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Play Pulse TrackPulse Track Game

Plays: 7581
Category: Other
Choose your ship and go for a casual stroll through the void. Just try not to stay off course very long.
Play Mobile World Cup Juggle!Mobile World Cup Juggle! Game

Plays: 5160
Category: Sports
Prove your country is the best at futbol / soccer! Just touch or click the ball into the air and try to keep away from your hot crazy fans. This game is designed for Android 2.2 mobile phones with Flash support. Play hundreds of free flash games on your Android mobile phone! Check us out!
Play void();void(); Game

Plays: 4878
Category: Other
A typical avoiding games, grab the rotating crosses and avoid the yellow dots, very simple at first...
Play Tibia Tower DefenseTibia Tower Defense Game

Plays: 4504
Category: Action
Tibia is one of the most played and famous MMORPGs in the world! Now you will have the opportunity to fight with your own army against Tibia's evil creatures! Survive to the waves and defeat the bosses before they defeat you!
Play Legend of the Void 2Legend of the Void 2 Game

Plays: 4148
Category: Action
Your journey through Calderia continues with Legend of the Void 2: The Ancient Tomes. After awakening in the inner chambers of The Black Gate, you discover a powerful ancient book used by the Arch Mage Gazzen to cast the Void Ritual. Now you must travel to the four corners of Calderia to beat back the invading demonic forces of The Void and reclaim the other three long lost Ancient Tomes
Play Color the VoidColor the Void Game

Plays: 3855
Category: Action
You're cute, colorful and dangerous! Find your way to the Big Boss by passing 25 levels and two mini bosses. Enjoy the mysterious storyline and two different endings! Music by Podington Bear (
Play Light PowerLight Power Game

Plays: 3362
Category: Action
Controll a spacecraft to collect light spots for energy. Avoid bad energy and the void.
Play Jump For FunJump For Fun Game

Plays: 3256
Category: Action
Help Ginger to jump as high as she can! Jump over different Christmas stars, pick up candies and use the rocket to avoid fall to the void.
Play A Void For MachineryA Void For Machinery Game

Plays: 3069
Category: Action
A Void For Machinery is the story of a lost robot looking for its void. It's a puzzle platformer with a strong visual aesthetic and a beautifully haunting soundtrack. It walks the line between cinematic platform games, puzzle platformers, and skill-based platforming, all wrapped up in an immersive, strange, gorgeous, scary world.
Play Void GunnerVoid Gunner Game

Plays: 3062
Category: Fighting
Fight off attacking pirates and aliens, choose your weapon and shield upgrades as you ship cargo from planet to planet in this slick and fast space shootemup!
Play Dead OrbitDead Orbit Game

Plays: 3045
Category: Action
Fight for survival against an onslaught of alien foes and debris within the void of space. For more games and applications, visit
Play Ghost Sniper haok4:Zombie CrisisGhost Sniper haok4:Zombie Crisis Game

Plays: 3032
Category: Shooting
Code - Zombie Crisis: Let out a battlefield of many ghost-like purgatory feel calm haok sniper mission briefings, according to information in several illegal under secret military bases in biological experiments, the occurrence of a desperate accident of biological experiments, I do not know why, this should not what happened happened, all the secret military base in biological experiments, almost all organisms, humans, including animal and then were infected with a speeding the spread of infection, the survival rate of very high super-hybrid variant virus, the country's Many actions taken by the secret agencies, but to the staff, no survivors, all lost contact ..... And with very many precious lives to sneak into the cost of staff have an important message that the virus is unknown creatures, the arms on their common null and void, it will only irritate them, and there will be some people or animals have some Variation of special abilities, though these creatures are infected in the zombie state of unconsciousness, but with a terrible attack, and even remotely similar to the command of the ability to attack when being attacked, as long as life is not a shot, lead to disastrous consequences, was attacked, they tend to become very violent, even rampage, and even escaped outside the base, the more creatures to become like them ..... The task is to destroy all living things, all ... Special Note: Some of those infected creatures, vision is completely abnormal level, they can discover their family of any non-biological and biological light through remote means of attack, destroy all their eyes are different biological a
Play Void FillingVoid Filling Game

Plays: 3011
Category: BoardGame
Fill the empty spaces between bricks and clear the rows to clear all bricks on board, you lose when you let the bricks touch ground
Play Build 2 Break: a bricks breaking gameBuild 2 Break: a bricks breaking game Game

Plays: 2944
Category: BoardGame
A bricks breaking where you have to shoot the bricks to fill the gaps and form a complete row to clear that row and all bricks below that row. Higher levels get you higher scores and more troubles too. use bombs and timers wisely. You can move up a level either by clearing all rows or by achieving target score for that level.
Play VoidVoid Game

Plays: 2884
Category: Action
This is a 2D space flying/fighting/trading/exploration sandbox game. Similar to Elite, X3, Privateer or Space Rangers.
Play LeroyLeroy's Trouble Game

Plays: 2832
Category: Action
Leroy lost his hat! Control Leroy trough different worlds and adventures in the quest for his hat. You will find many strange flies and creatures, be aware!
Play VoidVoid Game

Plays: 2719
Category: Action
Space trading / combat game.
Play Retro CommanderRetro Commander Game

Plays: 2687
Category: Shooting
Retro Commander is a fast spaced action shooter! Blast away at endless foes and level up while you own it up in the void of space! PEW PEW PEW!
Play FallFall Game

Plays: 1980
Category: Puzzles
Fall is a simple and relaxing avoider game. Dodge the falling colored blocks while trying to collect the stars.
Play Invader VoidInvader Void Game

Plays: 1932
Category: Action
A classic style space shooter with a twist. Can you survive the onslaught and defend the galaxy?

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