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Play Operation ElephantOperation Elephant Game

Plays: 2332
Category: Action
Your comrades have been captured in the infamous Elephant Prison! Drop in your team of elephant commandos to crush the enemy infantry, pulverize tanks, artillery and helicopters, and demolish evil anti-elephant facilities. Your team starts off with a single ordinary elephant, but with your help can multiply and get suited with top-of-the-line military gear. You have five objectives to destroy before you can save your friends – do you have what it takes?
Play FlippedTacToeFlippedTacToe Game

Plays: 2325
Category: Puzzles
New School Season... Boring! But on break time we can help you relax! Play this classic Tic Tac Toe game, either on Single or Two Player Mode! Compete against the computer or challenge your buddies and be the one that achieves the highest score! Have fun!
Play Cave RunCave Run Game

Plays: 2301
Category: Adventure
Another rendition of the awesome game Canabalt featuring extremely simple gameplay with Single Player and Two Player modes. Get the highest possible score or play with achievements at Tremor Games. Obstacles may help you by slowing the game down but may also lead to your death!
Play Scribble DashScribble Dash Game

Plays: 2282
Category: Action
Keep running until you can't run anymore. Jump and double jump your way forward while avoiding falling into the doom!
Play Real Counter-Strike 2Real Counter-Strike 2 Game

Plays: 2275
Category: Fighting
As robbers arise with economic crisis, the wild clan receives an order to wipe them out. But unexpectedly, information leaked and all team members fall into dire straits. So as the leader, you must resist enimies single-handed!
Play Skill Mini Golf: EgyptSkill Mini Golf: Egypt Game

Plays: 2272
Category: Sports
Skill Mini Golf: Egypt is a fun but challenging mini golf game for one or two players. Putt through 18 holes of mini golf in the ruins of ancient Egypt. Click, hold, and release the mouse button to putt the golf ball. The longer the mouse button is held down, the more powerful the shot will be.
Play Headless HavocHeadless Havoc Game

Plays: 2263
Category: Action
You are the Headless Horseman! Ride through the fields decapitating villagers!
Play BattleCryBattleCry Game

Plays: 2240
Category: Strategy
Immerse yourself in the world of Battle Cry! Command your very own army to battles against all who oppose you. Includes a 3 act single player campaign, a player versus player ladder system and an intricate army management system.
Play Ninja vs TankNinja vs Tank Game

Plays: 2230
Category: Action
The military has discovered the ninja hide out and bombed it... Being the last ninja take on the military defences single handedly! Good luck! Build your own game like this on! Build Your Own Games
Play Slings 2Slings 2 Game

Plays: 2229
Category: Action
Move your slings to beat your opponent
Play counter-offensive of gravity(?????????)counter-offensive of gravity(?????????) Game

Plays: 2214
Category: Adventure
Click PLAY - Choose level - to start the game HIGHSCORES - Top Purpose: To get rid of evil baidunzi (changed after the death skull), and try to keep good baidunzi (changed after the death angel) Stars received 100 points plus Game below: LEVEL - The current number of customs, SCORE - Level scores (pass faster the higher the score), RESET - to start this off, SELECT LEVEL - return to selection off screen, MENU - Return to main menu Every single player game can record off the best result, and added together, so that did not have a good relations which can be individually re-play that one and ----------------------------------------------------- ??PLAY - ???? - ???? HIGHSCORES - ??? ??:???????(?????),??????????(?????) ?????100? ????:LEVEL - ????,SCORE - ????(????????),RESET - ??????,SELECT LEVEL - ??????,MENU - ????? ?????????????????,??????,????????????????????
Play Cat VS DogCat VS Dog Game

Plays: 2213
Category: Action
Cat and dog will have a fair fight in the kitchen. Separated by a low wall, they cast their unique weapons to each other until one of them has no blood to survive due to too much hitting. This game can be divided into single mode and double mode and you can also choose game levels in single mode. In this game, you can use four special items flexibly. Play this game with your mouse, let’s go!
Play Ultrakillz 3DUltrakillz 3D Game

Plays: 2212
Category: Action
Ultrakillz single player is back! 3D first person shooting game.
Play Dynasty Fighter 4Dynasty Fighter 4 Game

Plays: 2206
Category: Action
Select a character you like to kill all the enemies alone in single mode or fight with your friend in double mode. Good luck!
Play The Test of WitsThe Test of Wits Game

Plays: 2200
Category: Adventure
You are suddenly knocked unconscious on your way back home and now you find yourself trapped inside a mysterious room with no means of getting out except for a locked door. You must use your wits to uncover the hidden key and get back home as soon as possible!
Play Space It!Space It! Game

Plays: 2195
Category: Other
Get as many points as you can while avoiding obstacles.
Play Humbies VS ZombansHumbies VS Zombans Game

Plays: 2194
Category: Action
Humbies vs Zombans is an action shooter game where you are a human and must defend yourself against the attacking zombies.You can choose single or multiplayer mode. Two pistols, grenade thrower and heavy machine gun – all these weapons are available at your arsenal. Use the special bonus ring kill to kill multiple zombies.You have only one goal: to survive!
Play Pool Maniac 2 by FlashGamesFan.comPool Maniac 2 by Game

Plays: 2141
Category: Action
Pool Maniac come back with 3 different modes: 8 ball, 9ball and Time Mode. Play in single mode trying to reach the top of leaderboard or challenge a friend! So, what are you waiting for? Hol the stick and start the game!
Play Green SolitaireGreen Solitaire Game

Plays: 2137
Category: BoardGame
Build four stacks of cards, one for each suit, in ascending order, from ace to king. Green solitaire is played with a single deck of 52 cards. The game begins with 28 cards arranged into seven columns. The first column contains one card, the second has two cards, and so on. The top card in each column is face up, the rest are face down. Four Home stacks are positioned at the upper-right corner. This is where you build the piles needed to win.
Play Key to DoorKey to Door Game

Plays: 2131
Category: Action
A simple single staged game in which the challenges get increasingly difficult. Think you can get this little ball to the door 22 times in under 100 deaths?

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