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Play Lava SwordLava Sword Game

Plays: 462
Category: Action
Defeat foul foes in this side-scrolling arcade action game! Fend off goblins, skeletons, ghosts and more! Eat meat to survive longer and beat up the high score!
Play Search for lost soulsSearch for lost souls Game

Plays: 458
Category: Adventure
You are trapped in a house full of ghosts. Use your mouse to interact with the enviroment and Find all the ghosts.
Play Phantom SlashPhantom Slash Game

Plays: 451
Category: Shooting
Hello You Landlovers, there's some trouble on the top deck. Pirate ghosts are running amok the old shipwreck ruins, slice and shoot them back to their graves. In Phantom Slash, it is all about the speed! Click and drag to slice, and simply point and click to shoot! How many can you take down before it is game over?
Play GhostbombersGhostbombers Game

Plays: 420
Category: Action
Throw the grenades and catch the ghosts by standing under them. Watch out for the falling blocks and other items. There are 30 levels, some with special missions. Try to catch the ghosts with the least number of grenades to score maxiumum points. Unlock achievements in this fun game called Ghostbombers.
Play Robots GhostsRobots Ghosts Game

Plays: 398
Category: Action
Something went wrong with the new technology of artificial intelligence, because all robots are uncontrolled. They were made with the objective of serving the entire population and the power to walk through walls, are now killing everyone.
Play Shoot The DevilShoot The Devil Game

Plays: 394
Category: Action
Shoot The Devil is a free online horror shooting where you have to save yourself by shooting the ghosts, zombie etc. etc. Enjoy your stay at devils house. ha ha ha ha
Play Colorful GhostsColorful Ghosts Game

Plays: 293
Category: Puzzles
Help the ghosts get to their destination
Play Bubble PopBubble Pop Game

Plays: 260
Category: Puzzles
Collect those bubbles and dodge those scary ghosts in this fun two player arcade game.
Play Ena Baby EscapeEna Baby Escape Game

Plays: 226
Category: Puzzles
This is the 513th escape game from The Story of this game is to escape a baby from group of ghosts. Assume that a baby was kept as a hostage under the custody of ghosts. Try to escape the baby by finding a jar and make all the ghosts to move into it using magical wand. Click on the objects to interact with them and solve simple puzzles. Play enagames and have fun!
Play Halloween Cake Decor GamesHalloween Cake Decor Games Game

Plays: 19131
Category: Dress-Up
Halloween is coming and trick-or-treat too.Now let's play the cake cooking game and make a perfect halloween cake.Firstly choose cake model,then Choose ingredients and decorate,finally send it to ghosts.So easy?Let's go!
Play Extreme Sketch-PakExtreme Sketch-Pak Game

Plays: 9170
Category: Action
Extreme version of Pac-Man.
Play 8bitrocket Pumpkinman8bitrocket Pumpkinman Game

Plays: 7520
Category: Action
Princess Pumpkin has been kidnapped by the evil Gordon Gruesome. He has hidden her 30 levels deep in his hideout. As Pumpkin Man, you must traverse all 30 mazes, collect all of the candy corn in each maze, and rescue the princess. Gordon has littered his mazes with blood thirsty bats, evil bananas, ghosts, and many other baddies. At your disposal are a host of power-ups. Collect the corn, use the power-ups, solve the puzzles in each maze and the princess will be yours once again.
Play Anti-PacmanAnti-Pacman Game

Plays: 6655
Category: Action
This is the first game of Anti-Games series. This game is contrary to Pacman. You control the ghosts and must catch Pacman before he eats all dots. You may also lose if Pacman eats all the ghosts, because unlike the original game, here they don't resurect.
Play Super Slash NinjaSuper Slash Ninja Game

Plays: 5190
Category: Adventure
Multilevel, Samurai-themed Platformer. 3 Powerups - Chicken suit can float, Panda suit can jump higher, Fire suit shoots flames. You can clash swords, and deflect most projectiles with your sword. Some levels have several exits - there are numerous paths to the final boss. Lives are unlimited - you just restart at the start of the section. The goal is to get to the end.
Play Sling-o-weenSling-o-ween Game

Plays: 4851
Category: Action
Try out our brand new Sling mini-game for Halloween. Sling yourself to the grabs to collect all the candy. The faster you climb up, the more candy you will find. Watch out for the evil Ghosts and Pumpkins. Have a great Halloween!
Play Halloween Avoider 1.5Halloween Avoider 1.5 Game

Plays: 4205
Category: Puzzles
A major update of the Halloween Avoider. Avoid the ghosts as best you can.... Now with powerups and Hard Mode!
Play Bad Moon Rising V1Bad Moon Rising V1 Game

Plays: 4002
Category: Shooting
First person survival shooter....Will you survive the night as you try to battle your way through the graveyard from hell ? Add your highest score to the leaderboard, and challenge your friends to live longer! Family friendly with no gore and no guns, but who needs those to be afraid...?
Play Halloween AvoiderHalloween Avoider Game

Plays: 3995
Category: Puzzles
A simple advoider game.... sort of. Happy Halloween!
Play Pumpkin DashPumpkin Dash Game

Plays: 3858
Category: Action
Collect the candy and avoid everything else in this halloween eat-em-up! Watch out for the bats, skulls and ghosts, and dare you collect the witches hats?
Play Pede OffPede Off Game

Plays: 3675
Category: Shooting
This is a game about bugs. Specifically, collecting international butterflies from all over the world, each one marked with a specific flag. Oh, but to do that you have to survive the onslaught of the other bugs... and ghosts and ufos and dragons and stuff. Good job you have your shooting skills to destroy anything that moves, and anything that doesn't! Every time you play check the menu screen to see how your butterfly collection is growing.

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