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Play FrenziacFrenziac Game

Plays: 3533
Category: Action
Its a frenzied attack. Collect green blobs to open the warp gate, whilst dodging attacks from aliens!
Play Attack of the BlobsAttack of the Blobs Game

Plays: 3243
Category: Puzzles
Tower Defence game in which you kill creatures and earn money to buy new and upgrade your existing towers.
Play Blob Eat BlobBlob Eat Blob Game

Plays: 3147
Category: Action
Eat smaller Blobs! Grow! Avoid bigger Blobs!
Play Blobs Of ZenBlobs Of Zen Game

Plays: 3093
Category: Puzzles
Restore perfect Harmony! Puzzle your way through 16 always refreshed levels. Enjoy, Dr. Arend Hintze
Play Blobs HunterBlobs Hunter Game

Plays: 2990
Category: Action
Drive all blobs to the bucket avoiding obstacles. 20 levels of fun physics puzzles and action, colorful graphics, cool sounds and addictive gameplay will no doubt catch You.
Play Stick BrawlStick Brawl Game

Plays: 2969
Category: Action
Kill waves of sticks, ride blobs and stay alive as long as you can!
Play Blob BomberBlob Bomber Game

Plays: 2199
Category: Action
Bomb the candy blobs to stop them from spreading all over the universe!
Play Invanding Astro BlopsInvanding Astro Blops Game

Plays: 2162
Category: Action
Protect the Bunnioids from the evil Astro-Blobs. Use your mouse to fire at the evil Astro-Blobs by clicking on them. Stop them before they abduct the Bunnioids.
Play Blobber (Minigame)Blobber (Minigame) Game

Plays: 2131
Category: Puzzles
Collect and grow your blob in this simple and addictive minigame.
Play OmnigenOmnigen Game

Plays: 2105
Category: Action
Kill super-angry blobs in an abstract watercolor style game
Play Graffitis 2: BubbledGraffitis 2: Bubbled Game

Plays: 2063
Category: Action
The graffitis are back and this time the paint-filled blobs are stuck inside bubbles! Set them free and make a colorful mess on the canvas. Choose from two different gameplay modes.
Play Space It!Space It! Game

Plays: 2047
Category: Other
Get as many points as you can while avoiding obstacles.
Play Asteroid PwnageAsteroid Pwnage Game

Plays: 1711
Category: Action
Use your asteroid to smash into enemy space ships! Avoid the alien blobs, they will rip you apart! This game was made in 3 hours, so enjoy it for what it is. :)
Play Sentry blobsSentry blobs Game

Plays: 1699
Category: Action
You must survive as long as possible by slaying your ennemies before they kill you. Caution, your weapons could overheat!
Play Blob WarsBlob Wars Game

Plays: 1650
Category: Action
Blob Wars is a turn based strategy game, where you have to save Blob Land, a peaceful planet inhabited by blobs. Dr.Evil sent his minions to create havoc and destruction and only you can stop them. Prove to the world, and to yourself, that you are the legendary savior the prophecy foretold!
Play Marble Catcher 3: Forest FairiesMarble Catcher 3: Forest Fairies Game

Plays: 1058
Category: Puzzles
Marble Catcher is back in the wood. Forest Blobs are slower than sea Blobs! Match the Blobs by group of 3 or more to fill the gauges.
Play Marble Catcher: Deep Sea CreaturesMarble Catcher: Deep Sea Creatures Game

Plays: 1027
Category: Puzzles
Here is a nice Zuma-like in a sea universe. Match the Blobs by group of 3 or more to fill the gauges. Will you be able to finish all the levels? Be careful, sea creatures are fast and hard to catch!
Play Aquatic BlobsAquatic Blobs Game

Plays: 977
Category: Puzzles
Bubble shooter with an aquatic universe, Aquatic Blobs is a fun match 3 game. Beautiful and easy to play, this game has all you want to become addict!
Play Ice BlobsIce Blobs Game

Plays: 644
Category: Puzzles
Bubble shooter with an ice universe, Ice Blobs is a fun match 3 game. Beautiful and easy to play, this game has all you want to become addict! Wille you break the ice?
Play Space BlobsSpace Blobs Game

Plays: 641
Category: Puzzles
Bubble shooter with a space universe, Space Blobs is a fun match 3 game. Beautiful and easy to play, this game has all you want to become addict!

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