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Plays: 3706
Category: Education
A simple maths game where you add the numbers until you reach the given number in the equation. Thus prooving that mathematics can also be fun if you have a little verve.
Play PiClimber SquaredPiClimber Squared Game

Plays: 3667
Category: Puzzles
This is the extended version of the game PiClimber. PiClimber is a tribute to Pi (also known as 3.14). The digits of Pi form the different stages of the game, and your job is to think your way through to the last digit in the best possible way. In this version all scores are squared.
Play MathsspinMathsspin Game

Plays: 3583
Category: Puzzles
A game combining basic maths problems with gameplay elements. Suprisingly good fun and devastatingly effective at improving your mental maths ability.
Play NIMNIM Game

Plays: 3511
Category: BoardGame
Classic pub game played with match sticks. Simple to play, hard to master. Use some logic and strategy to out-wit the computer.
Play Magic Flowers - Subtraction MathMagic Flowers - Subtraction Math Game

Plays: 3399
Category: Education
Magic Flowers - Subtraction mat
Play Lucky ClickLucky Click Game

Plays: 3355
Category: Puzzles
Puzzle game where you guess a randomly selected number. It can be done by luck or using your logic and simple maths. There are 5 different levels.
Play Math BasketballMath Basketball Game

Plays: 3102
Category: Education
Basketball Math Game. Order of operations. Subtraction, division, multiplication, addition maths.
Play 2010 QUIZ - MATHS2010 QUIZ - MATHS Game

Plays: 3075
Category: Education
Try and get all four questions right and you WIN! But if you get one wrong, start again! It gets harder each question.
Play 7 Moves7 Moves Game

Plays: 3074
Category: Adventure
An epic adventure 7 moves away! The caves are filled with treasures of untold riches but you need exactly 7 moves to reach them. Will you be able to best the puzzles?
Play Everlasting Maths Worksheet - SubtractionEverlasting Maths Worksheet - Subtraction Game

Plays: 2988
Category: Education
An online maths game with an almost infinite supply of math subtraction problems to solve.
Play Super Math AdventureSuper Math Adventure Game

Plays: 2980
Category: Action
While taking a walk across his farm, Mr Moomoo was surprised to find that he was being attacked by aliens. As luck would have it, he found that using his math enabled him to defeat the aliens and make the farm a safe place once more. Before the farm is safe, he must first take a journey on top of a speeding train and space rocket to visit the alien's home planet! Nobody is sure exactly how he got off the farm though.... Enjoy 5 levels of arcade math game action that kids will enjoy whilst practising adding, subtraction and times tables. Features: * Defeat the baddies by answering simple math questions. * Choose between addition, subtraction and multiplication. * Normal mode - just answer the questions. * Arcade mode - answer the questions and control Mr Moomoo. Collect bonuses for more points. * Cartoon graphics keep the kids interested while learning.
Play SequenZSequenZ Game

Plays: 2870
Category: Puzzles
Predict the next number in a sequence of numbers. Ascertain the logic behind the sequence and enter the right number in time. 9 stages with increasing difficulty. The game has to be embeded in any webpage to work.
Play Alien Attack - defence with mathsAlien Attack - defence with maths Game

Plays: 2853
Category: Education
Alien Attack - practise maths while defending world
Play Brain WorkoutBrain Workout Game

Plays: 2845
Category: Adventure
Is your head feeling a little fuzzy? That cup of coffee not doing the trick? Give your brain a workout with this online puzzle game. Slap your chip-eating, couch-lounging, flabby excuse of a brain back into shape with this new game from doof studios! The four mini games will push your brain to the limit. Just follow the in-game instructions to play. Anyway, enough talk, let's go mental!
Play PiClimberPiClimber Game

Plays: 2760
Category: Puzzles
This game is a tribute to Pi (also known as 3.14). The digits of Pi form the different stages of the game, and your job is to think your way through to the last digit in the best possible way.
Play Loose Change US DollarsLoose Change US Dollars Game

Plays: 2693
Category: Education
An online maths game to help learn all about handling US dollars using coins and bank notes.
Play PiClimber UpFreePiClimber UpFree Game

Plays: 2682
Category: Puzzles
This is a new and improved version of the original PiClimber. PiClimber is a tribute to Pi (also known as 3.14). The digits of Pi form the different stages of the game, and your job is to think your way through to the last digit in the best possible way. What makes this version different is that it is FREE to travel upwards.
Play Rhythmix CalculixRhythmix Calculix Game

Plays: 2566
Category: Education
Maths quiz meets rhythm games in Rhythmix Calculix ! Answer math questions, typing results to the beat of the bouncy music ! Earn bonus points for perfect timing and fast-paced rhythm !
Play Fruit FeritFruit Ferit's Math Adventures I - Fruit Factory Game

Plays: 2530
Category: Adventure
Help Fruit Ferit to reach the right basket, you just need a little math.
Play Cray PotsCray Pots Game

Plays: 2525
Category: Education
A classic maths game of chance and strategy.

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