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Play Happy ZooHappy Zoo Game

Plays: 3612
Category: BoardGame
a total of 50 different maps Games have three players available props: Tips, bombs, rearrange, but also three harmful props: black, stop, reverse Connected to the specified number of props, we will see a turntable, get a good random props or harmful props Note that, the general pattern would not maps are stored in the map of the world where the player can choose Wu Tiao Zhan props mode or modes, customs clearance more than two, will each map Ji Lu Dao Guan Di in the world map, no props mode Wai Chu Liao, other Every one off the map to add a random props 88game
Play Christmas Tree DecoratorChristmas Tree Decorator Game

Plays: 3201
Category: BoardGame
Help Carrotless the snowman to decorate the Christmas tree by playing a Reverse Peg Solitaire game. The less empty decoration spaces left the higher you get on the leaderboard.
Play WayWordsWayWords Game

Plays: 3136
Category: Puzzles
What’s Boggle in reverse? WayWords! A game where you make the words instead of finding them.
Play AlgoAlgo Game

Plays: 3091
Category: Puzzles
Algo is a fast-paced logic puzzle. Players are given a sequence of four digits and a rule, such as "shuffle" or "reverse." They must apply the rule to make a new sequence before time runs out.
Play Sheeps: No ReverseSheeps: No Reverse Game

Plays: 2942
Category: Action
Pure little sheeps need to cross the river! Take sheeps over the river by placing them on lilies. Watch out - sheeps are too heavy and lilies sinks speedily! 60 seconds to save sheeps. OMG!
Play Car Eats Car 2: Mad DreamsCar Eats Car 2: Mad Dreams Game

Plays: 2873
Category: Driving
Who could ever think that little cars can fight with monsters? It's a continuation of the Car Eats Car with even more challenges!
Play Reverse WieglebReverse Wiegleb's Puzzle Game

Plays: 2821
Category: BoardGame
Play Wiegleb's Puzzle in reverse! Instead of getting rid of pegs, you have to place them by clicking empty place then clicking on filled place.
Play Reversi BreakoutReversi Breakout Game

Plays: 2794
Category: Puzzles
Everyone has played the classic game of breakout, but how many has played it in reverse? Play breakout in reverse now and enjoy the most challenging had eye coordination experience ever!
Play RewindRewind Game

Plays: 2649
Category: Adventure
Use your rewind power to travel across various levels in this fun game.
Play Contrast CannonContrast Cannon Game

Plays: 2647
Category: Action
Don't let reverse gravity stop you from staying on target.
Play Crusade of UndeadCrusade of Undead Game

Plays: 2617
Category: Strategy
Summon your army of the undead onto the path surrounded by powerful towers, volcanoes and obstacles. It's a tower defense game in reverse role thus instead of defending with towers, play as a warlord to conquer the land.
Play Monkey DrunkMonkey Drunk Game

Plays: 2567
Category: BoardGame
Guide your cursor to the goal. The movement of your cursor is works in R3V3RS3 (reverse) XD
Play Steam DroidSteam Droid Game

Plays: 2485
Category: Action
Liberate the steam droids in over 14 levels and take on the final big boss. Visit the store to upgrade to triple shot, reverse shot, rockets, homing missiles, invincibility, armor, gun power and rapid fire speed!
Play Sky BounceSky Bounce Game

Plays: 2459
Category: Action
Your pogo stick is your only escape. Bounce your way to the sky or face imminent capture by the police. With multiple game modes, you can skydive in reverse mode, or play against a friend in this addicting action-packed game.
Play Bi Rain Dress UpBi Rain Dress Up Game

Plays: 2290
Category: Dress-Up
BI RAIN star from Korea, he is disturbed choose clothing to reverse the street you help him.
Play Park WellPark Well Game

Plays: 2150
Category: Driving
Park your vehicle in a specified parking spot without bashing it. Use the directional keys to turn the steering and accelerate or reverse
Play Dungeon FallerDungeon Faller Game

Plays: 2120
Category: Action
Welcome to dungeon faller! The game that combines fast paced platforming with the addicting nature of dungeon crawlers. By default the controls are up down left right, space to select menu items, and 7, 8, 9, and 0 can be used to activate items during gameplay. Please keep in mind this game is in it's beta phase, and I therefore cannot attest to its perfect functioning, please be patient with any errors. Feel free to e-mail me about any bugs you found at [email protected] Enjoy!
Play RocketcatRocketcat Game

Plays: 2037
Category: Action
Meow. Rocketcat cat has rocket-powered boots. What a unique idea for a game :3
Play Solid RiderSolid Rider Game

Plays: 1942
Category: Driving
Experience the thrill of riding a dirt bike in this new and exciting game. Start your engine and try to reach the end of each level without falling off. Ride on vertical walls, perform huge jumps and ride over rough terrain. Balance is the key to success, so focus on what's ahead if you want to stay in the race.
Play Riot of the numbersRiot of the numbers Game

Plays: 1775
Category: Action
KEY FEATURES: - 20 unique levels and 2 epic boss battles. - each level has a math equation to solve.The player must think how to kill the enemies in order to solve the math equation. Some levels can be done in multiple ways. - the player can complete the level without the math skills and can come back later to solve it.It can also skip up to 3 levels in order to advance in game. - double jump, wall jump, stomp on enemies. - double jump, wall jump stomp on enemies with gravity reversed - reverse gravity - play with 2 players same time. - play with 2 players same time and reverse gravity - multiple platforms types, including switches, doors, portals - 9 enemies types each one with its own behavior. - 3 weapons the +,-, and / sign - all controls are customizable, the player can bind keys the way he likes STORY: The computer uses only 0 and 1 as bits. The other numbers felt left behind and started a riot. Soon all the 1 bits joined the riot. All except one. The alpha 1 bit. You will play as the alpha zero bit,you will try to restore order, find the alpha 1 bit and then togheter to battle the riot leader.

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