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Play Infectonator 2Infectonator 2 Game

Plays: 7935
Category: Action
Infectonator 2 is here! Sequel to the hit Infectonator series, this new game adds a lot of depth, giving you the control to infect entire continents one by one, more funny characters, better graphics, and more! Best of all, it still has the same addictive chain reaction gameplay! Infectonator 2 gives you all the awesomeness of Infecting people, turn them into zombies, and dominating the World once again!
Play Zombie BitesZombie Bites Game

Plays: 6243
Category: Action
Create your own zombie army! But watch out, more zombies means fewer humans and less food for you! You need to feed on humans in order to survive, but each human infected is another zombie to compete with for food. As time progresses, humans become more rare and reward a lot more points. Use the arrow keys to walk and jump, press the spacebar to eat! There are 15 trophies to achieve in the game.
Play Redneck Vs ZombiesRedneck Vs Zombies Game

Plays: 4919
Category: Action
Get on that bad ass chopper, grab your gun and get ready to kill some living dead scum-bags. Yeehaw! Upgrades your stuff to complete the challenges.
Play sniper zombie outbreaksniper zombie outbreak Game

Plays: 3641
Category: Action
you are the last line of defense before the zombies escape from the facility. this is your duty, kill all the zombies even if it requires your live
Play Zombie Sports : TennisZombie Sports : Tennis Game

Plays: 3173
Category: Puzzles
Even Zombies like to keep fit by playing some Tennis! Smash the eyeballs around and collect the brains!
Play Zombie Break-inZombie Break-in Game

Plays: 3075
Category: Action
Zombie Break-in is a flash take on the COD zombies that fps gamers have known to love. Stop zombies from breaking in on an endless zombie rampage with 18 different guns to choose from and many different power-ups, upgrades and rooms to unlock.
Play Zombie Zjooter - TAOFEWA Ninja ShooterZombie Zjooter - TAOFEWA Ninja Shooter Game

Plays: 2648
Category: Action
Kill the Zombies before they reach you in a crazy manga battle where your skills will be tested for sure. Control the TAOFEWA manga ninja girl Nina and use her Throwing Knives to slay the horde of zombies before they reach her. Be sure to keep your eyes on the sky as well, some of these undead creatures use parachutes!
Play Mémoire de ZombieMémoire de Zombie Game

Plays: 2570
Category: Puzzles
Mémoire de zombie va te permettre d'exercer ta mémoire et de faire travailler tes neurones. Sur le thème des zombies et autres fantômes, tu devras dans ce jeu flash gratuit retrouver les différentes paires d'icônes plus effrayantes les unes que les autres.
Play Duncan Castle DefenseDuncan Castle Defense Game

Plays: 2073
Category: Action
You are under attack from zombies and must defend your castle against the incoming horde. They will assault the castle from both the land and air, so be prepared to climb the tower in order to kill the flying zombie bats and dragons. Go for head shots and get extra cash to upgrade your guns between levels.
Play Save The ZombiesSave The Zombies Game

Plays: 2028
Category: Action
An alien space ship has started to hover on your planet, and started killing the zombies on the ground. You have to save these zombies, before they are killed by the alien space ship.
Play The Riddle Game 12The Riddle Game 12 Game

Plays: 1993
Category: Puzzles
A fun riddle
Play Zombie FighterZombie Fighter Game

Plays: 1971
Category: Action
The aim of this game is to kill 60 zombies in every level, and go to the next level.
Play SafariSafari Game

Plays: 1953
Category: Action
In this game you have to move your hunter to the exit gate within minimum time and faults by passing through the various maze of paths of a safari.
Play Shoot them allShoot them all Game

Plays: 1803
Category: Action
Waves of zombies attack our Hero. At the end of every wave: The Hero can buy health updates and gun updates. When a zombie hits the base, hero's health gets reduced by a certain percentage. When the health becomes zero the game ends. Drag the mouse to move the cursor. The gun shoots continuously. Beware of the skeleton zombie and the blue bat. If they hit the hero the game ends.
Play 60 Seconds Later60 Seconds Later Game

Plays: 1744
Category: Action
Play as a fire ball shooting Robin Hood and save the villagers from the zombie apocalypse
Play Zombies vs  GhostsZombies vs Ghosts Game

Plays: 1690
Category: Action
Zombies and ghosts are waging a terrible dispute over a large territory. His duty is to get to a safe place to escape the wrath of the ghosts.
Play Wheels and ZombiesWheels and Zombies Game

Plays: 1385
Category: Action
Race and fight the zombies. Collect points and upgrade your car.
Play Zombies KissingZombies Kissing Game

Plays: 1371
Category: Other
For this festival season all zombies are trying to become humans. So they planned to kiss the humans, suck their blood and then become humans. But this place is full of people with toddlers. The only solution is to sneak out and kiss without being seen by anybody or they will shoot you. Do you think you could help them? Your attention is highly appreciated in this fun kissing game. In the first level zombies will kiss each other, in second level zombie will kiss human girl and in the final level the zombies changed humans will kiss each other. Have fun!
Play Office ZombiesOffice Zombies Game

Plays: 1183
Category: Action
Fight the zombies horde. Collect points, upgrade and buy new weapons.
Play Zombies ReturnZombies Return Game

Plays: 1147
Category: Action
Zombies kidnapped by the aliens are dropped on your planet in an immunized condition. The level of immunity is indicated by the red color of the helmets of the zombies. If you shoot the zombies their immunity gets reduced. If the immunity is zero the zombie dies.

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