dress-Up
Create a House, Design and build your own house! more funny games on
Play Easter Island MysteryEaster Island Mystery Game

Plays: 3177
Category: Puzzles
The world is in crisis. Global warming is threatening the very existence of all life on Earth. Humanity alone can no longer take sufficient steps to counter the impending doom. You are an archeologist - you discover a fragment of information in an ancient text that speaks of the Guardians (ancient beings that can help humanity). With this information you continue your search on Easter Island. Your tasks are: To find the ancient stone tablet that contains information about the Founders and how to awaken the Guardians. The tablet is in pieces at a couple of locations on the island. Once the pieces have been found you combine them. Your next task is to translate the tablet - you need to find another ancient piece of technology buried deep in the island. Once the tablet is translated you must activate the stone tablet device to awaken the Guardians. This needs to be done before the earth dies.
Play Green Apple StackerGreen Apple Stacker Game

Plays: 2569
Category: Action
the Ultimate stack game, Green Apple Stacker! Stack the little green apple high enough to hit the line and you might get picked up by the Blue Squid! Stack higher and you might knock some grapes off the vine and get 3 new grape guys to stack! This fun stacking and physics game is also available for mobile and tablet..check it out! webmasters: change the wmode to "direct" when embedding game for maximum speed!
Play Easy Portrait 1Easy Portrait 1 Game

Plays: 2561
Category: Education
Drawing game to learn and practice how to draw a realistic portrait of an oldman face.
Play Retro Cartoon 4Retro Cartoon 4 Game

Plays: 2053
Category: Education
Drawing game to learn and practice how to draw a gothic girl face with retro style cartoon.
Play Retro Cartoon 1Retro Cartoon 1 Game

Plays: 1936
Category: Education
Drawing game to learn and practice how to draw a cute face with retro style.
Play Chinese Zodiac 7: HorseChinese Zodiac 7: Horse Game

Plays: 1914
Category: Education
Drawing game to learn and practice how to draw a horse from the Chinese Zodiac.
Play Retro Cartoon 2Retro Cartoon 2 Game

Plays: 1877
Category: Education
Drawing game to learn and practice how to draw a mischievous face with retro style cartoon.
Play Drawing Tuto 2: FacesDrawing Tuto 2: Faces Game

Plays: 1710
Category: Education
Drawing game to learn and practice how to draw Manga Style faces, step by step.
Play Chinese Zodiac 1: MouseChinese Zodiac 1: Mouse Game

Plays: 1704
Category: Education
Drawing game to learn and practice how to draw a mouse from the Chinese Zodiac.
Play Chinese Zodiac 4: RabbitChinese Zodiac 4: Rabbit Game

Plays: 1641
Category: Education
Drawing game to learn and practice how to draw a rabbit from the Chinese Zodiac.
Play Christmas Match 3Christmas Match 3 Game

Plays: 1044
Category: Puzzles
Cute Christmas Match 3 Game, with gentle Jingle Bells music background. Game features no disallowed moves and full screen capability with touch screen support . You can compete with your friends- scores are enabled. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year - Don't forget to turn on your speakers!
Play Daily Celebrity CrosswordDaily Celebrity Crossword Game

Plays: 950
Category: Puzzles
The 100-year-old crossword puzzle just got an update! Daily Celebrity Crossword is the first and only daily crossword puzzle that features the latest in pop culture and entertainment. No more obscure references or devious wordplay, these puzzles are fun and meant to be finished by everyone! A brand new puzzle is published each night at 10pm ET.
Play X-TypeX-Type Game

Plays: 761
Category: Shooting
X-Type is a crazy space shoot 'em up with endless boss battles. Evade hundreds of bullets while taking out the enemy piece by piece. Each time you defeat a boss, the next one will come back even bigger and meaner.
Play ArcherArcher Game

Plays: 570
Category: Strategy
Have you ever fancied being a ranger like those fantasy characters you love so much? Well, now you can in Archer! Pick up a bow and a quiver full of arrows and get shooting! Don’t worry you won’t be shooting at anything alive or moving. This addictive free online hunting game has you blasting arrows at targets in many fun and interesting ways. Forget traditional archery ranges, because you’ll be shooting your way past obstacles, and using physics based gameplay to hit those targets. You can use the power of your shot to slam through objects blocking the way and hit your target, all in one fell swoop. To control your shot you must swipe your finger or drag the mouse across the screen to adjust the shot power, and then release once you’ve chosen the trajectory you want. There are multiple levels each with varying challenge difficulties that make for a seemingly endless stream of fun scenarios and results. The farther you progress in the game the harder and more challenging the levels become. The puzzles can be compared to other slingshot based games where you have to shoot a variety of birds at pigs – you know the one we’re talking about! If you find that you can’t reach a particular target, you can swap out to the bouncy arrows – one of many different ammunition types. What are you waiting for? Get out there and start shooting targets! Compare your scores with friends and family to see who can get the best. Don’t forget that this game can be played from any smartphone, tablet or computer. Choose your weapon of choice so to speak and aim for those targets! There’s a lot less to clean up when you’ve finished a game of archer too, and nobody likes to clean.

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