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Online Asteroids Games
Play Fasteroidz 4Fasteroidz 4 Game

Plays: 2512
Category: Action
Fight your way through more asteroids to stop them from destroying earth. Iron asteroid will stop all attacks and block your way while the enlargement powerup will help you against the odds.
Play The WingThe Wing Game

Plays: 2503
Category: Action
Avoid the asteroids and prevent them from hitting the mother ship.
Play Deep Space JourneyDeep Space Journey Game

Plays: 2493
Category: Action
Make your way home through swarms of asteroids and space mines. Upgrade your weapons to stand a chance against alien battleships. Enjoy a nice ending sequence after completing your dangerous journey.
Play Meteor ShowerMeteor Shower Game

Plays: 2477
Category: Shooting
You must safely navigate Captain Bob's starship through a hail of meteors. Do so safely and you will be promoted!
Play Quick GrabQuick Grab Game

Plays: 2475
Category: Strategy
An Avoider Game. The objective of this game is to reach the highest score by collecting the stars as many as possible. To get the stars is not easy, because you also have to avoid the asteroids.
Play Race in the asteroidsRace in the asteroids Game

Plays: 2441
Category: Action
Dodge asteroids with your X-SpaceShip. Watch your fuel reserves and collect devastating bombs and race in space.
Play Revenge of the StarsRevenge of the Stars Game

Plays: 2435
Category: Action
Millions of asteroids are approaching, you only have one planet to defend yourself with. Earth... Smash through the incomming asteroids using earth to survive as a star! Choose from 4 different star types each with benefits and try to survive for the longest time swinging earth around into asteroids while trying not to get hit.
Play Journey In SpaceJourney In Space Game

Plays: 2433
Category: Action
Fly through space shooting asteroids.
Play Uberroids 9000Uberroids 9000 Game

Plays: 2428
Category: Action
Blast open the asteroids with your plasma torch weapon and look for the rich purple diamonds that are contained in the asteroids. Collect power ups like multifire to really pump up your firepower and blast more asteroids for the win! Build your own games like this on! Make Your Own Games.
Play Asteroid dodge (Spanish)Asteroid dodge (Spanish) Game

Plays: 2425
Category: Adventure
Use your mouse to move the ship and avoid getting hit by the asteroids. You must last 60 seconds.
Play MoonFallMoonFall Game

Plays: 2418
Category: Action
Days ago, without warning, and without explanation, our moon began to fall apart. Earth is being bombarded by chunks of the moon, which has been named "MoonFall". Every city on earth, save one, has been destroyed. It's up to you to defend the last city still standing! You are humanity's last hope!
Play Space Shooter - Mew Style!Space Shooter - Mew Style! Game

Plays: 2416
Category: Action
Guide Mew the snail navigate through a field of giant cookie asteroids and space aliens!
Play Paper AsteroidsPaper Asteroids Game

Plays: 2415
Category: Action
Play Asteroids on a sheet on notebook paper. Try to demolish all of the asteroids before they ram your ship. Brought to you by
Play BeatBoomShipBeatBoomShip Game

Plays: 2415
Category: Action
Make a carrer on board of a spaceship! try your luck to find a good arrangement of asteroids and destroy as many as possible. You must destroy the shuttle everytime you shoot!
Play Planets V2Planets V2 Game

Plays: 2396
Category: Shooting
Destroy the planets as they head towards your ship
Play Galactic WarfareGalactic Warfare Game

Plays: 2377
Category: Adventure
Defend your space base from being destroyed by oncoming enemies, and asteroids! Use your high technology space turret!
Play Asteroids RemixAsteroids Remix Game

Plays: 2369
Category: Action
Get to the end without hitting a laser.
Play DisplacerDisplacer Game

Plays: 2368
Category: Action
The onslaught of asteroids may never stop... Can you protect the planet longer than anyone else? Aim to score higher than everyone else and grab your place on the Leaderboards!
Play Space Dodger: Planet 1Space Dodger: Planet 1 Game

Plays: 2367
Category: Adventure
Fly through the first of five colorful planets in the Space Dodger Series.
Play Asters HunterAsters Hunter Game

Plays: 2336
Category: Action
Save the planet Earth asteroids by deviating

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