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Play Hungry DinoHungry Dino Game

Plays: 3705
Category: Action
You may be doomed to be eaten by the dinosaur chasing you, but see how long you can prolong your life !
Play Speed Pac RunSpeed Pac Run Game

Plays: 3679
Category: Action
Speed Pac Run is a speed game in the spirit of the ’80 s. No score, no progression, no story: just you against your limits. Player motivation is just simply surpassing yourself The aim of the game is to get through the labyrinth in a minimum of time. To do that you have to use a strategy to calculate the best path through a labyrinth … You will also need fast reflexes to avoid penalty collisions with the walls. And, ultimate fine point, anticipating turns, will give tenths of seconds You can also use a powerful, but dangerous, booster. Powerful because when used, it doubles the speedups gained Dangerous because if you collide with a wall under full boost you will lose all your speedups. Each pastille eaten gives you a speedup point Each eaten star gives you 10 speedup points If you eat the cherry you will win 100 speedup points The game automatically memorizes your best times as well as your best courses You will be tempted to beat your ghost
Play The Scary ForestThe Scary Forest Game

Plays: 3660
Category: Other
Navigate your mouse through the forest, don't go into the trees or you will be eaten by wolfs!
Play Stone Age OlympicsStone Age Olympics Game

Plays: 3622
Category: Action
Demonstrate your caveman strength and pry open the jaws of a dinosaur before the clock runs out! The faster you jack open the dinosaur's jaws, the more points you score! But beware – don't take too long, or you'll get eaten!
Play Niu Niu RunNiu Niu Run Game

Plays: 3606
Category: Action
The little cute cow is starving for some snacks. Here in the farm, it's found tasty carrots which it loves the most. Eat all the carrots before the time runs out and avoid being eaten by the other creatures inside the farm. Press the Space botton to boost your speed when the speed bar reaches max.
Play Always A Bigger FishAlways A Bigger Fish Game

Plays: 3485
Category: Action
To be the biggest around you need to eat smaller boxes while avoiding being eaten by anything larger.
Play Cops Like Donuts (BETA)Cops Like Donuts (BETA) Game

Plays: 3457
Category: Driving
You are a donut who tries not to get eaten.
Play Delicious Chicken BurgerDelicious Chicken Burger Game

Plays: 3435
Category: Education
My favorite meal! I could eat hamburger with french fries all day, you must agree that it’s a perfect combination. The secret of a delicious hamburger is the meat you use and how it’s prepared. In this game we will show you how to cook an amazing hamburger with healthy and tasty meat. Cook some vegetables: onions, garlic, tomato, then add the meat and some condiments. You have mix all the ingredients until it becomes soft, like a dough. This meat have to be cooked before it can be eaten. Prepare your hamburger with this kind of meat, add some carrots, lettuce and maybe some sauce. Here you go, a perfect lunch on a sunny day! Enjoy this cooking game online girls!
Play Save ShrimpySave Shrimpy Game

Plays: 3432
Category: Action
Move the Shrimp with your Mouse. Avoid all the fishies or he will be eaten! This game is bought to you by Miniclip
Play Eat And DestroyEat And Destroy Game

Plays: 3244
Category: Adventure
You are a very hungry shark that hasn't eaten in days, There are photographer fupa swimmers trying to snap a quick shot of you in your hungry state, Bite them and avoid being photographed by the swimmers!
Play ChickenzChickenz Game

Plays: 2994
Category: Action
Avoid the lettuce from being eaten by the chickenz!
Play ?????[Animals Cross River]?????[Animals Cross River] Game

Plays: 2987
Category: Education
?????????????????????:?????,?????,?????????????????,???????????,????????????,??????????????????????,??????????,???????,????????????????? use your Intelligence to help animals cross the river. game rule: one Mother lion,tiger,leopard and son lion,tiger,leopard want to cross river.Only mothers and little tiger can boating and the boat can only take two animals each time.Monthers only or sons only can be safe,but the son stays without Mother will be eaten by other mothers.
Play QuicklickQuicklick Game

Plays: 2762
Category: Shooting
Fun reaction game. You have to click the gems as they appear on the screen before they either disappear or get eaten by the bad guy. If you miss more than 10, the game is over. If you catch a cyan gem you get 5 points, a green gem gives you 1 "miss" bonus, a red gem resets your missed gems to 0. Beware tho! If the monster catch a cyan gem your missed will increase by 1 only green and red gem increase it by 2 and 5!
Play FlashConsoleWormFlashConsoleWorm Game

Plays: 2451
Category: Multiplayer
Eat apples and grow. Smaller worms can also be eaten.
Play Fish TalesFish Tales Game

Plays: 2448
Category: Adventure
big fish eat small fish,this is the law of the underwater world and see how the last fish is eaten by large whales. Instructions:Use the mouse to move around up and down the small fish,eat a certain number of fish will become,eventually eat enough points to enter the next level.
Play Snake Maniac by FlashGamesFan.comSnake Maniac by Game

Plays: 2186
Category: Action
"Snake", a classic game! Your goal is to pick up all the food you find on the stage. Eat food simply crawling over it. Every fifth food eaten, a bonus will appear for some seconds.
Play Save ShrimpSave Shrimp Game

Plays: 2156
Category: Action
It's up to you to save our little Shrimp from being eaten. Use your mouse to help Shrimp evade the fishies.
Play Ice CreamyIce Creamy Game

Plays: 2109
Category: Other
Summer time, ice cream time!!! Do you think that there could be too much ice cream? Neither do I. It is hard to resist to creamy sundaes and fresh flavors when they look so good. The summer heat is almost over but these days are made to enjoy the most creamy ice cream in the world that you have ever eaten. But to enjoy a really cooling ice cream it has to be first of all in a great, tall, crispy waffle cone, with mountains of ice cream and whipped cream. And the cherry on the top must not miss here in this decoration. Choose the color of the ice-cream balls, chocolate toppings, then spread sprinkles, add colorful waffle sticks, heart shaped sweet biscuits and juicy fruit. Decorate a delicious dessert surprise with delicious chocolate syrups and candies. Invent and design the best ice cream combo. Your friends will go ice cream crazy with this frozen dessert. Now lets have a taste test! Enjoy! ;-)
Play Lovely Predator WarLovely Predator War Game

Plays: 1935
Category: Adventure
Life is a combination of eating and being eaten. To be a survivor, you need to be smart, brave and really quick in movement.
Play Survival of the fittestSurvival of the fittest Game

Plays: 1930
Category: Action
Eat the smaller fish but avoid being eaten by bigger fish.

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