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Play Super Sub HeroSuper Sub Hero Game

Plays: 1322
Category: Adventure
Guide a scared little Eskimo boy through a series of puzzles on a quest to save his grandpa. Super Sub Hero is a cute and cheerful puzzle platform game with a bit different mechanics. The main character has an ability to turn ice into water and vice versa, which brings you a dozen of mind-bending puzzles. Combine your puzzle-solving abilities with your arcade gaming skills to help this fellow accomplish his quest.
Play Lovely Bear For GirlfriendLovely Bear For Girlfriend Game

Plays: 1312
Category: Customize
???????? ? ?????,??,?????????????????????,?????????
Play Baby Room DecorationBaby Room Decoration Game

Plays: 1305
Category: Customize
Every baby needs a room to herself. So that she can complete all of her block stacking experiments, her teddy bear tea parties, and chalk drawing arts and crafts time. Don't feel left out! She just needs time to collect her thoughts.
Play Sweet Bear Jigsaw Puzzle GamesSweet Bear Jigsaw Puzzle Games Game

Plays: 1288
Category: Dress-Up
Sweet Bear Jigsaw Puzzle Games
Play Polar IcePolar Ice Game

Plays: 1283
Category: Action
There are 3 types of living enemies, all of which you can stomp or throw snowballs at. The first and simplest is the penguin, he will only hurt you if you touch him from the front. From the back you can push him. It takes one snowball hit to kill him. The second enemy is the polar bear if you touch him from the front or back he will hurt you. He will notice you when you come too close and he will run to get you, if he noticed you he will roar and raise his paws to hurt you. If he is aware of you, you cannot stomp him, then you can only kill him with 2 snowball hits. If you approach him from the back, he wont notice you (unless you come too close) and then you can stomp him. The third enemy is the most intelligent, it is the Eskimo, he can shoot snowballs at you and jump at you when you try to jump him over, so be ware. It takes two snowballs to kill him, the first hit destroys his snowball gun. And the second kills him. Besides living enemies you have regular cannons and smart cannons, smart cannons shoot at you, while regular cannons just shoot in one direction. Also you have lasers that will burn you if you touch them, they will also burn your enemies so you can use that (push a penguin onto a laser). You also have sliding ice blocks, that move back and forth on a given platform, they are heavy so they will push you from the platform. You can stop them by standing on top of them. There are also spikes that you need to be aware of. To help you jump higher, there are red trampolines. You have 3 lives, the third time someone or something hurts you, you are dead. You can stand on ice or snow, ice is more slippery. You collect hearts when you are hurt. In order to pass a level you have to collect all the ice cubes in it. There are 9 levels, 3 are set in the afternoon, 3 at dusk, and 3 at night (the design of the background and the sun/moon movement changes).
Play Bear vs BeeBear vs Bee Game

Plays: 1281
Category: Puzzles
Bear vs Bee offers lots of fun and logical challenge. Help the bear collect honey but be careful not to get caught by angry bees. How many points will you get having passed all 32 levels?
Play Mowgli VS Sherkhan BoxingMowgli VS Sherkhan Boxing Game

Plays: 1273
Category: Fighting
Once again, Mowgli is ready to show us that nothing can stop him to fight against his enemy, Sherkhan. But this time his friends are not here to support him, the bear and the other are to busy looking for food, so you are the only friend of Mowgli. Come and help him win this boxing game against Sherkhan!
Play Bear Coloring GameBear Coloring Game Game

Plays: 1252
Category: Customize
Bear Coloring Game
Play Cute Bear DressupCute Bear Dressup Game

Plays: 1243
Category: Customize
???????? Cute Bear Dressup? ?????,??,?????????????????????,?????????
Play Angela ShavingAngela Shaving Game

Plays: 1240
Category: Dress-Up
Look at her!How can Angela bear her long messy hair?Get your scissor and give Angela a happy shaving!Have fun!
Play Polar Bear PaloozaPolar Bear Palooza Game

Plays: 1229
Category: Adventure
Spread chirstmas joy to all your elder bears.
Play Care Baby BearsCare Baby Bears Game

Plays: 1222
Category: Adventure
Today, we are going to take care of two cute baby bear. In the game, you have to take a shower for the bears, feeding, scratching, injection, etc.. Finally, also can make dress up for the two bears! Try to finish the game, and get higher scores! Have fun!
Play Little Bear! Run!Little Bear! Run! Game

Plays: 1203
Category: Adventure
Come and help the bear avoid all the obstacles to reach the destination!
Play Bear EscapeBear Escape Game

Plays: 1195
Category: Action
Play Catch that PenguinCatch that Penguin Game

Plays: 1185
Category: Strategy
Team up with the adrenaline addict penguin racer, have fun playing the "Catch that Penguin" snowboarding game.
Play Bears Love CakesBears Love Cakes Game

Plays: 1173
Category: Puzzles
Help to feed the hungry bear by finding as greatest combinations of cakes as possible.
Play Piper-miperPiper-miper Game

Plays: 1170
Category: Other
Play the game Get the toy. Everyone would like to become the owner of a soft teddy bear or other stuffed toys. Use the joystick to control the manipulator arm. Aim well and catch the toy.
Play Lovely Bear Green DecorLovely Bear Green Decor Game

Plays: 1153
Category: Customize
???????? Lovely Bear Green Decor? ?????,??,?????????????????????,?????????

Plays: 1125
Category: Education
this is a typing game. practice fingering typing and Read the story. today’s story: THE FIR TREE Out in the woods stood a nice little Fir Tree. The place he had was a very good one: the sun shone on him: as to fresh air, there was enough of that, and round him grew many large-sized comrades, pines as well as firs. But the little Fir wanted so very much to be a grown-up tree. He did not think of the warm sun and of the fresh air; he did not care for the little cottage children that ran about and prattled when they were in the woods looking for wild-strawberries. The children often came with a whole pitcher full of berries, or a long row of them threaded on a straw, and sat down near the young tree and said, "Oh, how pretty he is! What a nice little fir!" But this was what the Tree could not bear to hear....
Play PopoPopo's Dress Up Game

Plays: 1113
Category: Adventure
Dress up Popo the polar bear in warm winter clothes with all sorts of colourful combinations and patterns. Can you also complete 3 tasks in order to make the polar bear happy? He will give you an extra cute item to play with if you can give him a cooked fish!

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